MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY! Is the Romance (too sexy) too strong for you? Chapter One Preview for A PANTHER’S FATHER IV


Just “CLICK” below and come aboard for a sexy night on the beach in this 4th Book’s Preview of the 1st Chapter in A Panther’s Father Book Series …I’ve decided to Dedicate this Book to all Sacrificed during this terrible time…before it goes to Press this year.


And I do mean MATURE.

NO ONE UNDER 18 Years Old.

And are the 50 Shades in this 1st chapter TOO STRONG for you?

PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE!  And yes, it is fully COPYRIGHTED ALREADY.  The one thing I have not decided is to Self-Publish or to go with one of the Big Dogs in Publishing?  Hey, you tell me if this is just too strong in ROMANTIC LOVE?

Yes, here is a very rough draft of the 1st Chapter in A Panther’s Father IV and I am wondering if its just too strong for you?  Yes,

A  Panther’s Father IV


the living breathing James Brown

Copyright 2019 James Lindsey Brown

All rights reserved.

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          A Panther’s Father IVis a fictitious work of art.  Yet, many anecdotes and events described in this novel…

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