Will October, November, or Drcember 2020 become America’s Deadliest?

When I took Dale Carnegie a ton of years ago, I was taught to approach any Subject from the worse capable possibilities.  Then after you see the worse, understand it, and then accept it.  Finally, you know the worse, so drop all the worrying.   Now, with this approach in mind, I’m gonna treat Coronavirus just like the Spanish Flu of 1918. 

And at the Library of Congress, I was surprised to see all the books about searching for the Virus that causes the 1918 Spanish Flu-


Some from as far back as 1931

That’s the worst case scenario for this new Virus when we compare it to that Spanish Flu Epidemic.  Understand?  And no, this is not to create panic or fear, but a far better understanding of how bad it could get.  And after reading for days on the Spanish Flu, I came away with this- 

It was a bad, bad. Bad Virus.  And it became a vicious killer.  But what I wondered was how they dealt with the mass amounts of dead bodies?  I’d even had an old man now gone tell me about it. He was there and he told me about wagons being pulled down the street while someone yelled-Bring Out Your Dead.  And just leaving a towel hanging in the window let them know you had dead, but we’re too weak to bring them out.

And I found the picture in my mind of that time sad. Very sad. Things got so bad, that We won’t even be allowed to gather for funerals.  People were found, while being severely incapacitated by the Flu, that they even were found sleeping in bed with the dead.  Why?  They didn’t have the strength to move themselves, let alone a dead body in bed with them. 

Dead bodies were found crammed into corners of rooms. Closets, everywhere there was space for sweltering, stinking bodies to be placed.  Even children played atop of coffins piled-up with bodies inside.  Cars were found with up to ten bodies crammed in them. So, this is just a teaser for you to read from the following for yourselves. 

But let me help you.  Here’s some peace of mind from me to you.  In our lives, all of us must be ready for our own checkout ride-you know, Our Own Death.  And so, it’s a good time to mentally say your peace with God.  And then forget about the rest.  Live your life. 

And if the Virus gets as bad as the Spanish Flu, there’s going to be a ton of sick folks coughing as hard as they ever have and vomiting and most all of us, we are going to still love and live. 

Love and Live!  But if you wish to read on, then the following places are serious reads. Very serious reads about the worst of the worst-Folks aren’t going to be willing to Give-Up Thanksgiving or Christmas on New Year’s Parties!  So, dark days are Coming.

OCTOBER 1918-the worst single month in American History where 200,000 Died.



And the next is a very interesting read of a Letter from back then-



God Bless you and your family.

President Bush even addressed America’s Strategy on a Spanish Flu Epidemic-


And the 1918 Flu began with Chinese workers-