James Brown’s College 101 Challenge! Beat 27 hours!

Hey, you hip to a new challenge?  You got what it takes?  And this is not for the weak.  But this will be fun.  Very much so.  And like in the 1940’s, you’ll know what a “Binge CONTEST” truly means…but you ready to test yourself on 1141 pages?  No small task for sure.

Get an ebook copy of



and beat 27 hours to READ it!

Ready to take the binge read of your life? Have you ever challenged yourself to do a binge?

It’s raging all across America among the Cool Crowd.  And Sororities, Fraternities and others are taking the


Read the ebook in less than 27 HOURS!  That’s all you have to do.  But which college will be the Winner? 

Winning Time will be announced…?  In 90 days, the best times will be announced!  And your Name will be POSTED for the entire World to see.  But do you like fame?

Start date is March 31st, 2020 at Midnight.  But we’ll run this for 90 days.

Who will POST the best time in the World?  Which Country?

James Brown whose been called the College Wiz-Bat Guru has put tons of interesting stories into one Book.

And you DON’T have to be in college to participate.  Maybe a 16-year old will beat everyone!  Or even younger or much older?  But will you take the Challenge?


1.  Get the ebook.  Send your name to COMMENTS in this blog that you’re going to participate.

2.  Get two witnesses that you trust and let them know.

3.  Write down your beginning time and start reading.  A binge read means non-stop except for No. 4 and No. 5

4.  Write down the time you finish each chapter.

5.  Write down the time you finish the book.

6.  Report your complete time to your witnesses.

7.  Report your completed time to


That’s it. And at Midnight March 31st, begin the READ.

Winning time will WIN a super Blessing.

Winning Times will be POSTED on this blog!



Check out “A Panther’s Father”


It’s Online everywhere…

And if you need to see a REVIEW before you take the Challenge-


Get ready and take the Challenge…