Grocery Store Shelves are emptying and U DON’T no wat to buy?


CORONAVIRUS Self-Isolate Preparation List!


Suddenly, you hear Grocery Store Shelves are emptying and PEOPLE DON’T KNOW WHAT TO BUY, so they are simply grabbing everything.  And that’s no way to be.  But DON’T LET that be you.

Buy because you may be asked or TOLD to Self-Isolate and not from where Panic resides inside of you. And why get things?

Well, if you’re Self-Isolating, your family will be too. So, the food you buy is for them too.  And when you’re sick, you want QUICK! Quick and easy meals.

You’re asked or TOLD to Self-Isolate and what’s a fool gonna do?  And you’re In-House, In-Apartment Isolation means lots of things.  But it might be just plum awful if you DON’T plan NOW!

And plan for your Self-Isolation Preparation Stockpile to be Available for 18-24 months or longer.  Don’t let any items go past expiration dates.

CORONAVIRUS Mutations will be back next Winter and the next one and maybe forever. 

Keep Calm always.  Relax!  DON’T Fret!. Make Your List, and check it over several times. This is by No Means the End of the World.

Be like Santa and keep checking your List Twice.

Before this Virus is OVER, millions upon millions of Americans may be asked to Self-Isolate before this is OVER! And this Virus may come back Mutated during our next winter.  So, remember to get stuff that is long range in preparation.  But-

It sure means No mo eating out!

It means going stare-crazy Battie in 30 days if you DON’T keep all of it in perspective.  Have Board Games, Cards, mind things to do.  Keep it together.

So, what you gonna do?

CAN’T make those Political Rallies!  U might get the Virus.

No going to the Movies!

And what do I need?  What do you need?

Okay, I know no one is going to be happy.  So, what do I need?

Well, it’s not what I need, but what you might need.

So.  Want some ideas without sounding Bat-Nutty Nuclear Bombshell Paranoid?

Hey. It’s just a Virus.  It’s not a frigging Nuclear War!

So, if you’re over 60-years OLD, then you might want to take time to PLAN NOW!  Get your stuff EARLY!

So, here’s what I bought for the body and what your body will need, might need this or similar things-a

1.  Waters

2.  Toothpaste.

3.  We already got Soap and Shampoo.

4. Tylenol.

5.  Benadryl.

6.  Vienna Sausages, but you can buy Spam.  Or Tuna or chicken in a can.  Others are optional too.

7.  24-lbs of Flour for cookies and bread.  Tortilla Flour too for making Tortillas.

8.  Yeast for bread making.

9.  10-lb Sugar for sweets and cookies.  Sugar cookies are super easy to make.

10.  Wolf Brand Chili or you make like Hormel.

11.  Ranch Style Beans.

12. Cheers Balls and Chips.

13.  Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup.

14.  Hot Sauce.

15.  Ramen Noodles.

16.  Evaporated Milk.

17.  Large Boxes of Cereal.

18.  Large Container Oats for Oatmeal or Oatmeal cookies.

18.  Salt, pepper. Cooking seasonings.

19.  Crackers.

20.  Peanut Butter for cookies or sandwiches or snacks.

21.  Jelly for biscuits or Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches.

22.  Loaves of bread if you don’t plan to make your own Bread or Biscuits.  Freeze Loaves of bread as well.

23.  Butter.

24.  Cooking Oil.


26.  TISSUE.

27.  Dried/Canned Foods…Fruit.

28.  Mac & Cheese Noodles.

28.  Canned goods you plan to eat.

29.  Hygiene Stuff including bandaids, antibiotics, and Ointments.  Skin Lotion. Chapstick. Vaseline.

30.  A battery/solar/hand crank Multi-Band with Shortwave Bands Radio is always a good item to keep around. They run about a hundred bucks, but there are less expensive ones.

31.  An ample supply of batteries.

And sure, frozen meals and other food sources are available, but buy what you like, what you want.  But remember, if you’re sick, you will want QUICK, easy meals to make and easy to digest.  And Gatorade and such stuff might be on your List.

And think in terms of Food for 14-30 days for you and your family. 

Not the Boogeyman Nuclear Holocaust Crazy Wild Supplies of stuff.  Keep it simple And a lot of Items I purchased at Sam’s Club for my wife and me and my daughter’s family of SEVEN! 

So. See, I DID’NT freak out and buy a ton of stuff.

And all of the above, well,  that’s just an idea, but get ONLY what you will USE,  what you will consume, what you can afford.  And what will keep for a long time.  The above List is pretty plain, pretty simple.

Now, remember, eggs will keep for a good time as well.

And you can use Tortillas, some chili, some beans, some hot sauce. And you got quick and easy burritos.  Add cheese or jalapenos if you want.

There’s tons of stuff you can get and lots of things you can make.  Get what you will USE!

But with Limited Items, it’s easier to get into a routine.  I do not encourage drug or alcohol use, either might cause unneeded anxieties.  Also, know your own limitations.  Don’t exceed them.





And pray for Your Blessings…they’ll come!



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