Surviving Polio, makes me speak out now…Isolationism Failures…is pure ignorance!

COVID-19 is a creepy reminder of those dark days from my past when I lay in a Hospital in Waco, Texas watching some get an Iron Lung and others were let to die.  Those were the Polio Days…who would have thought…no one did.

Failed Isolationism…China is just one of a few Countries where Peasant Clampdown is a routine of normalcy and a hierarchy of Cruelty exists.   

Yes, China has beat the COVID-19, or have they found a CURE?

A CURE that they obviously aren’t willing to share because it might prove this Virus was quite possibly developed in a Chinese Bio-Weapons Lab.  Only Conspiracy Theories right now, but…?

Yes, a cure would prove such a correlation did exist.  But, hold-up on making any correlations.

South Korea appears to now be in control of this vicious Virus Spread and that suggests NO Conspiracy in China, no secret Cure, no making the Virus in a Lab.

But America, Italy, Iran, Germany, and Spain is being spanked.  And America may soon have its share of a Super Viral Spread and matching Death Rate. And some Countries like Singapore are doing exceptional work to keep their population safe.  But now comes the Silent Storm-

America is still in its Infancy of Isolation whereas, Complete Shelter In Place is absolutely the BEST manner of whipping this Virus.  And should be what is done immediately.

But allowing the State’s to control their own Isolating is a bad thing.  It must be EVERYONE do it at the same time or it’ll be like playing CHECKERS, a kid’s game, until A MANDATORY NATIONAL SHELTER IN PLACE is ordered.

 Yes, like checkers, the Virus will skip around until the gameboard, being the State’s,  is completely filled up with COVID-19.  Yes, might skip you. But it’s coming back to get you.  But to beat it?

Then, we MUST  do the Mandatory Thing. 

But by playing it out like it is being done proves the Ignorance of Blissful Ignorant Thinking. 

Of, oh, it won’t be that bad.  And WHEN IT DOES?  Then comes out the Whipping Board-

Oh, China should have told us it was that bad.  Friends, China never needed to tell us a thing, if a prudent person had only observed how quickly and how deadly it was, then Orders to Get All Hands On Deck would have occurred.  It should have been that way long before March 2020.  Yes, it should have.  

Our biggest problem at first is now old, but very disturbing News-America’s lack of Testing Ability for the COVID-19 Virus is totally unacceptable.  Totally Unacceptable! Totally!

Yes, it is. And it still does!  

Help was offered and Help Was Told No Way!  No Way and Stay Away!!!  And why? BECAUSE WHO it was…WHO it was, was unacceptable! (smh)

Dang, it’s still-we gonna watch and see what happens.  How bad it gets.  We are still thinking outside the BOX.  At least, some stupid folks are. Then we’ll do something when it gets that bad is backwards, dumb thinking at its best.

Folks, what makes this Virus so deadly is the need for ISOLATION ROOMS and Ventilators and long, long stays in an isolation room. No one wants to die.  And how many Medical Personnel are going to be putting their lives on the line?

And the Stimulus Bill is turning into a Pork Belly Bill, I mean, do they even really care about the little you or me? 

It’s even showing, yes proving even now, deep leftover feelings from the Impeachment Days.  Yes, stark realizations are now becoming obvious even in this National Disaster. Yes, it is…and the only good thing that will come out of all of this is a spike in Number of Babies made during this time.  Yep, time for some good love making…it is☺💖💓💗❤💞💘💕

House vs Senate and Trump.  It is stinking all over again.

Yes, it is…and it proves it all comes down to RICH vs POOR.  Yes, it really does.

But let me tell you this, all of them need to be VOTED OUT OF OFFICE!  I know, I know, I know, that doesn’t seem fair.  But for what I am seeing, how it’s going down, they have let all of us down. Let us down.

Calling it a Democrat Hoax shows to me that someone is mentally challenged.  Mentally ill.

I’m sick of their TV Fightings, Posturing, and Posing.  They are missing the whole picture and we are now seeing them for what they believe, who they truly are, and THEY WORSHIP MONEY!  Our monies…all of our monies. 

And this Stimulus Bill that both groups are working on in their own little Worlds is squealing so bad, they’ll hear it in Europe.

But, I’ve never forgotten my past.  And Polio stunk.  It stunk bad to have. Lying in the hospital stunk.  It really did, but you get to see things that may be some, like me I think God wanted me to see, we’re supposed to see.  And now, I’m speaking what I believe to be true.

Ventilators like IRON LUNGS are now being needed like crazy just like during the Polio Days and I got that thar Polio, that crippling Crap,  and I survived it and most wouldn’t even understand that. And COVID-19 reminds me of those days very much.  Serious days, serious times.  Just like it is today.

But Polio opened my eyes then to what Poor Preparation does to families.  I saw some get Iron Lungs And others were let to die.  Let to die.  I saw moms and dads weeping unmercifully.   And I watched all of it. And I could only just lay there and watch.  And I’ve had a ton of time to think about all of it.  And the thing I think that got all of us thru it was

L O V E.  Family love. Our love for each other.

And eerily, so eerily, 

Yes, ultimately, it’s the families that are going to be left to suffer.  Who lives, who dies?  A granny here, a granny there or a son a daughter? And families are going to be hit hard.  A hardness that a rich person WON’T ever understand.  Money loss don’t hurt them when you still got millions. But it hurts us. No job, no money, they DON’T get it.  $1200 One Time ain’t enough!!! Won’t be enough!

Really?  Most Idiots could tell by how China WAS handling it that IT WAS THAT BAD!!!

But you sure CAN’T FIX STUPID!!!

Keeping doors and beaches OPEN for the money.  For the money.  Really? 

I believe a 30 day Isolation should go into affect RIGHT NOW!  And two $1200 checks for every American Adult!!! 30 days apart!!! 

Hawaii has got a Shelter In Place Order and they are doing theirs until April 30th!

And Doctors and others are saying STAY HOME, but there are fools to the rescue that don’t listen to anyone no kind of ways.

And the Travel Industry played a pivotal Role in spreading Virus Love to one Port or Airport all over the World.

But money keeps it traveling now.  Yes, by not Declaring a National Shelter in Place, a mandatory one, every Country that won’t is playing Russian Roulette and all the cylinders are LOADED.  They are!

Yes, every State should have called out the National Guard and stayed home.  This was our BEST CHANCE OF beating it.

But OLD PEOPLE love to play Checkers, but ISN’T doing it right more important than seeing THE Virus spread and KILL many.  Kill lots of folks.  Lack of Testing still pisses me.  Pissed on all of us.  

I predict many will leave the Medical Field by the time this one is OVER.

And please realize this-

Spanish Flu lasted from January 1918 to December 1920.  That’s a crushing amount of time.

And we could have beat this Virus in 30 days, but now, we’ll all just wait until one city. One county.  One parish.  And one state after another does gets it BEFORE there becomes a MANDATORY stay home order or in your car or on the street in every State.

But again, you can’t fix Stupid.  Forget about it and Read a book-