New Scientific work may be worse Alarm yet for CORONAVIRUS!

Before I begin, the following site has some amazing images of this New Coronavirus that I found very interesting at-

And here is one from it-


This scanning electron microscope image shows SARS-CoV-2 (yellow) among human cells (pink). This virus was isolated from a patient in the U.S. (Color has been added to the image to better show the virus and its environment.)
(Image: © NIAID-RML)

Now, let me begin anew-

When I arrived in South Korea for a Military Deployment almost 50 years ago. I was stunned at the Unbelievable Human Waste Odor that hit my nostrils.  And I was told that it would go away in a few days.  And it did.


We were warned not to eat any of the Vegetables that were grown by the South Korean farmers.

Then in the village. I was shown the bathroom.  It was a block of cement that was about three feet long by two feet long.  And it had two large roast pan size halves in the cement.


So, two people could go to the restroom at the same time.  But if you were doing Number 3. You’d be upset if someone came and did Number 1 beside you if that person was a man.  Why?  You’d get pee on you.

Then once in the Village while going Number 2, a man in a white suit, rubber gloves, and facial mask quickly walked up with a long black hose and then he sucked up the pee and 💩 sitting in both sides.

And he then sat a few coins down on the cement too edge rim of the two commode cement block.

Then he was off.


And now, I asked-where was that guy going with all that pee and 💩?  

oh, he come twice a week, take to farmer, truck dump into farmer field, make food grow.

And then it all made sense of why we were told not to eat certain foods.  But why?

We were told our bodies didn’t have certain enzymes in our digestive system to combat food fertilized by or with human waste.

But we ate it still, but we literally cooked the 💩 out of it before we ate it.

And now why did I say the above?

Because Chinese Scientists have isolated the Virus in human fecal matter.  And if you use fecal matter as fertilizer, then guess what?  It could become Virus City.

The following Highlighted sentence is a Headline from the Above in the Washington Post-

Chinese scientists isolating virus in fecal matter, but too soon to declare new transmission pattern.

Okay, they are saying too soon to declare new transmission pattern.  But holy cow if this one proves to be the one thing that could help this Virus keep coming and coming and coming on for months.   And look at the below exert from Science Alert.

Most cases they are saying are mild.  But, when you are over 60 and got other health problems, then this Virus may hurt you immensely.  It could kill you.

And here is an exert from the above-

main article image
(Fred Murphy & Sylvia Whitfield/CDC)

Latest Study Suggests The New Coronavirus Is Also Spreading Via Feces

9 FEB 2020

Diarrhea may be a secondary path of transmission for the novel coronavirus, scientists said Friday following the publication of the latest study reporting patients with abdominal symptoms and loose stool.

The primary path is believed to be virus-laden droplets from an infected person’s cough, though researchers in early cases have said they focused heavily on patients with respiratory symptoms and may have overlooked those linked to the digestive tract.

A total of 14 out of 138 patients (10 percent) in a Wuhan hospital who were studied in the new paper by Chinese authors in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) initially presented with diarrhea and nausea one or two days prior to development of fever and labored breathing.


Folks, this one new research could make this one more instance of why this Virus is not going to be going away anytime soon.

And they are saying it will be 18 months before they might have a Shot Against it.

But for now, China is being hit hard.  Damn hard, but it could be way, way worse before it gets any better.

Please Pray that a Cure is found because this Virus could be back to haunt the World next year or worse, this year ain’t over yet.

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