I got to admit, I was feeling the lull, the dull, the loss of that exciting SUPER BOWL feeling! that wonderful feeling all football fans get as the game is watched.  One of the best games ever.  And finally, while Watching Friday Night Wrestling on FOX, I saw a commercial about the XFL and I thought, is this going to be…

Touch Football or Unexciting Football OR College Level game of football?  Good or a JOKE?  I’m just like you-simply a fan.

🏈 🏈 🏈 🏈 🏈 is YES, here AGAIN!

I mean what was the 


I mean, who are these players?  Who are these Teams? What is the level of these players playing ability?  Was U, were we going to be disappointed?  So many damn worker class questions I gots, but more importantly, football fan questions.  

So, I decided to watch the

Houston Roughneck and Los Angeles Wildcats on FOX!



XFL East XFL West
DC Defenders Seattle Dragons
New York Guardians Los Angeles Wildcats
Tampa Bay Vipers Dallas Renegades
St. Louis BattleHawks

Houston Roughnecks

It’s the entire package, great young players, and fast paced exciting football. 

Yes, it’s the whole package. 

Hard hitting, great athleticism. Diving catches, hurtling over defensive players, long bomb passes.  They got it all!

Great play calling, good defensive holds.  Great Coverage by FOX!  Excitement is at hand!  Oh yes, it’s fantastic excitement! 

And FINALLY, US, we, you, all of us fans get to see and hear the game closer and more in-depth than ever before. 

The play calling, the actual play calling, it’s crazy wild and crazy fun exciting game and we get to hear somebody telling it, calling it to the player on the field.  You gonna love this.  I know my first taste was a scrumptious, lively bite of gameful Professional Football. 

And I LOVE their new RULES on the Kickoff and extra points and punts  Super cool rules that are Player Safety Rules that actually make the game even more exciting.  You have to see this XFL for yourself.  It’s super fun. I’m not kidding or selling them.  I love great all out football.  And these players are playing their hearts out.

And yes, I am writing this as I am watching the game on FOX.  The players are from so many Big Name Schools and five are Texas A&M Players that made the cut.

So, football fans, it ain’t OVER!  Earth to all you football fans,

Professional Football is still Alive! And today, it just got started.  How about which XFL Players could be in the NFL next year?


Who are the XFL PLAYERS?


And Bob Stoops, the infamous Oklahoma Head Coach, is a Head Coach in Dallas with the XFL and here is a place to see the others-


It’s in your face visually by amazing game coverage by TV CREWS and more...players, young players getting second chances, cut by injuries in the NFL now back playing showcasing their great. skills.  College Players showing their all, What they got, hoping NFL Teams will pick them up.  They are playing hardball football.  Mean, great to watch super fun football for you, me, all of us.


XFL…the best show on the planet!  More fun than ever before!

* * * * *





All the TV News Channels are bursting with great news about this new XFL.

Week 1

Matchup Date
Defenders 31, Dragons 19 Saturday, Feb. 8
Wildcats at Roughnecks Saturday, Feb. 8 (5 p.m. ET) on Fox (stream on fuboTV)
Vipers at Guardians Sunday, Feb. 9 (2 p.m. ET) on Fox (stream on fuboTV)
BattleHawks at Renegades Sunday, Feb. 9 (5 p.m. ET) on ESPN

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author-