“State of the Union” America, we have a DRUG PROBLEM! Americans are Turkey Jerk Crazy Wild for all them Illegal Drugs and Can’t Get Enough!


DRUGS! DRUGS! DRUGS!  America has long been the biggest consumer Country on Earth.  Yes, the absolutely largest consumer Nation of Drugs.

Americans can’t get enough. They’d sell their little pinkies for them drugs and some would do worse.

You a hidden Drunkard?

Ruining your life and CAUSING Family Issues cause YOU A DRUNKARD?

How much you using today?

Must be 90% of Americans using an illegal Drug at least once per year.  Millions use every day.


FENTANYL!  Fentanyl, Fentanyl.  To the tune of billions of dollars worth.  And amounts being delivered that can kill 100 million people.



Marijuana. Lord, what a frigging contradictory word.  It’s legal in some States and get you a Prison Sentence in others.  How frigging contradictory is that?  Canada legalized it and Usage among young people has dropped.  WTF?  I mean who would have ever seen that one coming. I’m sure youngsters ain’t finding it cool no more cause everyone can smoke it. And if everyone gets to do it, well, it just ain’t cool no mo.

And one city will pass “look away” measures in their city, but will get you Locked-Up in the next city.



And seems the Mad Hatter is now in charge in other Cities with their Centennial “Hang’em All” ideologues.

Ain’t nothing worse than when a person Deifies themselves, not even realizing how introverted they have become.  And their own lostness destroys others.

download (6)

America has now got an inconsistency problem on how it deals with Drug Issues from State to State, and town to town.  From one person to the next.  Based on retarded stuff like, ” I didn’t like the way they looked at me”  or “I could tell…”  Please, tell what?

And you give one person a break, but not others?

And your decisions of Guilt are Based on Race, Color, Age, Size, Smell, Eye Color, predispositions that once “burned” , it’s your decision to BURN THEM FOREVER!


People who get to decide can’t even decide how to use confiscated monies from drug busts.

And one preacher will stand before a church congregation condoning damn near all drug usage by congregation members and condemn non-members to eternal damnation.

So many fruity-tuity games are going on all across America when it comes to drugs.  And yet, all will agree-there is, well maybe. I guess so, problem. Or we just ignore it until we r forced to view it on somebody’s election platform.

“Vote for me! I gonna fix the Drug Problem” and wave a bust here or there as if they fixed it while another million shipments get in over there.

And then there are absolutely sinister scenarios taking place in other areas where guns are torching midnight fires in blazing gun battles over what?  A something there, but many others going on over there with nothing going on.


But make no mistake America has a totally unacceptable DRUG Use Problem.


And drug business is so good that they build Tunnels under the border.


Because they NEVER expected to get caught.

And CASH, EASY CASH was just so easy

They not taking Americans money. We giving it to them!  By even the boat load, plane load, car load, Semi-Truck Load, submarine load.

By Gift Cards. Money Cards. Any way money can be easily handed-off for their Drug Payment.

Sad to think millions of Americans are “making room” each month in their Monthly Bills List just for their Drug Use.

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US Customs and Border Protection said in a statement that the tunnel stretched 4,309 feet between Tijuana, Mexico, and San Diego.

200,000 Tons of Drugs a month!  Two hundred thousand.  That is a 20 with four more zeroes behind it.

And you think they can, we can stop it?





And that is an estimated $$,$$$,$$$,$$$ in money leaving the Country every week!  Did you count those “$” above?  You should.

And if that is okay, then it must be okay because more and more and more and more people are going into the “Drug Game” every day.


images (13)

Must be okay.

You think it’s okay?

America must think it’s okay.

Ain’t no way drug trafficking is gonna slow down anytime soon.

Ain’t no way it’s going away.


Folks, we’ve done already passed the

Point of No Return.

America is the Greatest Drug User Country on Earth in all of History.


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