WhEn ThE WoRLD StoPPeD…for a Game of COVID-19


Get out that Old Checker Board that you have put away gathering dust and get ready to

follow in a Game of COVID-19

Let’s examine the COVID-19 Invasion first.  Remember nothing but what you can do for your Own Country, Community, and Your Own Family 1st.!

Yes, it is an Invasion to the Very Existence of the Whole World and especially you, me, all of us.  And without Ventilators, how many more would have been killed?

But now to view how to deal with it?

Be conscious, but not worrisome.  Worry is not your friend.  Watch less Reports except one to help you fill your own Board.

Compadres, Amigos, Friends, Mi Amigos, this game is one way that is the easiest that I know to help you see the entire Picture-I will now explain it to you as a Game of Checkers, but not a Real Game, a Game of COVID-19, Okay.

Each side gets so many Chips, but enough to fill-up the Entire Board and you move the Checker Chips towards the other side where the Opponent is playing against you.  Our Opponent is COVID-19.

But as you can see on the above Checker Board above, there are COVID-19 Viruses Chips in some of the Squares and some do not have any.  Why?

Okay, each square can represent all the Cities in your area, all Counties, Parishes, or however your Country is divided into different Sections.  It can represent any Area that you pick.  Several Boards to represent many smaller Areas is a good one too to try.

Now, the Checker Board as a WHOLE represents your entire State or Region or Country or again, what Area that you want it to.  But in no time, the Checker Board has already changed as you can see in the below picture.

And as you now see, the Virus has invaded the World’s Checker Board if you said Your Checker Board is the Entire World as a flat World.

A kid’s game.

But unfortunately, Look at it like this.  So, top is East, bottom is West, right side is North, and left side is West.  And that is Our World as you fly above the ground or cover it on foot.


Now, you put the Checker Board over whatever Area you wish it to represent.  And as the Virus hits an Area on a MAP, you place a Black Chip representing the COVID-19 Virus corresponding to that Area.  And if the Virus does what it wants to do, the Virus will completely cover the entire board-your entire City, Town, Territory, State, Country.



If this above Board were a Map of the United States as played on a Checker Board, Washington State is the 1st Area to get hit in the Top Left Area.  And then the bottom left Area is for California.  Then the top right is for New York in the Early Stages.

But whoa,  some squares are blank!

That’s because you must set an amount to represent what each Virus Chip stands for before you can place it on Your Board.  So, what are you going to USE for each Chip?  10, 50, 100, 500, or 1000 or a higher number of Infected Cases per Chip?

500 Cases per Chip?  Okay, that’s fine.  And then here comes the kicker.

There are empty places where NO CHIP is sitting upon the Board and why?  And there might not even be a single Active Case of the Virus there.  But-

Of Course, there maybe no 500 Cases in that Area to enable you to place a Chip on that empty spot.

But who plays this game?

COVID-19 dictates which square is filled in next?

AND whoa to that one!!!

COVID-19 DOES NOT DICTATE NOTHING but an infection of a Coronavirus.

People decide.  People Dictate where it goes next…

That’s right, the COVID-19 Virus does not get to decide where it is going next.

Okay, if it doesn’t, who does?  I said people and oh yeah, it’s all of us all over the entire World that dictates where it will go and we decide how impactful it will be in that Area.

Yes, unfortunately, we make that decision or at least some try to…and others have fatal flaws that cannot be fixed.

Each of us decides which square will be filled up next.  Where the Virus goes next.  We dictate where it goes.  And some People, some individuals are not going to do anything right.


Honestly, If a Country does not Rest In Place for a minimum of 21 days, the Board will fill-up all by itself.   The ones carrying the Virus will spread it until that cannot and that CANNOT comes by a Rest In Place Order by your Highest Leader.  And if he or she doesn’t, then expect the most possible Cases of Infection.

No one will need to put a Chip on the Board because at that Point because the Virus and its spreaders will have help the Virus become AMUCK where COVID-19 is running rampant at Will.  To fill all of Your Empty Squares!  

But, if everyone that possibly can will just Rest In Place, Shelter In Place, Lockdown In Place,  the Virus will be Beaten and all the Chips will leave the


World’s COVID-19 Checker Board.  And this Year’s Game of COVID-19 will be OVER…that’s what all of us want or should want…right?  Travel by Infected Individuals and Community Spread is a real kicker to all of us.  So, try to stay home and Not Float Around possibly infecting others of all of us.  Okay!

Don’t let it pull you down, do your Board one time a day and at that same time.  The World Meter for COVID-19 is a great place to start…but not the only one to aid you in placing your Chips on the Board.  Here it is below-


When the Game of COVID-19 has NO Chips left on the Board, then that is when the World Wins!



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