Things on our “Upset Us” List!

What upsets you? 

1.  Your Cell Phone tells you the battery is LOW.

2.  Buying an onion and getting home and it is ruined inside.

3.  A tire on your car is flat.

4.  You left your wallet at home.

5.  A bad driver on the road.

6.  Your spouse changes the TV channel.


8.  POP-UPs on your Cell phone.

9.  Being not able to find a Parking Spot.

10.  You’re broke.

11.  Someone keeps asking what’s wrong?

Sure, these are easy things to put on anyone’s “Upsets Me” List.  But how about something far deeper.  And these are just a few of mine-


Yes, Vietnam.  No, not the people, not the country.


I know, seems to becoming that something more and more folks want to think it never took place by not talking about it.  By looking away when haunting images are anywhere where you are looking.

But dang, it did take place.  And there are certain things that still confuse me-being able to say it was okay to KILL’EM’ALL because of this one thing-



Slanted Eyes!

Okay to kill because another person’s eye shape.

I know, you may shrug your shoulders, but “slanted eyes” were two words that became the Approval Code to Kill. Words like-Kill all them Slant-Eyed ________!  And this is sad.



And across American TV Screens, one horrific, haunting images shocked all of our psych.  These upsetting images are still haunting Americans of my generation, regardless of whether anyone served in Vietnam or not.  Young Americans were given their own cases of PTSD.

Do not say-Not So.  Yes, young children watched the above and similar pictures of visual death, destruction, and killing like never before, just like the Adults and no, nobody ever talked about it.  It was silent madness unleashed.  People putting themselves on fire with gasoline and we watched them just sit there in the fiery inferno being burned to death.  And executions blowing brains out of a person.  We saw it.  All of us watched it. But yes, it did take a toll, a rolling mental toll.

And another Toll on our brain. That upset most Americans-

Our POWs?


How were they being treated?  Who were they?  How many were there?  Questions raced all across America in our mental confusion. Questions still being asked even today-Are there any still out there?  Can’t they just come home?

Yes, were there some POWs, yes some never released?  Or released and just told they couldn’t go home? This is a serious question.  So many leads and everyone still wants to know.

And talk about wholesale slaughtering of people.  We done killed more than just a few, we done killed a whole lot and they are still being killed from that War.



And talk about how emotional everyone became when we heard about Saddam Hussein and MASS GRAVES in Iraq.

Well, we left a bunch of these Mass Graves all over Vietnam. And some were filled to the very top of the dug ditch.


And there were even reminders of images from other Wars only to be repeated like the Trench Wars from WWI, yet below is friendly times from Vietnam.


And then the most to the Upset List is the long War Wall Memorial of names of those that died and still are dying from that War from our side.  And how long would their War Wall Memorial be?

But death is such an individualized thing and-


Dead people only know that they are Dead.

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown,  US Army Veteran, author of Handgun Safety and the following books-