WARNING: Are Coronavirus Fears promoting Paramilitary Group Enlistments?

Fears…scary Apocalyptic images racing around in your minds…well, are they?

Is Coronavirus Fears promoting Paramilitary Group Enlistments?

Has someone in your neighborhood asked if you wanted to be part of a Safety Group?

Yes, a Safety Group is how the words start…

And let me explain why I am now asking that.

Are these Corona Days already pulling you down?


Images like the one I’m showing is from an HEB Meat Section in their grocery stores.

Relax!!! Please Relax!

But unfortunately, some folks aren’t!

And what brought these thoughts to me.

Yes. I admit, I’m been asked in my lifetime to join one of three different groups.  I felt all three were Paramilitary and took the 2nd Amendment to a whole nother level and quite frankly, I didn’t trust them.  Hey, let’s face it. I DID’NT know them, not like that. Not know them comfortably.  I didn’t.  But I was a young man.  And Old men aren’t on their recruitment criteria. No, old got to go as I used to hear some say.  But-

Last night for hours near our house, many individuals were rapidly shooting firearms.  And the way they were shooting, the number of guns firing made me think-oh no.

And if you’re the target?  We’re gonna get killed.

Yes, the crazies, as I call them, are already arming their little paramilitary Units with great camaraderie.

But when people shoot back, it’s called Revolutionary.  Revolutionists!  And them some scary folks.  Scary thoughts.

Yes. They shot for hours.  Most shooting was from semiautomatic weapons.  Yes. I recognized the .22 calibers, .38 calibers, and some of the larger ones.  But the number of shooters.  Yes. That’s what surprised me.  

A large family shooting?

Lots of neighborhood people?


There’s No Shooting Range near our home.

Or was it a Paramilitary Group?

A Paramilitary Organization?

And I wondered, had PEOPLE already reached levels of fears that they would Begin Raiding Families of their Food Resources?  Begin Preparations?


Images like this one is a Great Recruiting Image AND add Fear To your List and then what?

You have your Recruitment ready to help any Paramilitary Group rake in the fools.  Fools joining what?  What does the group stand for? Are they Law-abiding or something so sinister, you’ll be joining something that could line a person up for a long prison sentence by unlawful, felonious behaviors?

I know, you never thought about it, but after the long hours of all that shooting last night. It caused me to remember the younger days of my life, and it did make me think.  Holy Cow!

Why now?  I mean.  Highly unusual behaviors.

Hey, I’m saying this because all that firing had never taken place near our house in the country EVER!  Not in 33 years.

Until Last Night!

In the 33 years out here in the countryside, a few shots sure from time to time like on New Year’s Eve or a hunter.

But last night, the shootings starting an hour before dusk was absolutely A B normal.  And lasted for hours.  And why?


And daily empty shelves now is scary stuff.  Causes Fear City in one’s brain.

But would you? Could you take up Arms to find food for you or your family?

I mean it.  Would you join a Paramilitary group? Has your fears reached that level?

And would you kill your neighbors just to take any food that they might have?

Scary, very scary ISN’T it?

Until last night, I would never have thought about it.

But hours of firing?  I mean I am sure I heard over 20,000 rounds being fired in those hours and our Dogs were hunkered down Big Time!  They were scared like it was All Hallow’s Eve!

Constant, almost no stoppage of multiple firings by rapid semiautomatic weapons continued.  Continual firing like a War was taking place.

And then today, after reviewing photos of actual store shelves now completely EMPTY!

Well,  was the firing in preparation of something so horrible, I can only shake my head as I write about the HORRIFIC!

Have our Zombie Apocalypse Movies, Our  PURGE Movies now set us up for such reactionary actions, the motive to survive, Of survival is OVERWHELMING STRONG!

Strong enough to cause you to seek Herd Mentality?  To join a Paramilitary Group?

Enough to RAID?  To bust down doors of homes to ROB them of their Food Supplies?

Yes, not everyone did any preparation for a simple two week supply of foods.  And they are also the ones, the 1st ones to make irrational justifications to ROB you.

To take from you?  Their family versus Your Family?

And are you Armed?

Are you ready to protect your Family?

Could you pull the trigger to save yourself?

Your family?

And what comes next?

Marshal Law to control the Looting.

Yes, store Looting, riots will start it off if it ever got that stupid. Went that far.  RIOTS FIRST!  LOOTING!

Hopefully, it will not come to that…any of this…but everyone must remain calm.

Don’t Enlist! Read this book-