Going the Distance on LinkedIn-that one last added step.

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I always take the time to Re-Share or Re-Post any Posting that ANYONE POSTS of one of our dedicated United States Armed Forces Members that gave the Ultimate for you, me, for Our Country.


Yes, I do this on LinkedIn.  My blog and LinkedIn are my only Social Media Platforms I use.  I don’t Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

But please help me as I try to help others.

Yes, these men and women  gave all they could.

The very most-

Their Life!  The Ultimate Gift!

And I do this because it only takes about 45 seconds to REMEMBER THEM by re-sharing a thought of their sacrifice.

And I do this because I care and I still hurt from the Vietnam War.

And individuals from all walks of life line-up in a single line that Only the Dead understand.

I hope you too will become brave enough to show NO FEAR! To take those 45 seconds and help others remember.

And also Re-Post every single POST you find  anywhere and on any Social Media Platform


Remember Them.

A simple RE-POST, RE-SHARE means a tremendous shout of “alot” to family members still caught in grief’s never ending vacuum.

I hope you will.  Funerals are hard enough.

But being forgotten hurts the most.

And when we remember, their hurt, the family’s hurt  is just a little easier to deal with for a little time.

Your re-share may even save a Veteran’s life.

Thank you for Re-Sharing. Re-Posting all you see, or find.

It is the kindest show of Thank You any of us could ever give any Veteran.

A most heartfelt show of Respect.

God Bless-

The living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran and author.