WTF? Could what JUST took place in Afghanistan with Two Presidents getting Inaugurated take place in America?

Two!  Yes, TWO men from Rival Factions were SWORN IN AS PRESIDENT of Afghanistan at the SAME TIME! 

Now, if that ain’t special, then I DON’T know what is…imagine America with Two Presidents-ONE DEMOCRAT.  ONE REPUBLICAN.  Could you see Trump and Biden being inaugurated at the SAME TIME?  Now, wouldn’t that be special? 

And all being caused, yes, it’s all over claimed Voting Fraud in Afghanistan.  Both Presidents claim they won.

Seems to be, mercy Yes, in a bizzare manner. the ghosts of ‘Nam have returned. 

It’s the same thing.  Just so very odd.  And right in the Middle Of signing a Peace Deal to remove all Troops.  Just like in Vietnam.

South Vietnam with it’s Americanized President in Office was kicked-out when American Troops left the Country and North Vietnam, With it’s Army came a knocking causing the Infamous Fall Of Saigon.  Sure, Nixon had negotiated the Paris Accords of Peace, but the Peace was only a Keeping Face Sign-Off from any further American involvement.  America wanted O U T.  And North Vietnam wanted South Vietnam.  And putting Americanized Presidents in Office is what America does. 

We did this in South Korea. 

Other Countries do it too like Russia.

And now,  the Americanized President won the September Election, but the Opposing Side claimed Foul Play-VOTER FRAUD. 

And they demanded their Politician Official was the true President of Afghanistan.

So, two inaugurations took place, but at the same time, separate places/locations of course, and now-Two Presidents have been inaugurated in Afghanistan.

 I’ve never heard of such wranglings.  But they did it.  And will it WORK?  And how or who or when or what will follow now?  It sounds cool as all get out in one way.  And it sounds so batty crazy. How could it WORK?  I mean, who will be authorized to MAKE DEALS?  Wow, the questions are in the hundreds.  And what can you tell me?  What do you think?  But Afghanistan ISN’T close to making peace, I mean a lasting peace. 

There simply is too many factions running too many different regions of the Country.  And just recently-

Gunmen killed 32 people during a ceremony attended by top Afghan Politicians in Kabul.

The country’s chief executive, Abdullah Abdullah, escaped unharmed, but dozens of others were wounded.

The Islamic State group has claimed 


It targeted the same event, which commemorates the death of an Afghan Shia leader, in 2019.

The attack was the first major one in Kabul since a deal was signed between the US and the Taliban last Saturday.

That agreement aims to bring peace to Afghanistan. However, IS were not involved in negotiations. 

And what’s a fool gonna do when you DON’T include the Guest of Honor of Terrorism-ISIS?  Hey everybody?  Remember ISIS?  Left out of necessity?  To make a Deal.  ANY DEAL!  BUT one thing is truer than any other truth- 


Quit using American Troops like ROMAN LEGIONS!  END AMERICA’S Preoccupation with ROME! America is not Rome!  Negotiate PEACE and get out. 

Allow Afghanistan and Iraq determine their own futures.  Not what we want.  Okay?

But, here are the now TWO PRESIDENTS of Afghanistan-but how long will this last?  Or will the Voting Dispute come to a good conclusion.


The incumbent Ashraf Ghani took his oath of office at the country’s presidential palace in Kabul in a ceremony on Monday attended by foreign diplomats including the US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad.

Ghani’s rival Abdullah Abdullah was holding his own inauguration ceremony despite negotiations late into the night on Sunday in an attempt to find a compromise between the rivals.

Television stations in the country broadcast the two ceremonies side by side.  Side by Side!

Now, can this come to a successful conclusion or will Violence ring true once more in Afghanistan? 

You know, I don’t know how this will end.  Even in Venezuela, two men ran into the same similar situation.  But there, only one man……..?