87th Texas Legislative Session is going to be one fine Humdinger! COVID-19 is just like riding Herd on the Chisholm Trail! Gonna Take All of Us!

Well, now get ready boys and girls, cause in 2021, the 87th Texas Legislative Session is going to be one fine humdinger of a Session for sure…Rainy Day Fund is going to be Hit like a Tsunami! 

But don’t FRET! 

Governor Gregg Abbott is doing one mighty fine job of taking the COVID-19 Bull by the Horns and wrestling this Virus to the ground.  And get ready, cause the afterwords is going to be one messy mess of a Trail.  Just like driving the Texas Herd up


the Chisholm Trail all over again.  And folks, put Governor Abbott on a Texas Stallion and he is going to Lead the Herd like a Great Trail Boss. 

CHISHOLM TRAIL.  (https://tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/ayc02The Chisholm) Trail was the major route out of Texas for livestock. Although it was used only from 1867 to 1884, the longhorn cattle driven north along it provided a steady source of income that helped the impoverished state recover from the Civil War. Youthful trail hands on mustangs gave a Texas flavor to the entire range cattle industry of the Great Plains and made the cowboy an enduring folk hero. 


When the Civil War ended, the state’s only potential assets were its countless longhorns, for which no market was available—Missouri and Kansas had closed their borders to Texas cattle in the 1850s because of the deadly Texas fever they carried. In the East was a growing demand for beef, and many men, among them Joseph G. McCoy of Illinois, sought ways of supplying it with Texas cattle. In the spring of 1867 he persuaded Kansas Pacific officials to lay a siding at the hamlet of Abilene, Kansas, on the edge of the quarantine area. He began building pens and loading facilities and sent word to Texas cowmen that a cattle market was available. That year he shipped 35,000 head; the number doubled each year until 1871, when 600,000 head glutted the market. 


I guess one could say that Our Herd has now got the Texas Fever and we gonna have to rid ourselves of this COVID-19.  But look here, it’s going to end one day and it will.   How and when, I can’t rightly say, I reckon no one as of yet. 

But, Texas must get over one thing at a time and if you lost your job or you worried like all get out, just take it one thing at at time, one day at a time, and the 1st thing is taking care of yourself and your families as best you can,  then we will take the next problem on, but don’t sit there still as a mouse or worry like a monkey chasing its tail. 

Keeping Texas, Texans, and anyone who lives here safe and alive is priority number one.  Texans will like they always have taken care of each other.  Yeah, we poke around at each other and such, but in the end, we still are Brothers and Sisters.

But what’s Texas going to LOOK LIKE in 2021? 


Hey, quit thinking Texas is alone, think USA, and yes, we got our Texas Family and our American Family and we are in this just like the rest of the USA.  And the rest of the USA is going to try to move to Texas in the next two Years!  Yes, they will.  

And why is that?  Texas has an enormous Workforce and Texas has Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, like No Other State, and we got the Manufacturing Jobs that people want and when COVID-19 ends, most people all over the United States are going to UPROOT and take a spin somewhere else and it’s no different than what took place during the Depression. But there are hurdles of mindfulness being flung at all of us from the Man sitting in the WhiteHouse and no, I won’t defend STUPID.  No one can defend STUPID stuff he says, tweets, and does.  But that’s him.

But Lord, Lord, Lord, can someone please get President Trump Onboard with the Program of “This is NOT a TV Reality Show”.  People will die if He doesn’t put the entire Nation on Shelter In Place.  NOW! 

His News Conferences are not showing Polished Political Strength of Character. I think he is overwhelmingly upset by questions he answered incorrectly.  No, the COVID-19 Daily White House Briefings have become Trump’s COVID-19 Dog and Donkey Show and it’s all because I think he feels like he is taking on a Whole Room of Reporters at the same time all by himself and I think he is just feeling Overwhelmed cause his Own Staff ain’t jumping in to aid him as best they should be doing, they even look animated standing behind him, motionless at times, and if He don’t like A Reporter’s Question, he automatically takes Offense and then goes straight to insulting not-needed remarks like-That’s a Bad Question, Smart Guy, and so on…He is coming off like a Spoiled Little Rich Kid and that’s a sad thing.  The Billionaire side of the Man just don’t know how to talk to regular folks like all of us Texans. 

