Bullshit Barf Rules The Day!


Bullshit Barf Rules The Day!

(The picture of dead bodies loaded inside a freezer truck is a very hurting image.  Very Disturbing.  Such needless death.  Such heartbreaking times in such a short period of time. But, I’ll come back to that later on…)

But, Bullshit Barf Rules The Day!

But Americans dying is NOT ONE!  Death from this new Death Virus is very upsetting.

But, Bullshit Barf Rules The Day!

damned if it DON’T…right?  You know it is.  You know it does.  Every time I get up, I am now finding myself shaking my head because more unnecessary and unneeded Bullshit Barf is trampling across the screen on my Cell Phone from all over the World.  Hmm…Cell Phones, a blessing or a curse, a poor man’s connection to the poor and a rich man’s toy.  But the Bullshit Barf never climbed up or should I say, crawled all the way up our pants legs and in front of our faces more than it is today.  And when you read one story after another, no one can conclude anything, no one can call it anything but Bullshit Barf.  And TV HOSTS, RADIO HOSTS, one News Article after another now attempts to Race to the Top of Bullshit Barf by creating the most magnificent Bullshit Barf that can be possibly created.  And when they get that Bullshit Barf WRONG, worse Bullshit Barf comes racing to the rescue with another round of Bullshit Barf.  And you wonder what the hell examples of Bullshit Barf are?   Okay, let me take you on a stroll down Bullshit Barf Lane.  Okay?  And oh yeah, there’s a ton of Bullshit Barf out there, it’s hard to pick which Bullshit Barf to start with.   (This is a Write in Progress, so check back often as I’m Old and I’m not going to finish it in a few minutes, might take me all day or days)

Now let’s start with some past Bullshit Barf and move all over the place cause once that Bullshit Barf gets started, there’s no telling how far it’s going to go.  So, let’s start way, way back.  Sucking-up to Saudi Arabia is some of the biggest Bullshit Barf ever and I’m talking about America bowing down in servitude and putting American Fighter Jets and associated Personnel to help protect some very, very, very bad people that have their Oil Monies turned into Terrorist Supporters Anonymous Monies to support Terror Groups Activities.  If Saudi Arabia was clean, was innocent, they wouldn’t be needing any additional Protection by American Forces.  But their Dirty, Stinking Tactics in Yemen and all over the World is a pure example of Bullshit Barf.  And I’m not making this up.  Call it for what it is.  Did you know that Saudi Arabia paid for our F-15 Fighter Jets or were they F-14’s, that were sent to Iran?  Yes, to Iran and because we did, all that Iranian Bullshit Barf fell upon America’s hands when the Fall of the Shah of Iran came about and it should have been on Saudi Arabia hands and not upon America.  And because Saudi Arabia paid for these weapon systems and others that were sent to Iran, the Hate Flag towards America has been run up the butts of every Iranian that they’ve all fallen into a Generational American Phobia with Anger.  And shouldn’t ever been any at any point.  Iranians are just too stupid to follow the money trail.  No, that’s what happens when the Iranian People would rather follow a Religious Zealot and not follow who and why the money was PAID IN FULL.  America didn’t give a Hoot about the Shah and pure Bullshit Barf saying we did.  America sells Weapons, IT’S the Bullshit Barf we do and Saudi Arabia buys them like they’re shopping at a Candy Store.  And they buy them from Russia too.  But folks, I don’t have no dislikes for Iran or Saudi Arabia. But in my lifetime. I’ve seen a lot of Bullshit Barf taking place and all for the wrong reasons.  But that’s the reason I said that because Bullshit Barf that took place a long time ago is still causing tons more Bullshit Barf today.  But them Ayatollahs had to have some Bullshit Barf to hold their Populous under Control in Strict Religious Environments.  Hey, it’s worked for them, but caused a whole line of unnecessary hatreds towards America and thus Americans.  But one of the biggest lines of Bullshit Barf there is comes from the way those promoting Israel like they got God’s Ear in their corner. Like they got the Only Golden Ticket to Heaven.  Well, let me tell you, that’s some of the biggest Bullshit Barf that exists in the Middle East.  The only thing Israel has got is a lot of weapons and people highly proficient in their usages.  And I see no one, no one with a Golden Ticket to Heaven.  Anyone believing or promoting that their Peoples got them Golden Tickets because their line of folks done suffered more than anybody else is pure Bullshit Barf and yet, there are those that believe or are led to believe that they are members of God’s Chosen Ones.  Baby, THAT’S pure Bullshit Barf. 

