China knew…so what…prayer time everyone…


Chinese Coronial Dragon hurrying out of CHINA and now Infecting the WORLD!

Yes, Certain Chinese PhDs  knew.  Before 2006, they knew and many in China have attempted to get ahead of the curve. Yes, they knew and they have been trying for over 14 years to get a handle on all the possible Coronaviruses that were infecting various BAT COLONIES in different Provinces.

Yes. They already knew the inevitable might be coming.  A Super Strain of Coronavirus that could breakout and attack human populations coming from Bats.

And they found 64 different Coronaviruses.

64 different ones infecting different BAT Colonies.   And they searched! And they researched. And it came… miserably attacking the whole world.

And three strains were found with a strange similarity to the current Covid-19, that these three were 96% exactly the same genome like the damn Coronavirus killing People now.  96% correct sequencing, except it wasn’t the complete genome.

Exactly the same?  No, 4% is missing.  A SOMETHING joined to add that other MISSING 4%.  But the mystery delivery of that other 4% is such a mystery.  And where did it come from? Why?

It could have been just one single BAT and one single other animal that is a mammal.  So, what could it be? What might it be?  Which one?

RUMORS claiming the New Virus came from one of two Bio-Labs in Wuhan, China is preposterous!  Latest evidence thru genome sequencing shows it came from around Guangdong Province, China.  Take a look at the Above Post you just ignored.  Something very daunting came out in 2002 that you need to READ.

RUMORS claiming the New Virus came from U.S. Soldiers or from the U.S. Army is preposterous!

Drop the false Pride words…they’re just lame…finger-pointing.

U ain’t out of this one yet.

This is not a Winners and Losers Game!  It’s a game of Survival.  But we’re the pawns. And the World is it’s Chess Board.

Wrangling with such distracting insidious lies takes away from what the World Mission needs to be right NOW.

This is a Pandemic that the entire World must Overcome for all Mankind.

It’s not a Chinese Thing.  Or An American Thing or any other Country’s one thing.

A Pandemic is a World Thing.

An everyone’s thing. And it ain’t over by a long shot.

And just one Country could keep this going on thru next year and beyond.

And no telling how many mutations will come out of this one.

But for me, I want you to realize-a pig will eat anything including their own feces.

And I’m still thinking it was a PIG.

One Single Pig.

One Single Bat.

The Bat infected the Pig.

And a person ate pork from that one pig.

Then in a week or so, they had the World’s 1st COVID-19.

And who got the World’s 2nd case?

Did you hear me?  And someone ate the infected Pork.

And bam, now the entire World is now in fear of the current Pandemic.  But lark-

A very good Article from 2006!

Prevalence and Genetic Diversity of Coronaviruses in Bats from China

X. C. Tang, J. X. Zhang, […], and Y. Guan

And an exert from it-

Two colonies of bats, from different sampling sites, had much higher positive rates than average. One Miniopterus schreibersi colony had a 55% (11/20) positive rate, while a Pipistrellus abramus colony had a 35% (11/31) positive rate. All positive samples were from anal swabs, and none from throat swabs, suggesting that the gastrointestinal tract is the principal replication site of coronavirus infection in those bats.

So, did the Pig that will eat anything eat the Infected Bat’s Feces?

Maybe, maybe not.  But Pigs are notorious for passing diseases to Humans.

So, now I hope to sincerely let you know this-

I will earnestly PRAY for everyone of us in the entire World in this Pandemic.  Yes, I will Pray for U!

I will pray for your entire family and for your Country.

I see beyond Borders, but will, can you?

I hope so.

So, if you pray, please join me everyday in my World Prayer.

It’s not broadcast, but I usually Pray sometime around Midnight each and every night.

Every Country. Every Single One must do everything they can to help Eliminate this COVID-19 Virus.  This is highly dangerous! Very Disrupting, very Economically Destabilizing Virus!  Words without thoughts are useless, worthless now. 

This is the World’s 2020 Pandemic.

Please keep yourselves and your families Safe!

God Bless…


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