“State of the Union” America, We have a SUICIDE PROBLEM. Among the U.S. Armed Forces, both Active and Non-Active and Veterans, the Numbers are simply Unacceptable!

Let’s first Look at SUICIDE from 2005-2017 among Veterans.

I know we hear about it, but tonight, I actually READ and wrote the Numbers down from Military Pdfs and here they are:

YEAR.     SUICIDES.    Rate per Day

2005.           5787.               15.9

2006.           5688.               15.6

2007.            5893.               16.1

2008.            6216.               17.0

2009.            6172.                16.9

2010.             6158.                16.9

2011.             6116.                16.8

2012.             6065.               16.6

2013.             6132.                16.8

2014.              6272.                17.2

2015.               6227.                17.1

2016.               6010.                16.4

2017.               6139.                 16.8

In 2005, there were 24,240,000 Veterans

In 2017,  there were 19,803,000 Veterans.

But as I READ the Suicide Deaths among Veterans, I was alarmed to see which

THREE STATES had the highest Number of

VETERAN SUICIDES between 2005-2017 each

year.  Per year per State.

And these three States are running neck and neck-




And why?

I don’t have a clue.

And yes, there is a totally unacceptable number of Suicides among the United States Armed Forces.

137 among the United States Aid Force alone in 2019.

The Air Force on Friday said that 137 uniformed airmen — active duty, Guard and Reserve — and Air Force civilian employees died by suicide in calendar year 2019.

That represents roughly a 33 percent increase over the 103 deaths by suicide in the Air Force the previous year.

It also means that 59 airmen and civilians killed themselves since the Air Force sounded the alarm about the spike in suicide deaths Aug. 1 and declared a one-day stand-down to focus on resiliency and suicide prevention.

THIS is not a pleasant subject to discuss, but we must do more to PREVENT SUICIDE. Seeing these numbers is heartbreaking.


And I am not just pointing out the Military and Out Veterans, it’s all Americans.

I so wished most or more than anything to convey to you how unbelievable and precious Life is.  Everyone of us living is a complete testimony of that something miraculous.  Look to just the Stars and as you do, look and realize your own uniqueness and how from two single cells birthed, broke from nothingness and into BREATHING LIFE.  And as you look. Know there are NO OTHER HUMANS OUT THERE.  It’s just us.  And each of us are wonderful, beautiful living mammals.  Yes, we are human. And each of us are identified by our own unique set of genes and cells making us, all of us. super neat and special.

So, please realize and don’t try Suicide. Just don’t do it.