Words to the World from “the living breathing James Brown”


(All photos taken by author)



       Today, we, as One World Population, are engaged in battle with a terrible new Virus.  A Virus that attacks our lungs in a devastating way.  It is unrelenting and it will invade not only our lives, but our bodies as well if it is allowed to run unchecked.   

          Throughout History, mankind has been challenged and thus so, we’ve been asked to overcome one crisis after another.  Today, we are in that World Crisis.  We are being asked once more to prove our ability to conquer.         Comparisons are being made to not only how this Virus is attacking our bodies, but to how it can be generalized to a prior period from the past. 


        This Virus cannot be explained in terms of WWII. 


      This Virus cannot be explained in terms of the 1918 Flu Epidemic. No, this Virus is ours and the World Owns it.  Yes, we own it.  It is all ours. It now belongs to all of us.  And by the conclusion, we will show our resolve.  And how we ultimately beat this Virus will be defined in Our Terms.  Terms we will place in Our History Books for all to see.  But now, we are in it.  The World is now engaged in that Battle.


         World economies are being affected as quickly as the Virus is spreading.  China, Japan, South Korea, France, Italy, Spain, Iran, Vietnam, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, United States, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Norway. Netherlands, Chile, Malaysia, Canada, Mexico, and others totalling over 170 Countries and Territories.  Some Countries are being savagely ravaged by the Virus And the infections and Deaths mortify all of our consciousness.  It is beyond comparison in Modern Times.


           I know it is easy to allow your minds to run free with fearful thoughts while contemplating everything from mild to totally irrational thoughts.  But, all of these must be keep in sound reason.  Solid reason.  And we must not allow our anxieties to overcome ourselves. 


         Because of these possibilities, I ask that all of us help anyone whom we deem needing our assistance.  And I also must ask that anyone needing assistance allow that assistance to be given to them. This is not a time of stone-walling.  Stone-walling between people of one Nation towards people of another Nation.  Stone-walling between and amongst Governments of other Nations.


              Isolation of needed help, goods,  and information must not take place.  All Nations are racing, exploring attempted cures.  All Nations are exploring Vaccines against this Virus.  VIRUS 2020 is a name I now propose that all of us begin using to call this New Virus. VIRUS 2020 is one all of us will remember for the rest of our lives and generations to come.  And how we deal with this problem will define the true nature of all Mankind.  It will become a World Statement…


           This is not a moment to give-up or consider such action.  We will get thru this and the World will rebound.  You will rebound. All will rebound.  You are tougher than you ever thought possible.  Don’t get discouraged.  I ask that you help where you can, and that you do not add problems of any kind.

         And do not fear offering your help. Look for ways to help or give aid. 


       And now, I ask that you Look brightly with a positive attitude towards the future.  Live for that New Horizon all of us will see.  Yes, we will. 


God Bless,

“the living breathing James Brown”

A Texan from Texas!

US Army Veteran






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