Mexican Jumping Beans will Decide who Wins 2020 Election? R U 1?

Let’s face it, we’re all asking more questions today than ever before.  And the one that is Googled every minute is-Which Party do you consider yourself a member.  Yes, where do you fit?  Or is what you believe or want to see done even seem to be anywhere on the Political Radar of what you think?

We are the ones missed on the Voting Radar. We are not liberals.  We are not conservatives.  We are not known by a Party Name.  Most of us left the Parties during the Vietnam War.

And we, yes, this name suits us just fine, and you can now call us-Mexican Jumping Beans. I know,  I know, I know.  How can I infer these three, almost silly, words in the Political Arena? It makes its own statement of contempt for the entire Political System.

And the real ones will move around in your hand when they get warm.

And does the meaning mean anything? Yes and no.

Sounds quite retarded.  But when people become frustrated enough, “retarded” starts to look pretty attractive to sooth the Brain Cells.

And the 2020 President will be decided by none other than all of us frustrated Voters.  Yes, frustration has set in and I DON’T think we will ever change our minds again.

For dang sure, DON’T call us, DON’T write us, and DON’T knock on our Doors where we live.

And why the name?

Simple-as a Mexican Jumping Bean Member, as the Nation’s Issues are flushed upon us And they move us in some manner to an uncomfortable warm state of mind, well, we begin to move those amazing brain cells around, and then we Cross Lines to the Political Party that best fits our needs at that moment when we are in a Voter’s Booth casting our Vote for a Candidate and ONLY THEN. 

No, Mexican Jumping Bean Members are not Die-hard members of any Party. We are a nameless Party of the Unknown Factor.  Nor are we the ones that get caught-up in Political Talk with anyone. 

You WON’T find us wearing Political Lapel Pins, Hats, Caps, or Shirts.

But rest assured, we are very displeased with what we see, what we hear, and the choices we have.

We are simply, wannabe left alone kinds of folks. 

Wannabes who want to be Left Alone.

We are Folks that can think for ourselves and no one needs assist us because we can read.  We can see and We can listen.

And we can THINK for ourselves

A name I’m throwing out there to let you know that WE ARE NOT ALONE.  We are Huge numbers that will DECISION the 2020 Presidential Choice. We will pick the winner. 

Our Votes are the Difference Makers.

Our Voting Power is Undeniable.

A stupid to you, three word name, way to view us as Voters?   Maybe this is the simplest of ways of communicating with each other in our group.  And being silent, but Deadly when we are in a Voter’s Booth.  And I’m not talking violence at all. Right?

Compadres, Friends, Amigos, we Mexican Jumping Beans will decide an Election’s Outcome!  And 2020 is Our Year.  Anyone can be a member, we DON’T discriminate in any way.  Does our Mexican Jumping Beans name sound like we are Haters?  But disappointed ? For sure.

We do not like being called anything but Voter or Mister or Misses. And if you hate a Label put on you or your generation, then yes, consider yourself one of us.  And sure, the name brings folly into the game.  Can you see it?

Can you dig it?

Our thinking allows us to make decisions. Good decisions.  And when we CAST OUR VOTE, we do it knowing what each candidate says that they are going to do. But we know the rest of the story, don’t we?

But today, yes today, America is being hustled. Hustled.  Yes, that one word best fits the way it is.

And the best way to lose our VOTE is to call people names, call our Parents or Children names.  And some have already done that over and over and over again, haven’t they?

To batter the Opponent or use foul wording makes us shake our heads.  Using disgusting Lies. Making up stuff.  Talking misinformation. Talking Civil War or Civil Unrest disgust us.  Talking down to us like we were 12-year olds is so uncool, that we won’t give that person much thought.

But we Can VOTE!

And we already know all the tricks.  Promise the Moon and deliver Cabbage Soup or Peanut Stew.

But for those who must know the Difference between a Democrat and a Republican, then sure, I present a glimpse-

Democrats-established 1828

Democrats believe in a strong government with social assistance programs to help elderly members of society with Social Security and Medicare and protections for Veterans and handicapped persons. They prefer diplomatic solutions rather than conflicts using Drone Attacks or Covert Operations to promote Dictators, and take a generally protectionist view of fair trade, believing that trade must be regulated to protect American workers and farmers.

Republicans-established 1854

Republicans oppose higher Tax Rates for Higher earners, which they believe are unfairly targeted at those who create Jobs and Wealth. They believe private spending is more efficient than government spending…believe individuals should take responsibility for their own circumstances.  They believe almost any method used, including those highly questionable, are okay in order for winning at the Polls.

BUT, these two parties were co-joined as

Democratic-Republican-established 1792

The Democratic-Republican Party was an American political party founded by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in the early 1790s that championed republicanism, political equality, and expansions.

And the rest of the story is now like watching two Fire And Mounds fighting over the same piece of cheese.

But again, Mexican Jumping Bean Voters will Decide this 2020 Election.  And we are going to bragging when it’s over.

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