Any more Panic Selling on Wall Street is sheer STUPIDITY!

PANIC SELLING!  Time to End the Skid.  Any further sell-offs is sheer STUPIDITY!

You’re selling off your future Savings if you continue…The Market will rebound in three weeks.

Hold. Yes. It’s Time to hold onto your Retirement Portfolio.  Just sit back. Relax.  And HOLD, HOLD, HOLD.

I have been correct in all of my Predictions.  Everyone was warned this was coming by the Bond Flip Issue.

Remember the Inversions from last year?

Well, it has taken place.

The Market will correctly move forward now…still DON’T wanna hear it?  Then here. Read it from Business Insider-

  • The economic threat posed by coronavirus is “the perfect storm” of numerous market pressures, Rich Steinberg, chief market strategist at The Colony Group, told Markets Insider in an interview.
  • The turbulent sell-offs and new risk factors seen in recent weeks are reminding investors of “the ghosts of 2008” and fueling irrational investment decisions, he added.
  • Instead of freezing in their tracks, investors should shore up cash and make a “shopping list of stocks” to buy up once they hit desirable prices, the strategist said.
  • The coronavirus isn’t an “existential threat,” but avoiding “cognitive errors” like panic selling can help one win out in the short-term, Steinberg said.
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