Every single person must decide for themselves what Bullshit Barf that they choose to believe and that Bullshit Barf is between them and God, not what some Bullshit Barf Artist tells them.  Folks, there’s just too much Bullshit Barf sliding all over the place in all the Arenas of World’s Ideologies of Faith.  No, I am not saying what you are believing is Bullshit Barf. 

All I am saying is that Special Stuff is ONLY between you and what you believe and all the rest is Bullshit Barf.  And youngster, a lot of us Old Tarts that may soon to picked to bid you adieu by this Death Virus from all over the World could have filled the Sistine Chapel with Volumes of Pages filled with the World’s Bullshit Barf and Opened your eyes with amazing hindsight which would have aided you on your Life’s Journey.

Now the latest Bullshit Barf is how volatile the World Stock Markets are gaining and falling on Pure Unadulterated Bullshit Barf.  And just one single Bullshit Barf Article in the News can send stocks climbing or falling or galling because one Bullshit Barf So-Called Stock Expert said to do it.  Example: I absolutely can prove how ridiculous the Market is because when Someone Talked on TV and they Posted a LIVE STOCK MARKET FEED on the same screen, the Market climbed as he talked.  Then after a few more talks, they DON’T put up that Live Feed anymore alongside that person cause they done realized that was some Pure Bullshit Barf.   

Now, let’s really get down with some up to the minute Bullshit Barf and THAT’S folks not believing or not understanding why COVID-19 is the real shit.  Baby. This stuff AIN’T no BULLSHIT BARF at all.  This Death Virus will KILL YOU! You might get it and if it DOESN’T kill you the 1st time, it can come back again and try and kill you the next time. But here’s the Bullshit Barf that is coming out of it and all of it is BULLSHIT BARF of the highest Caliber-Evangelists claiming that they can CURE IT.  BULLSHIT BARF!  Others claiming that they got the CURE!  BULLSHIT BARF! People Price Gouging Masks, Gloves, and OTHER Medical Supplies and Products.  BULLSHIT BARF!  BULLSHIT BARF of the highest order is all the people lying to other people about COVID-19.  Making up stuff. And some of the worst Bullshit Barf is people trying to shun the Origin of this Virus to others, to the World.  And if it ever does get proven that a Biological Weapons Lab did Release this Virus, WHICH I find highly unlikely, the World will make you pay for that Bullshit Barf.  And with more and more grandparents being killed by this COVID-19 Virus, everyone needs to be mindful of how sacred these individuals are to each family and remember how deeply these emotions go.  And it’s the same for any family who loses a loved one to this Walking Death now walking all over the World. This is no time to create Horrible Tales that are simply NOT TRUE.  Wicked Propaganda always comes back to bite the source in the butt and I hope anyone promoting BULLSHIT BARF about COVID-19 gets what’s coming to you!  I do.  We DON’T need it or appreciate it.  Millions are being affected in the worst kind of way all over the World with No Work, loss of a J O B, and Deaths.  And that is Bullshit Barf too. ISOLATION is BULLSHIT BARF, but so is dying because of an invisible Walking Death VIRUS.  And one of the worst, bothersome things right now are those NOT TAKING THIS SERIOUSLY and some are out there deliberately spreading it fully knowing that they are infected.  Some Countries, some Areas of Countries are being Raked Over The Coals with this Walking Death VIRUS while other places are only gingerly being touched.  And some Bullshit Barf has been how magnificent the World Airlines have done in Spreading this Death Virus around the World so EVERYONE can get some.  And another major form of Bullshit Barf is HOW KNOWN ASSHOLES TO ALL OF US have suddenly said that they now went from full blown ASSHOLE to Mr. Or Mrs. nice person.  Well, THAT’S pure BULLSHIT BARF cause they always will remain an ASSHOLE in our book no matter what they say.  And another pure Bullshit Barf is how many Billionaires all over the World have not wrenched lose a single penny to help in this COVID-19 Battle.  No, not a single cent by most of them.  And yet, I’ve seen some magnanimous gifting by poor people to help.  By extremely poor offer all because they know.  Yes, they have a certain knowledge that money CAN’T teach.  They know.  They know that TOMORROW is not a promise to anyone.  And I guess that’s where I’ll leave this for right now.  And yes, I know that being home isolated is some horrible Bullshit Barf.  But know this,  I do believe the World will beat this BULLSHIT BARF COVID-19. And everyone doing anything in helping all of us by your Heroic Sacrifices, all of you,  THANK YOU!

  God Bless…the living breathing James Brown,  US Army Veteran, author-