BUT!  I do admit, the Reporters are hounding on him like he was a new dug-up bone for the Pack to fight over.  And I wished he would do like our wonderful Governor and say what you got to say and LEAVE and let the Experts field the Questions like they are supposed to.   

At times, it is almost comical and other times, it is quite sad.  The 1st News Conference was best and that is all He needed to do and this in NO TIME TO TRY TO MAKE UP FOR MISSED POLITICAL RALLIES on Live TV-do you understand this? And all will agree, your plate is Full with COVID-19 problems.


The more He comes on now, the more misinformation is AIRED.  And I think it is just because he is overwhelming himself by all the Reporters.  Limit it to just four or five Reporters period and give him the questions in advance.  An amount, a way that He can handle comfortably.

The 1st News Conference was a big lift to the Stock Market, but the way he hand-wrestles with Reporters is pulling the Market down more and more each time he gives one now.  He needs to get in, say what he needs and move on and get out of there!!!  OUT OF THE ROOM!  End it…people are smart, not STUPID and we don’t feed on repetition.  Neither does the Stock Market.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Always use the words-Keep it Simple Stupid.

But I do think that he means well and that is important to me.  But the amount of Checks is now down to just one and folks, where is One Trillion Dollars going? One Cash check ain’t gonna be enough for most families  This thing is starting to STINK like all the other things.  Way too much time has been spent on all of it to say it is ALL FOR US!   Sounds like it is ALL FOR THE BUSINESSES THAT THEY DECIDE TO KEEP AFLOAT!  

Not trying the trash the man, we must get beyond his incapable ways, his inadequacies.  

Some folks now have a bad case of the Blues and I am with you.  I got them too, but not bad.  Everyday, I get better and I find new ways to occupy my mind like reading stuff and so should all of us.  Try reading one heck of a fine book called A Panther’s Father.  It’ll take over 27 hours to read it and I know you got the time now to do something greater for yourself.  Read it to your kids.

But let’s move on.  No, Trump is who he is and can’t no one change how he is-so, take him or leave him. But I will say this, some Reporters do seem hellbent on making a Drastic News Upcoming take place right there.  One Lady seems to be more Pro-Chinese than American by constantly trying to pit the USA against China in a bad way.  And that ain’t no way to be…now, is it?  

But right now, President Trump could learn a few or a lot of Lessons on HOW TO HANDLE THE MEDIA by watching how incredibly unique and powerful Texas Governor Abbott is handling his News Conferences-just like a Pro.  Yes, like a Pro and he knows how to calm folks down.  How to calm Texans down.  And everyone knows, he ain’t running away from the fight, no fight, and no pun meant at all.  He is a fighter and he is laying it down as honestly and truthfully as he can.  And Texans do appreciate that.  I appreciate that.  I know you appreciate that.  Well, I know I do for sure.


RECOVERY?   Yes, all Texans want to know the answer to this one and here is what I gots to say on it-

Yes, Texas will recover first before any other State and we will.  IT’s just that All-In for the Team Approach that all Texans have and that is how Texans approach a problem, all problems.  And if you kick one of us, you’ve kicked all of us.  And in most Wars, Texans have not shrugged off their Will to Fight for America and to fight for Texas. Texans have always flocked to the front of the Line always ready to be picked First and not no hiding. Yes, we love our State and we honor it with our love, our words, our songs, and our Blood.  Texas and Texans have been beaten down hard by one Oil Price Plunge after another.  We had jobs, and we lost jobs, but we still keep picking ourselves up like only Texans know how.  Call it Pride or call it Texas Pride or  call it Texas Proud.   


So, for all of this to end as quickly as possible, all of us must be better than we want to be and do what is asked of us by following the Instructions given for this COVID-19.  But you want a Burger and Fries, then by all means go and get yourself one.  You need food, go get it.  You need meds, then go get them, yes, pick them up.  But don’t feel like you can’t even go outside and stretch your legs or free up your mind.  Just Do It!

And I promise you, Texas and Texans will come out of the COVID-19 Emergency ALIVE!  And we will become stronger as a State and as a Nation…yes, we will all become much stronger and much smarter when this is over.

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author-