Howdy Public!

This is Wartime against COVID-19 and during War, there is a saying-Keep it Simple, Stupid!  So, here’s as simple as it comes, but not as stupid as you might think-

Here’s an idea that HotShot, RAID, and any other manufacturing companies that makes a BUG FOGGER right now can do right now to help fight COVID-19!

Hold-up on making cans to Fog for BUGS and RE-ENGAGE the cans

to FOG WITH 75% alcohol or Isropropyl Alcohol


COVID-19 Virus in a Room, in your Car or truck! 



  1.  DROP  THE BUG KILLING INGREDIENTS!  Time to Re-Direct Manufacturing Purposes to Help Fight COVID-19.
  2. Use Plain Metal Can marked- “COVID-19” with an elongated X below that but the elongation is from topish to bottomish.  Up to Down.   Not side to side.
  3. Put just enough alcohol so that the New Converted Can would FOG out the alcohol into the room against COVID-19.
  4. Keep room closed, unoccupied for three hours and then air-out the room.  And then, some of your anxiety will leave you.  This will help, but is not a 100% way to Kill the COVID-19 Virus.

And why do this?

Friends, I am Old and I have crippling Arthritis and I would love to wipe my home down to feel SAFE, to lower the COVID-19 Anxiety I am feeling and I believe that you would too.  I have tried repeatedly to get Wipes and even Sanitizer and that stuff done left town on the noon-day train and ain’t been seen since.  All of us could use a little help.

And this would help all of us.

I wrote RAID about this Idea, but NO ANSWER YET!

But sometimes it takes the Public to make something work.

And I know this IDEA is worth the Effort of making it happen.


I am guessing over a hundred million cans would SELL in the 1st ten days of COVID-19 X.

And I know, you think-OMG!  My house would blow-up.  No, it’s not going to.  Not enough alcohol to do that and sure, not for an Open Fire of any source too-u big dummy while fogging. 

The Fogger CAN will not have that much Alcohol in it.  The can still has to FOG OUT all the ingredients.  Right?

Yes, that is correct and that’s what we want.  No, this is not a cure-all, but this will help!  It will help get to those hard to get places, right?  Yes, right.

But many of us cannot spend hours wiping down a room, daycare, our car, our truck, and other places and most do not have the luxury or funds to bring in an Army of People to sanitize a Room for COVID-19.  And this novel idea is the easiest way I see doing it.

But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to just use a Fogger and then get that feeling of some sense of Safety?  To end some of that anxiety and still work to a certain degree?  I know I would buy CANS of COVID-19 X and I know it’s not a perfect plan, but none are.  It’s simple and can be massed produced for a Nation seeking help.

Yours Truly,

James Brown,  US Army Veteran, author