Thank You! And God Bless You and Your Families…4 everyone helping in this COVID-19 Crisis!

Thank You! And God Bless You and Your Families…especially All Front Line Workers.  As I continue to Watch Our Nation and the World come to grasps with the effects of COVID-19,  I want to say THANK YOU!  TANK YOU! THANK YOU!  THANK YOU to any and all help anyone, anywhere, from the smallest to the largest, for helping.  For giving of yourselves.  And know this Nurses and Doctors, you’re going thru the very bowels of Hell and I know you are sending your Prayers, as all of us are, to Heaven.  I too pray for all, for all in the World.

As a Polio Survivor,  I never got a chance to THANK the Doctors,  THANK the Nurses that took care of myself and neither did most all the rest of us with Polio.  So, to me. For me, I wanted to say it now to all of you now for back then and all that you do today.

With Borders now CLOSED, many are now feeling more scared than all get-out.  But know this.  God hears all of us.  Yes, God hears Our Prayers and HE KNOWS what and who needs what.  Everyone is where they need to be every second of every day.  Release your thoughts of Fear and all Anxieties.  Let that stuff go.  I know you are hurting.  I know Nurses, Doctors, and many others feel that their Actions are not truly appreciated.  But please DON’T feel or think any thoughts such as that.  America appreciates all that you do. 

Just because your Name is Not in the Limelights, I love you. I appreciate you.  And so do Millions of others.  Your sacrifices are NOT going unnoticed.  And all of you staying the task are some mighty fine, super special individuals who have proven that you are willing to give of yourselves in ways many others would not. All of you are Our Heroes. 

So, once again, THANK YOU!


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