COVID-19 Survival Meals! Low Cost Meals…

Okay, the monies are vanishing.

And we still have to eat.

And now, let me tell you HOW I DID IT on $323 dollars a Month on the G.I. BILL going thru College.

Man oh man, that ole saying-where’s there’s a will, there’s a way.  Well, I had the Will, but I didn’t have the money.

And I had to pay my own Tuitions and for my Books.  I didn’t have anyone and Student Loans weren’t even OFFERED back then.

College for me was the worst financial hardship I ever faced.  After $95 dollars for Rent, the left was for Saving and Food and Tuition and Books.  Please, stop and scratch your head.  It was horrible.  There were times I had less than two dollars to my name, but no money didn’t bother me, didn’t worry me. It was hard times, but people been there know what I’m talking about.

And when I lived in the street, I ate even less.  But a person knows how to make it if you just don’t give-up.  So, don’t you do it.

No one has permission to quit not trying.

But buying the cheapest on everything became a way of life for me.

But, I learned to eat like I could afford, not what I wanted.

It’s time to get into Survival Mode and keeping it simple, stupid.  It’s just an old saying tossed at us Soldiers a long time ago. 

So, let’s look at what I did-

1.  Mustard Sandwiches-bread and a squirt of mustard.  When money is almost out, eat them.  It’s food and better than just drinking lots of water to satisfy an empty stomach.

download (15)

2.  Vienna Sausages-add beans and you’re good to go.  Good on bread and mustard or mayonnaise.  Or.  Just plain.  Or two cans, two tbl sweet pickle relish and 3 tbl mayonnaise.  Just pour off the water,  squash-up the Vienna Sausages with a fork. Mix other stuff together and you Got Vienna Sausages Salad.  Now, spread it on bread like a sandwich.  Or simply on crackers.

download (17)

3.  Mac and Cheese-eat alone.  Or put 1″ long pieces of


Cooked Fish Sticks in your finished Mac and Cheese.  Or brown a lb of ground beef or turkey meat and add to finished Mac and Cheese.  Goes a long ways.

download (16)

4.  Pinto Beans-eat alone.  Or brown 1 lb ground turkey or beef and add to your finished cooked Beans.  Lasts a few days.

5.  Use Crackers.  Or Cornbread with your Pinto Beans.  Cooked Cornbread, one slice, in a glass, pour in the milk.  Eat with a spoon.  Add sugar to your cornbread mix prior to cooking if you going to eat it like a cereal.  It’s okay.  It works.

6.  Ramen Noodles…simple to cook, easy on Budget.

7.  Pizza-Cheapest is okay.


8.  Fish Sticks-eat cooked.  Or as a sandwich.  Or as a hotdog.  Or with Mac and Cheese or on crackers.

9.  Noodles or Rice-pRice-prepackaged or alone.  Be creative.

10.  Eggs and Peanut Butter goes a long way.  Be creative.


11.  Cornbread Mix-make muffins or bread.  eat muffins or as Bread or as Cereal with milk and sugar.

Eat as you can afford.  Don’t be afraid to ask or share when it comes to hunger. Share simple eats. Eat simple.

The above is a starter when funds get really LOW.  It’s okay, we’re going to get thru this.

Right now, begin eating poor on the budget and hopefully you’ll have money left over.

Yes, there are sacrifices to make and DON’T do any that will cost you your health.

Keep the Faith…Read a book-this is a good one-9781483482989_p0_v2_s250x250~2