COVID-19 is “The Old Folks Death Virus”

I’ve been reading a bunch of the Reports about various Tests being conducted on New Drugs…and and those Drugs meant for other purposes redirected and how they have been doing against COVID-19.  Some from Japan, some from China.  But I haven’t found one that cheered me up to date.

Well,  Results are not such that they will make any of us breath any easier.  And there are one or two that appears to get a person out of the Hospital quicker, but the Gold Standard has yet to be found.

A Gold Standard Drug for COVID-19 is the Only Way the World will resume in any form of normalcy.  Airline Flights will be viewed problematic, at best, without one.  And the problems are just beginning.   

But WHO will find a Cure?  WHO will find a Vaccine?  What Company will find it?

A huge “World Thank You” would come with one.  Unfortunately, only Promising Lab Tests and such right now.  But all of us have our Hopes up.  And no one should think bad of anyone for this.  Vicious Viruses are out there waiting for their chance to emerge.

I had actually thought a sickening new and worse form of Malaria would have already jumped out from all the cutting down of the Rainforest.  But alas, no, that hasn’t happened.

No. We’re now still bracing ourselves with COVID-19 Hysteria.  COVID-19 gears.  And they are justified.  COVID-19 is a Killer and it kills the Old with a vengeance.

Hey. Who would have ever thought a Virus killing Old Folks before their natural expiration date had expired.  Wow, that’s a strange one.


The Old Folks Death Virus. Who would have ever thought?  I didn’t before, but COVID-19 sure has our attention now. A Virus that kills Old People.  Man, this one is out to get you for sure.  And if you’re Old, you got a good chance of COVID-19 killing you.  Yes, killing you.

Ain’t that a Hoot!  Death Virus from China and it Kills Old Folks.  Almost sounds like a Virus from a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Lab.  A Lab so sinister that the Mad Scientist must have been abused to such a point by an Old person that the Scientist was hell bent on Killing All Old People all over the World.

Killing all the Old People all over the World.  I’m not sure I’m ready to see any Movies about COVID-19.  But I’m sure some are already being dreamed-up like this was a diabolical Chinese Top Secret Virus that ran amuck in a Sci-Fi Movie.  But they’ll be coming.

And how many strange names or Code Names will this Virus gain thru time?  And what will future Generations say?  Some will say that Old People needed to be Killed like Jews were in WWII.  Strange pesky, yet tongue-gifted men of amazing persuasion will lead their followers by twisting words brilliantly about this Virus.

But it’s strange what I now am seeing.  Suddenly, the Global Warming Alarmists have taken a back seat.  I always did ponder what would happen if all the Cars, Trucks, and Planes were stopped running for days.

Pictures from NASA show amazing clean Air now.  And I now wonder how many people now realize the times they could have condensed multiple trips into one and not make so many needless ones where more exhaust is expelled into what all of bus breath.

Airlines have come to a crawl, if not moving at all.  It’s like someone or something simply wave a wand and the Earth Stood Still.  It’s like The Day After and not with bitter freezing weather.  But dang, to drown, yes. To quite bluntly drown in fluids thru uncontrolled pneumonia is a sad way for Old People to be taken out.

But don’t flatter yourselves all you youthful readers, COVID-19 likes that young Ass too.  Yes, it’ll grab ahold of those willing to play a Game of Chicken where two speeding automobiles went racing straight at each other.  Yes. It was a Generation Game, an Old Stupid One from my Generation, and I lost a friend playing that Killer Game like Jousting by Knights.

Yes, eerily similar, but this Virus doesn’t have any Respect for ANYONE.  No, it can’t tell you’re Italian, German, Indian, Romanian, Kenyan, Pakistani, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Anglo, African.

Why?  It don’t RESPECT YOU.  It DON’T care nothing about you.

It doesn’t care if you’re newborn.  A kid.  A Teen.  Middle-Aged. Older.

COVID-19 doesn’t care if you’re Fat, Skinny or Smoke Dope.   And it likes you so much, it wants to kill you.  A friend that is your killer?

But it ain’t no friend of mine or yours.

And suddenly, only ignorant folk still let their hates lead them in this just like all the things in life never allowing them to see the beauties that all People at the same table bring.

None of Life is good without purpose.  And Life is meant to have purpose.

And although the entire World has come together against this one foe, this Virus, it’s sad the World CAN’T come together on many other Issues.

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