What NCAA should do For all Senior Athletes caught up in the 2019 Coronavirus Play Suspension!

Yes, I believe the NCAA should ALLOW an additional year of Eligibility on all Seniors that were on any team that was going to any Tournament but the games were SUSPENDED!

This includes even 5th year players.


And this should include all SPORTS!

Yes, Track, Baseball, any Sport that was Suspended!  No exceptions.

And NO TEAM will be required to have a LIMIT of players…Well, not exactly. Please read more-

What?  No Limit? Yes and No.

For example-  this year at the time of the 2019 Coronavirus Play Suspension-

For Example:

A Team has 20 players and can only have 20 players.  But, this year’s play was suspended and they had three Senior Players affected by the 2019 Coronavirus Play Suspension.

This coming Fall, that same team can still have 20 players plus those three Senior Players still on the Team without Penalty for those Seniors that were caught-up in the 2019 Coronavirus Play Suspension!

Yes, one more full year of Eligibility on that same Team. Even for 5 year players!

No Penalty for extra Seniors on the Rosters or at the games!

Call the extra players-REPEAT SENIORS so everyone will know why they are back and can play one more year.

This is ONLY fair. Is it not?  This is an unprecedented moment in American History and requires a simple, yet an honest remedy.

A real sense of fair play.

All Colleges and Coaches need to be Onboard with this correct thing to do for all of these affected Seniors.

Give them their chance back!  Give back to them that which was taken away by a World Pandemic.

It is the right thing to do.

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