American Leaders ask Extraterrestrials at AREA 51 for COVID-19 Cure Help…

A few generations ago, Extraterrestrials crash landed here in America and are now still being held as Working Captives at super Ultra-Top Secret place known to the World as AREA 51.  No, not as prisoners.  As Working Captives.  Not prisoners.

I know. I know. I know.  No one wants to discuss fairy-tales or science-fiction.  Especially me, but friends, people send me amazingly compulsory tales that simply are either true, real, or more fake than the word itself.  And too many keep sending me stuff about this crazy wild theory of Alien Ideology.  Aliens being alive at AREA 51.


I simply would have to see ONE in person to make me a believer and even if I saw “them”,  I’d still consider it Hollywood Special Effects workings or going-ons.  But, hey. Men whom I have the highest respect for even were caught up with the Extraterrestrials Talk.  


A letter from Winston Churchill to the Secretary for Air, dated July 28, 1952, requesting an explanation on flying saucers.


The National Archives UK

The six-page report from the Ministry of Defence’s Directorate of Scientific Intelligence (the equivalent of the CIA in America), dated June 1951, was produced by a top-secret panel of military-intelligence experts known as the “Flying Saucer Working Party.”


But, we didn’t start talking with them quickly.  No. Not at all.

All efforts were in vain for the 1st 35 years as communication between human and the Captives was impossible.  No one, absolutely no one could communicate.  Then the Miracle occurred.  Egyptologists landed close to AREA 51 and thru cross-referencing English with Hieroglyphics, a discovery wss made.  And in ten years, a usable. A Rudimentary language was established.  Not great. But usable.

MoellerExtractGA_History_Of_Mathematical_Notations_Vol_I_-_Egyptian_numerals._Hieroglyphic,_hieratic,_and_demotic_numeral_symbols._(This_table,_was_compiled_by_Kurt_Sethe.)images (23)unnamed0a2a61da0e1b9d4b68c32ade8e6a907ad4be9dd320f12bc4770a1dada0c9d179

So. I even tried to write “Welcome to Earth, where are you from?  Do you come in Peace?  Are more of you coming?  Can we be friends?  Can you teach your technologies?”  And it took hours and hours to draw this in hieroglyphics.  So. No, I won’t be doing that again.  But it did look like some child had done it.  And mankind and Our fascination with Aliens is phenomenal.  Quite phenomenal. 

But why would they care to help us?  Because they’re not going anywhere anytime soon because their “busted ship” needs a very highly special material , an element, not found here in or on earth. 



And most of us have always been told why these exploring Satellites NASA sends and are sent to flyby one planet after another.  Well, we learn lots of stuff, but they are also looking for that unknown element that the AREA 51 Extraterrestrials need so that they can leave Earth. Fix their busted ship.

No, they don’t want to be here.  They only came to investigate and They are VERY secretive of their home Planet and they have never revealed how many of them there are.  So. It’s only been in times of NEED that they have helped us and part of it may be that they just feel sorry for us in our own ignorance. Being do incredibly far behind them.

Yes, they have mastered an almost immortal existence and even light–speed travel by what they call “wave bursting” in front and behind their ship in space.  They even talked about replacing particles in space with their own particles, but no one has mastered that yet.  And they have never demonstrated it. 


It’s like the Transportation Devices on the STAR TREK SERIES spaceships. 

But, Personnel at AREA 51 have relayed the American Leaders request now.  That request is being asked to help with a COVID-19 Cure and they are using their own A.I. Simulator Things which are similar to our A.I. Massive Computers, but appear to be completely like “flowing liquid” in appearance, but yet oddly different in indescribable other ways. 

I’m talking tiny static electricity feelings if you get near it or any of their devices like they were all connected, but had their own purpose while still knowing what each is doing sort to speak. 


But now is the question?  Will they HELP?  And if they do. How many other things will NASA be required to do in RETURN? For the favor?  Now, is this real or fake?  Friends, like I said, people are sending me the strangest tales I have ever heard. 

And NO. I am not an Alien-Exists-Believer!  But the bigger question is this-Are you a Believer in THEM?  And I DON’T really care where a Cute for COVID-19 comes from, just please hurry-up with one.  Okay.

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