U 2 scared 2 Play “TEXAS HOLD’EM” in TODAY’S MARKET? U scardy 🐱!

russian blue cat in tilt shift lens
Photo by Aleksandrina Serafimova on Pexels.com

TOO MANY are talking their OWN SPINS on what to do right now!!!

Most Investors ARE NOW BEING MISGUIDED!!! And hit that SELL BUTTON. But shame on ya.

Federal Reserve Spokesman carries NO TRUST with Investors. Market proved that this morning.

He should never have been allowed to make any Public Announcements!!!

He carries NO TRUST with Investors at all.

President Trump ONLY!

Should have told America what was happening and WHY!!!

FOREIGN NEWSPAPERS HAVE BEEN SCREAMING GLOOM AND DOOM!!! And they’re only pissing on their own copy machines. They DON’T know nothing.  They GET PAID for creating News that Sells!  B.s. that Sells!

But Whoa! Hold-up if you’re still in the game. 

FACTS:  NO, NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO SELL.  If you do, it’s like looking at your own butt in a MIRROR.

Too many. Too many are forecasting bad days ahead.  And you are making your OWN worse by selling.

NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO SELL!!!  I’ve never let you down, now have I?

The Stock Market has now entered what I call-

TEXAS HOLD’EM! TERRITORIES!  A zone now ONLY for the Strong Minded. Only the Brave are allowed now.  This is Non-Worrier Land. This is where Millionaires become Billionaires!  Yes, yes it is…

So, take your weaklings away NOW.  Hurry scared fools.  Please scamper away NOW.

It’s time for you to go back to sardines and crackers.

But oh my, most WEAKLINGS HAVE already left the Game!!!

And they took their LOSSES with them.

And suddenly, u AIN’T talking Climate Change or Global Warming no more. R u?  No, u r talking Worried Virus News until u get sicko.

No, you just pulled out a knife and disemboweled your Life Savings!  You just tossed your Savings away!

Your Retirement Portfolios are GONE cause you PANICKED!

But hey, if you will only listen NOW.

It’s time to Re-Invest and just sit back and watch your money GROW.

Yes. The Market has been rocky.  But, the Market will recover as fast as it sank.

No, it’s not going to be a blast effect.  It’s gonna be slow at first. And then it will Blast-OFF!

Yes, 👍 it Will.

Just STOP watching! Stop worrying! Stop selling and BUY BUY BUY!!! And if the Investment Firm you r using aren’t advising INVEST. INVEST, INVEST, you NEED TO DROP THEM like a ROCK!

I saw over 75 amazing Get Rich Stock Buys in the last hour ALONE.  But what to do?



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