DEFENSE TO PROSECUTION-Trump Impeachment Defense!


DEFENSE TO PROSECUTION-Trump Impeachment Defense! of no witnesses!


         Did you think the Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump was a very odd affair to say the least?  Yes, did you find it somewhat odd or even strange?  Or did you think it was a travesty of Justice or did you just LOVE IT?  I mean, did YOUR PRESIDENT make you feel so good that you got that horny good feeling all over your body?  I mean did YOUR MAN make you so gosh darn happy that you let out some fresh fart juice along with your laughter cause you was laughing that loud?  Well, no matter what you thought, I thought, we thought, gosh the heck with it, thank goodness it is finally over and now, some jackals can come and eat all the slim pieces that were left.   But there are some mighty fine juicy pieces left in the middle of the road on this one.  And it is going to be in OUR FACE in the near future? 

        But in anything in life, it all comes down to what my Pappa used to tell all of us young’uns-If it looks like a Skunk and smells like a skunk, well, you know what?  It must be a SKUNK!  And what is a skunk?  A skunk is a WHITE over a whole lot of its body and then its gots some black as well.  But when it comes to tossing a fart ball juicy smelling stink burger, well, the skunk is just none other than the very best.

         But regardless of who you was a rooting for, the Skunk Fair is over and now, we can really take a closer look at the things that will now become LAW!  I mean, this whole thing now OPENS the door on many a new precedence under the Robes in Black, now doesn’t it or not?

         Hey, I am a nobody and I don’t know nothing for sure.  Do you?  But yes, let us now take the time to see if we can possibly see if what took place there in the U.S. Senate at the End of the Impeachment Trial and now how that “whereallness” might APPLY for the rest of us little insignificants and see how wonderfully it will be played out for us or our kiddos.  Okay?

        Wow, let us look at one of our youngsters and we all know which one that one is and he or she is always getting in trouble and we know that one day, they gonna be brought to JUSTICE with a TRIAL.  But now, suddenly, the new


can now be used in any U.S. Court System and it’s gonna read something like this-

DEFENSE FROM PROSECUTION-whenever any person accused of a Crime decides to, He or She may at any point in their Trial have their Trial conducted without the Prosecuting Attorneys or DA being allowed to CALL ANY WITNESSES!

        Gosh, the more I think of it, the more I am in love with it already.  I mean, just think if you are one of the Parents who paid to get their kids special treatment by admitting his or her child into the College of their Choice, this would sure help you. I plan to use it, you should plan to use it. All of us should Now use it.  I mean can you imagine how many felons we will have to back pay Offenders for their having already been locked-up without them ever being allowed to use the Trump Impeachment Defense Of No Witnesses?  I mean talk about House Cleaning?  Man, we could damn near empty all of the Prisons here in the United States by simply using the Trump Impeachment Defense.  And oh yeah, don’t you dare think that this new Legal Precedence ain’t going to be tried out all over the Country, cause it will.  And this ain’t no joke.  This is not make-believe.  This is real life thinking.  But did anyone see this one coming?  Even in the Clinton Impeachment, the United States Senate did Secret behind Closed Door Hearings of Video Taped Witnesses.  But not no more!

         I mean, that speeding ticket your son got, that DUI your daughter caught, well, now they got a “new leg to stand on” and by using the new defense, they gonna walk free.  I am talking No Fines, No Mess, No Foul, No Hit, No nothing.  I mean no Jail Time.  And just think of all the DWI’s and how they could easily take the Trump Impeachment Defense at the very beginning of the Arrest Process and the Officer will look to the the Sky and radio in-Hey, we got another one claiming the Trump Impeachment Defense, what should I do?   And they gonna radio back-Give’em a ride home and take their keys and tell them that they can get them back from here at the Station. 

        Wow!  I mean really WOW!  The whole Country can use it and it will clear-up, clean-up all the backlogs of cases all over the Place.  Why heck, it might make Lawyers and Judges become Extinct?  Well, not totally.  Cause they still would have to do Civil Cases and what it the Trump Impeachment Defense could be applied there?

          Why the heck not?  Sure seems to be the future possibility, now doesn’t it?  I mean, why the heck not?  If it is good for the goose, it must be good for all of us, right?  And if you think that this is not going to be tried, think again.  It is going to set a NEW precedence.  Yes, it will be brought into Courts and folks are going to allow it.  I would if I was a Juror.  And you would too.  We would have to, wouldn’t we?  It is the New Thing. 

        It’s the latest, newest cool thing. Yes, there are going to be Judges and Jurors who are not going to Object to it being used, the New Rule of the Land, and it is going to put a whole new Ballgame into play in all the Court Rooms all across the Country.  But then again, they gonna do pretty well the same old things that they were already doing and making it available to some and not to others.  But hey, one of the most amusing things that I found were the Closings on the Clinton Impeachment Trial.  Man, did you ever read it?  Well here it is

On February 8, closing arguments were presented with each side allotted a three-hour time slot.

