XFL FOOTBALL-Houston Roughnecks beat Dallas Renegades. A great game, a fan pleaser!


Today, a piece of History took place-A Grandfather, a Son, and a Grandson watched this Game on the 50-yd line from our seats in the Stands.  And it was so much fun!  Really good fun football seeing these amazingly, gifted Professional Athletes.  Here are a few of my pics I took today.


Here is the newest place to bring the whole family.  Here, they treat fans like fans should be treated with respect and quality care.



An EARLY at the Game Panoramic View of the DALLAS RENEGADES Playing HOME! Amazing how good they changed this venue from Professional Baseball to Professional Football.




ROUGHNECKS and RENEGADES go full blown IN YOUR FACE DRAMA!  It was Electrifying!  Everyone ran to keep everyone COOL! REFEREES TO THE RESCUE!  REFEREES Whistles Went Blowing!  This took place before the Game even started!   These two Teams were READY for Smash Mouth, In the Street FOOTBALL!  Before the game! Exciting Drama.  Talking that SMACK!


A very exciting scene! Such intense DRAMA! FANTASTIC TO WITNESS SUCH BRAVADO!


Fans were totally engaged in the GAME!  All faces front, all ears listening to this amazing Drama-filled Game.  A thriller!  A fan favorite.



A storied place. I was lucky enough to sit by a 76-year old man who had Never Missed A Rangers Game in this Fantastic Arena and the takes he could speak.



A Gloried Palace! Such a wonderful thing to see this Palace not forgotten! Still in USE!  I still remember my 1st Texas Rangers Game here and I thought-They’ve built a Shrine to Texas Baseball!


And fan pleasing prices on the foods and drinks, and sweets! Just look at this Super Dog! And Chips!

Reasonable easy on the budget prices fans will enjoy with loads of different choices!

In 1969, I paid more for a Plate of fresh Fried Rattlesnake than I did for this foot long Hotdog with Chili at the new XFL DALLAS RENEGADES Stadium!  That was in Sweetwater, Texas!


And the XFL PRO SHOP at the RENEGADES Stadium had very nice items like this Official DALLAS RENEGADES GAME SHIRT!


NFL GREATS were in ATTENDANCE!  All over the Place! In the Audience EVERYWHERE!  I sat close to an NFL PLAYER who plays Safety right NOW, but asked me to not take pics of him.  He was very respectful.  And he was loving the gametoo.H It was great seeing these players today as well.



Getting there early, you get to watch the building of this drama.


KIDS!  KIDS!  KIDS! The future of A Texas Heritage are OUR CHILDREN!  And KIDS were everywhere!  Loving the game and excitement!


Player Drama! Game Drama!  It was so much fun!


DON’T miss your Opportunity to be part of History!

Get Your Ticket!  Enjoy!  A Super Fun Game!



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