America is ill prepared for a CORONAVIRUS Epidemic! What may soon happen here!

My only concern is in the form of a QUESTION-

Will another CORONAVIRUS, the worst one-the deadliest one, come back in 8-10 MONTHS from now just like the 1918 Flu Pandemic did?  The 1st one, that 1st flu, in 1917-1919 wasn’t the REAL KILLER. No, that Real Killer was the Mutated Newer One that came later!  Will this present coronavirus come back even worse?  

On Saturday, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams tweeted an order for Americans to quit purchasing masks if they aren’t sick, explaining that they’re ineffective at preventing people from getting the virus — and steal resources away from those who actually need them!

Now that makes great sense. But idiots WON’T do it.

The biggest ISSUE that Hurt America I know is that when the Wuhan Virus hit CHINA, we just sat on our hands and did nothing!  I’m talking about Our Leaders, and why was that? While the CORONAVIRUS was unraveling in intensity, America WATCHED!  We watched and took no corrective Actions.  Our Leaders were no where to be found.

Non-Action is a Recipe for DISASTER.

And here is PROOF America is ILL PREPARED for this Virus.

U.S. California Governor Gavin Newsom said Thursday that the state is currently monitoring more than 8,400 people for the coronavirus. He added that California health officials have

ONLY 200 testing kits on hand

and will be receiving more over the next few days.

Folks, let’s extend what we know about this Virus already and APPLY OUR KNOWLEDGE that we have gained from China to our own Situation.  To what soon may happen in only two months here!  But again. Here’s a refresher course from China’s Lesson to the rest of the World.

1.  Virus was identified at end of 2019 in Wuhan, China.

2.  At the end of ONLY one month, the 1st month.  China had about 10,000 Infected.

At this very Point, this very News, America had a Golden Opportunity to begin PREPARING FOR THE INEVITABLE.  Common sense would have told folks there was a 100% chance America was going to get CORONAVIRUS here.

But again, Leaders in America chose to sit back and ONLY OBSERVE! Watched and wasted valuable Time.

NOW, in the 2nd Month from the very beginning, there are OVER 85,000 cases of infection and over 3000 deaths.

America again missed One Opportunity after another to prepare because of non-belief that this Virus could hit here in an America because We didn’t have the Infection Cases here.

And America WATCHED the Virus begin to HIT ITALY and SOUTH KOREA and JAPAN.

NOW, the Virus is in 49 Different Countries.

But now, America’s Virus Epidemic is now starting to show-up in California, Washington, Chicago, New York City, Florida, and OTHER STATES.

Starting to BEGIN…yes, it’s starting to begin…

And when a President is making negative, divisive statements that this CoronaVirus is


Democrats’s New Hoax

ONLY  seeds dissension and creates further falsehoods of truth when America needs STRONG LEADERSHIP pulling all of us together against this Virus! And when Our President calls it A HOAX, THAT’S CRIMINAL!  And why?  Because there are People that Do Believe everything our President says.  CORONAVIRUS is NO HOAX! AMERICANS ARE NOW DYING!

This Virus may become America’s Greatest Test in our Lifetimes. And it DOESN’T CARE WHAT PARTY you may align with.  Folks, this goes ACROSS ALL PARTY LINES!  It is our lives we are discussing.

Our President is Greatly Failing America by NOT PULLING ALL OF US TOGETHER!  By telling fibs instead.  This causes People to Not Trust What he says. Forget him!  We are all Americans!

We must pull together as ONE SINGLE FAMILY of Americans regardless of anything.  We must grow above the Negative Words of our own PRESIDENT.  If u live here, u r a member of the Same Family.

And our pulling out resources together will make sure no more Die than what God Dictates and not inactivity of people as A whole.

Oregon now has Reported an infected Person of unknown source. It’s popping up everywhere!

So now, what’s potentially going to happen and I am taking the Dale Carnegie Approach in all of this?

Here’s all of it STEP BY STEP!

1.  As Infections spread, communities hit hardest will find themselves Isolating in place.  Roadblocks will be in place. Travel will be Emergency Traffic ONLY!

2.  As the Stock Market throughout the World continue to digest the GLOBAL IMPACT this Virus is having, So will World Stock Markets Adjust as EXPECTED!  NOT A PANIC ATTACK!  NOT THE END OF THE WORLD! World Markets will recover as quickly as this Virus Issue is resolved.

3.  A great many Americans will be in grave trouble as American Hospitals are ILL EQUIPED to take 10,000-65,000 Severely Infected.  Isolation Rooms to this LEVEL just aren’t in place.  They are Non-existent.

4.  13-27% of the American Workforce will be placed on Furloughs, if not completely Laid-Off! But this might take place if No. 5 happens.

5.  Air Travel will become LIMITED!  AIR TRAVEL to and from America will come to a HALT if the Infected Numbers extend OVER 100,000.

6.  World Stock Markets will lose 45-55% of all Assets if this Virus becomes a Pandemic.  World will be in a tremendous Recession if No. 5 takes place here.

7.  Debtors and Creditors will be forced to reach reasonable decisions.  Payments will be delayed and until the Virus is OVER and after 180 days have passed, this will be the Neutral Period in all Loans and payments.   This 180-day Delay to Begin Payments again will have to occur when A Great Many Americans may be forced to ISOLATE IN PLACE where Breadwinners will not be able to WORK.

Remember This:

During World War One, when Soldiers could not get to a Gas Mask in time when Mustard and other Poisonous Gases were drifting their way, they WET a cloth, even with pee when necessary, and then covered their mouth and nose.  And guess what? They Lived.  The wetted cloth on the face prevented them from being killed.  This one piece of information might save your life one day.  So DON’T panic of not getting a Face Mask, now you know.

NOW, the above are EXTREME LEVELS, but until this Virus fades away hopefully from this year’s HEAT Wave in the Upcoming Months, as the Season Changes and corrective, Virus killing Pollens enter into the Atmosphere, we are Stuck in a Wait and See, except you can Prepare.

America, our Preparedness is Our Lifeline and We as a People will guarantee our SURVIVAL, NOT OUR GOVERNMENT.

We are starting out Very ILL PREPARED, but our fortitude, our resolve will get us through this.

Take a moment to realize where we are in this New Virus Scenario.

Again, prepare as you can.  Prepare as you want, but do not do or make illogical decisions by OVER-PREPARING & HORDING needed items that other families, other members of Our Single Families might need

We will make it through this.  Yes, we will.

Right now!  Focus on the Important and NOT POLITICS!  This is NO TIME FOR POLITICAL TALK.  NO MORE HATEFUL TALK!

This is togetherness for EVERYONE!

One Family of Americans!

May God Watch over You and Your Families in the upcoming trying Days.

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author-

author-READ A BOOK!



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