On the President’s behalf, White House Counsel Charles Ruff declared:

There is only one question before you, albeit a difficult one, one that is a question of fact and law and constitutional theory. Would it put at risk the liberties of the people to retain the President in office? Putting aside partisan animus, if you can honestly say that it would not, that those liberties are safe in his hands, then you must vote to acquit.[40]

Chief Prosecutor Henry Hyde countered:

A failure to convict will make the statement that lying under oath, while unpleasant and to be avoided, is not all that serious … We have reduced lying under oath to a breach of etiquette, but only if you are the President … And now let us all take our place in history on the side of honor, and, oh, yes, let right be done.[40]




               Well, did you ever think to see that one coming?  I know, sounds pretty crazy wild for sure, doesn’t it?  I thought no way like you are now.  But take a second to think about all the revelations of this New Defense Tactic.  Yes, it will work, it will work.  It already has worked!

        All of us can use it.  Can we not?   But hey, it has been done and NOW IT IS IN THE HISTORY BOOKS!   Did the U.S. Senate speed through the Impeachment Trial of President Trump so quickly that they too did not stop to even consider all the ramifications of their Actions of Free Release and how No Witnesses Defense to Prosecution could be applied for you and me?  I love it!   This is absolutely History in the Making!  Their Actions, by God, do apply to you and me and all of us as well. I’m going to use it.  Will you? 

        And by God, all of us can DEMAND IT!  Yes, all of us can claim THE TRUMP IMPEACHMENT DEFENSE of No Witnesses!  And it is going to work and the Justice System will cry foul this and that, but forget about it cause the Supreme Court will be the only ones to Shut it down once it gets into full swing.  But, I am not sure that they would be able to do even that. Man, just by causing the Court Systems to use only Witness Statements would be a nightmare, a real log jam. 

            Can you see a single Witness Statement turned into over 3000 pages of word Affidavit that a Juror would have to read?  The Jury would be put to sleep faster than all get out.  They ain’t gonna do it.  And everyone would “be walking” on most any crime here in America.  Set loose by the Courts.  Total Chaos will or could be set free by this and you got to be loving it by now, well, aren’t you?  And it will be used.

           Criminals are going to get OuT oF JaiL and Criminals are going to be Set-Free in the next coming weeks and months, and years cause the Courts are all going to have to bow down and thank the God Almighty U.S. Senate for making Witnesses Unconstitutional and Unnecessary in any Trial for the Prosecution to USE anywhere in America.  And am I right?  Or completely wrong?  No, I am right.  I am correct and I know you know what I am saying too.  You bet I am.  

           This is far reaching deeper than most took the time to contemplate at first.  Why?  Too many were still celebrating or licking their wounds over the Impeachment Outcome, but forget about all that, now see the Big Picture. 

          Yes, I am now wondering which Hot Shot is going to be the First to Toss his Hat into the Ring and use it?  Who will?  Which Court?  Which State?  Which person?  Which Attorney?  Where?  But bet your bottom dollars, cause it is coming!  And tons of Legal Folks were hoping that No One was going to Voice this one and well, now you know the truth in what a ramification their Decision truly was, too.

           And I honestly do not see how any Judge could Rule that the Trump Impeachment Defense cannot be used.  The highest Office in America had it used for them.  The GREATEST COURT IN AMERICA-the United States Senate used it and they found it admissible to USE IT. And the President won completely, hands down!  1st time in History it was used and it does absolutely set a precedence!  Yes, first time ever and boy howdy, I am so very happy knowing that I can now go to Court and request the Trump Impeachment Defense from Prosecution to be used for my case too.  How about you?

           Yes, I am a simple man and an old man, but if I now believe this is going to be acceptable, admissible, yes, usable, it must be going to be.  Yes, how about you too?  See how what some hated now is such an amazing blessing for all of us?  Gosh, I love it.  You know, with the Open Carrying of guns, America could return to the Wild West Days all over again and hold Trials in 5 to ten minutes instead of weeks.  Or in a Day for even Murder Trials and they could gonna walk too. 

         I don’t think so in school shootings would be simple and cut and dried, but the others for sure. See how incredible amazing this new Defense to Prosecution is going to work for all of us?  For you?  Your kiddos?  How it could be applied?  You might say, no way, but oh yeah, it has already been done. Proven to work! You will be able to do most anything if you are a crook.   Prisons will empty and 95% won’t even be Convicted ever again.  Man, who would have thought?  I was simply too tired to care much about the whole Impeachment thing until I finally came to the most obvious revelation in all of this.  It has now Set Us Free!

            Yes, we can all give a huge Thumbs-Up to the United States Senate for forging the way of Glory for all of us.  Thank you so much.  God Bless all of you.  Thank you! WE LOVE YOU!  But I think, President Trump loves you the MOST!  Lol

         Again, I don’t know noting for sure, do you?  And no, I am not making fun about this.  This is for real and it is going to be taking place all across America.  Americans will DEMAND fair treatment, the same exact treatment as Our President got.  It is totally fair, is it not?  

          A Trial with No Witnesses!  Is this a new very REAL possibility for all of us?  I, for one, now believe that this is very, very possible and usable for every single one of us.  But, how about you?


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