Will your next Package Delivery give you Coronavirus?

A silly question?

You ORDERED that something, something from China, South Korea, Italy?  You know, that bottle of wine. That can of oysters.

And you used OVERNIGHT Delivery?

Or you used Amazon or DHL?

No big deal.  Yes. Routine as usual.


When you bought that something, something on EBAY or AMAZON, you DID’NT note that it wasn’t IN STOCK and was being shipped from Overseas.

But what you may not have been told was this-

WARNING-This Product is known to cause CORONAVIRUS by carrying it from Overseas to you.

And why?

CORONAVIRUS is now suspected to live for up to 9 Days on surfaces.

And for DHL-it takes 3-5 days to get that something, something.

Amazon-it takes less to get that something, something.

So, not saying your next Product from Overseas Delivery will have “live” CORONAVIRUS on the Surface or under the wrapping, but looks like it could…so maybe we must take additional precautions.  Just to be safe.

Or do you really need that something, something?

That’s all of it.  Now, we know…

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