How I HACKED 4300 Different Religions!

Hacking Today’s Theological Thinking!


Ready to Hack all them Religions? 

Which one should we start with? 

You got one that you gotta a notion on?

Here are some 20 largest religions and their number of believers.

1: Christianity (2.2 billion)

2: Islam (1.5 billion)

3: Nonreligious ( Secular/Agnostic/Atheist) (1.2 billion)

4: Hinduism (1.1 billion )

5: Buddhism ( 535 million)

6: Chinese tradition religion ( 394 million)

7: Primal indigenous (300 million)

8: African tradition & diaspora (100 million)

9: Sikhism (30 million)

10: Juche (19 million)

11: Spiritism (15 million)

12: Judaism (14 million)

13: Bahai (7 million)

14: Jainism (4.2 million)

15: Shirito (4 million)

16: Cao Dai (4 million)

17: Zoraostrianism (2.6 million)

18: Tenrikyo (2 million)

19: Neo paganism (1 million)

20: Unitarian universalism ( 800,000)


           So, let the Hacking begin,  I know, you want to know which Hacker Code I used-

          All of us must evaluate our own lives and as we do, we begin to see many things.  You might see what a million others cannot or what they see and you cannot.  But, Life is full of all forms of ups and downs and make no mistake, all of us are going to have a somewhat bumpy ride of it all.

       Yes, all of us will and in ways, we will follow what others have come to know or we will break away and help lead others in the same, similar way of thinking that you have.

      Something new or something already been done?  Well, I am now talking to you about Religion.  And it is amazing that even the Giants of the Industry cannot agree on exactly how many Religions there are in the World.  Some put it at only 62.  Yet, the Big Think Tanks put it somewhere at 4200.  And others have it at almost 4600.

        4600!  WTF?  And I’m not meaning it in a mean kind of way at all.  It is actually mindboggling to think that there are 4200.  I mean, do 4200 different groups of People say that they have their Only One and Only True Religion?  And can you imagine how many years it would take just one person to even try to come to grasp with all the various different takes on this and that.

         The World is a crazy place and yes, oh yeah, there are folks that are super charismatic and they come up with their own new group of followers and then-Okay, let’s start our Own New Religion.  And you can always tell how thirsty People are when they flock to a New Church that has a New and Catchy Sounding Name or Title on the Building reflecting, energizing something in that person who goes and becomes a member of the New Place to Worship.

         Pretty Simply of Terms is it not?  People have a Void or Need or Itch that needs a filling and there are many who are just waiting to locate you and Fill Your Need.  But, what is it that you are truly looking for?  A Diety?  A God?  Several Gods?  And from Which Religion?  Or no God at all?  Yes, what is it that you want for yourself?

         Well, you know you don’t want to join a Kill Everyone Religious Group where the Leader has everyone take Poison Pills to kill off the entire flock of followers.  And you sure don’t want to join a Leader who is ready to go down in a Blaze of Gun Fire, now do you?  Of course not.  But there are folks feeding every need that in some way or another comes right down to this Money Thing and if they are good enough at it.  They gonna get RICH on the work of their Followers and it might be thru literature, Radio, or even TV or a College or a Seminary or a School of some sorts and then they gonna still get Rich.  Maybe not on the surface, but sure, they gonna do whatever they plum feel like doing and there are those who are going to help them in any way that the Leader tells them to do.


          Nothing new and we see it all over the World.  Great Leaders and ones who are Fanatical in their Beliefs to the Point of feeling nothing when they tell their flocks it’s just gosh darn okay if they DIE for The Cause.  A real cause or one that scares the Holy Crap out of the followers who comply for fear of retribution upon their family members or themselves.  Hey, the Twisted Apple in Religion Thought has many a forked trail and they all lead back to not so much of anything other than one thing-Man, this Guy or that Gal sure could talk a Good Line.

          And when a person knows the Religious Words both forwards and backwards, then you are going to get beaten into submission or is that what you wanted all along?  To be beaten down into submission?  Or once beaten down, how can you or anyone get back up?  Can you?  Yes, but most importantly, will you?

          Okay, every person has questions about the Whole Matter of this Life that each of us has.  We are living one hell of a precious existence.  Heck yeah, we are.  Man, this is better than any script that anyone could ever write.  And there have been many a great Script Writer and they still are using some of the Same Writings from as far as it to when it all began.  How about that?  Did you ever think ugly old first-generation Human Beings were going to come to where they are today? 

         No, way, we are the Real Cookers now of masterful thinking and some are just fantastic at it.  We are one fantastic living being.  We are.  Ain’t no arguing it.  But all of us still find that need to CONNECT to something HIGHER than ourselves.  Yes, we are in some form or fashion trying to Connect to that Higherness of it all.  And some will call this GOD and others BUDDA or some other Title.  But we all have come across this road at some point in our lives and what did you decide?

         Did you like the idea of challenging American Religious thought and so, you will full Blown MUSLIM?  Or you really enjoyed following that road.  Or was it full Blown CHRISTIAN?   And did you find what you were looking for there?  I know, I ask and now, do you have the answers?  I know, it’s pretty rough out there when you come across a person who is a NON-BELIEVER or GOD HATER and they know all of the angles to try to break your embilical chord between God and yourself.  Yes, I know, I’ve been there when individuals will try to break you down and right out Your Religious Beliefs right out of Your Heart.  They’d use a Dagger if it were legal and some hate you so much that they will actually KILL you for your BELIEFS!


