Will America’s non-aggressive Attack Against COVID-19 infect Millions more?

Will a non-aggressive Attack on COVID-19 infect Millions now?


Look closely at the Above Graph.  The Blue Line is CHINA’s Daily Infections in graph form.   The Orange Line basically is the United States.

Now,  if you haven’t been Retired like I am, you don’t have a whole lot of other things to do but READ and READ and think.

I read The Washington Post,  India Times, The New York Times,  Microsoft News Services,  BBC,  and several others posted by University Professors.  Now, I am not a Rocket Scientist, but I do follow Common Sense as a general Rule.

But now, if you are looking at this and reading it.  I’m seeing a disturbing item.  I’m calling it a Testing Continuum.  The Green Arrow identifies China’s Testing Continuum.  And their infection Rate rose and them has now flattened.


Look at it closely.  If you knew what you were looking at. It would scare you and piss you off at THE same time from improper handling of COVID-19.

This was BLOWN from the get-go.

The little twitch to the right is NOT America’s Testing Continuum.

In the Last two days. Our infections per day jumped by 2500 more and then 3500 more in the last 24 hours for today’s new infections at 17, 224 individuals.

Our new daily infection number is twice what it was on China’s worst day of New Infections.

Now, America has 85,435 Cases…and growing!

America is in the TOP SPOT OF ALL INFECTIONS in the World and will be for what could be Months because a Money Manager is now claiming to be a Medical Messiah.

PREPARE a WILL now, not later…ain’t enough Ventilators for all of us.

Hopefully, they will come-up with a Vaccine or Cure.