          So, sure, sometimes a person will need to tread lightly when they know that something is really amiss and if you don’t, they gonna burst your Bubble and then Grin with pure meanness for doing it.  For hurting you and they love seeing you hurt.  That is the real mark-to see you become HURT.  That is the meanness of this day and time and there are tons ready to bust you down to your knees.  SO, stay strong.  But again, what did or have you decided or have you gone straight-up NOT GOING TO BELIEVE nothing?

         But when I looked up to the sky for the 1st time seeing the actual planets with a Telescope that could do that, well, it is pretty darn humbling.  IT really is.  It sure is.  And it made me think-there is a whole lot more to like than what any of us have ever been taught.  And only as much as they know.  Only as much as they know.  See, I am one of those convinced that there are tons of stuff that none of us have yet been explained to.  And why is that?  I think that they just do not know the Rest.   

          I’ve spent a Lifetime and you will too-4300 Different Religions and isn’t this in a quirky way kind of weird?  Raw Data is spewing out of all of our brains with no Safety Net to catch 99% of it.

IamHere (2)

         That REST OF THE STORY is the greatest adventure yet explored and that is when we leave this Living World and become one of the DEAD.  And that is where all of us want a Secret Preview, a SNEAK PREVIEW, and if we could, gosh, wouldn’t we bounce on over to the Correct and Right Religion and Correct and Right Religious Thought.  But no, we only have words written down or passed back to us on about what tomorrow after our Deaths will be like-

          A Heaven?  A Hell?  Condemned to Walk the Earth as a Spirit?  Blessful Peace?  Hellish Nightmare?  Virgin City? Another Chance at Life?  Or nothing at all-total and complete emptiness?  Total All Alone?  Completely alone?

          Wow, so, that’s about the only Five or more Different Choices all of us have when we die.  That we know of.  Well, isn’t it?  That’s all I can think of right now?  Oh yeah, to come back over and over again is another and not just one time back.  But, I find it somewhere more complicated on what People believe today by one obvious and it is obvious way to look at What People Believe by one thing-

        But what happens to Our Body after we die?  Computer Hackers from all over the World have hacked trying to find out who has actually got this Religious thing right?  Well, haven’t we?  I know I have, but I hack no more for the answers.  For me, I am already knocking on Death’s Door but that is okay.  I am happy.  I seek no more than what I already have gotten my mind set on.  Right or wrong, won’t know much until that time comes.  Right?

        Being buried with the full Religious Ceremony says you are one of the Flock of the ones burying you or it is what you just wanted or you didn’t like the idea of getting burned after death…or burned here and then burned there?  Hmm…s

          Cremation seems to be the New, Most Used, Thing today after we die?  And with this one, it shows a few things or it might be one of two things-No Religious Connection made here on Earth, Just Not Capable of Paying the $9000-$35,000 it costs to bury a person or Just wanted it that way and you still found a Religious Connection or you don’t want no one come grave robbing your body after you been buried so you opt for having your Body Cooked completely thru and thru till nothing but ashes are left.

        Yes, many a Movie put Grave Robbing into our heads and none of us want that one for sure.  Or get buried and then reburied when they need to move your body to make room for a New Subdivision or Highway.  Right?  And sure, some don’t have no say what happens when their body dies.  Bob Hope told his wife when she asked where he wanted to be buried?  Surprise Me was his response.  And that is another thing that brings an even more confusing range of Religious Questions-

         Can we get a glimpse of that Afterlife by the Last Words some folks be spitting out their mouths when they die?  And on YouTube, there are amazing Last Words that some of the ones we admired had to say.  Some will make you tinker a bit and others will not make you happy.  I’ve heard all sorts of things like-I see the Angels or I’m going to Hell, the Gates are being Opened and HERE I GO!

         But then there are funny Last Words as well.  But again, what are your thoughts about this Religious Thing?  You found your Place among the People of the World in what you think?  You know, you have a gosh darn unbelievable number of Different Religions to Choose from, now don’t you, me, all of us?  Yes, all of us do.  And so, seems before someone is gonna come round me spouting out their Religious Non-Beliefs or other stuff, you might want to ask them how many of all of these Religions have you Reviewed for yourself?  See, not so easy for the person haunting you to say much than agree-No, I have not checked the Others cause they only want to see YOU HURT.

          And I can only hope that in your Life that you will take the time to address this mystery of Religious Thought and come to terms with your own Beliefs.  Sure, I will tell you mine.  I am a Baptist, a Christian, and a believer in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and all that comes along with it.  And sure, I pray every single day and I even put that Prayer up on YouTube so, yes, I teach what I preach, but did I really preach to you in all of this?

         I sure didn’t meant to because I am not you and we aren’t going to be trading shoes anytime soon or ever most likely.  Each of us must come to that Bridge in Life and the sooner you cross it, the better.  Please do not wait until you are Dead and the choices are removed from you.  And sure, there are times that this does happen like for young children.  But if you are reading this, you ain’t young, by much for sure.  And all of us will come to understand the follies associated with Most Religions in the World the older we get because no matter what they say, we will still find a way to bring something into it that is completely our own.  It’s what humans do.  And it is our choice. 

         SO, if you stuck in a rut and you can’t seem to find no way out, then an Adventure to Find Your Religious Stance might just be the ticket for you or someone you love.  So there, this is mental, caring help and No, I still am not preaching nothing.  Preaching to me is standing up in front of you cause you want to be in front of me hearing what I have to say on the Subject.  And I will say this-

God’s Office is Open 24/7 7 Days a Week.

        And I think more Americans took the time to find themselves just because a great NBA Basketball Player-Kobe Bryant passed away.  That day is so coming for all of us, get ready, yes, please get ready.

       And now, I done told you how I hacked 4300 Different Religions, and now, you gonna have to HACK them for yourselves to find out what I found out. 

Good Luck!


God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author.