An Impeachment Trial is just like a Texas Rodeo!


You ever been to a rodeo?  IF NOT, WHY NOT?


A Rodeo is something people from all over the World come to America to see.  Yes, just to see Cowboys! Cowgirls! Wild Horses! Wild Bulls!

It’s quite a spectacular event and it’s so gosh darn fun to watch.

Ain’t nothing on Earth like it.

Only the BRAVEST need APPLY!

It’s got Rodeo Clowns, Rodeo Beauties, fantastic animals, Cowboys and Cowgirls, and Horses and Bulls and Calves.  And it has Rodeo Judges.

rodeo roping, steer about to be rope - vignette added for mood.

Now after the crowd gets seated, some fast riders come blazing by. Then there is the Grand Parade and it is the March-in of the Riders, Competitors, and flags and Horses and it comes blazing right in your face.


Wouldn’t the above picture look incredibly fantastic as a hang on your Wall Painting.

The Stakes are the Highest!

Only the TOUGHEST need APPLY!

Competition is the roughest, the toughest!

Judges are the meanest, snarling fireballs from their eyes.

Cowboy on Bucking Bronco.

And then comes the events and it is




Cowboy riding bucking horse in pasture with mountains in the background.


Americana in Utah

Glove of rodeo cowboy gripping rope on horse or bull




And those Bulls are sometimes so mean, they even climb up into the Stands. They defy gravity at times making monstrous jumps and leaps sometimes 35 feet into the air.

And hardly an event goes by that a person doesn’t lock their eyes on the dirt Arena.

Wild!  Wild beyond all that you ever seen.

It’s like the NHRA and PBR all gathered in one spot and your mind is gonna be blasting to the MOON.

Yes, pure, unadulterated ADRENALINE is gonna electrify every cell in your body.

And your ads is gonna feel like a lightning bolt shot up in there as you JUMP TO YOUR FEET with RODEO MADNESS,

Rodeo Excitement!

And the Cowboys and Cowgirls been training all their lives just to show you their stuff.

In seconds, you gonna be glaring at the experience your eyes are seeing.

And tons and tons of hours on the Roads go these Gallant Warriors from one Ride to the next chasing the Rodeo Circuit.


TEXAS RODEO!  Ain’t nothing like it

And in no time. Your mind locks on every word the Rodeo Announcer is spitting out, spewing out of his mouth and glaring out of the PA System.

And will broken bones, legs and shoulders be dislocated?


55,000-lb BULLS will be bearing down and tossing some riders nearly 50 feet into the air.

It’s exciting, it’s electrifying.

And Rodeo Food will jump down your throat and BEER and Sodas.  Popcorn, hotdogs, and every kind of Concessions Food will be actually jumping down your throat.

THIS is RODEO!  A wild, woolybooger!

Experience it ALL!

And yeah. You gonna be saying our National Anthem like you was Pure Blood American cause YOU ARE!

And a Real Meaningful Prayer gonna be said for everyone and all the Animals.

And I personally love the PBR And the NHRA!

They both are the Bomdiggady.

And when the Rodeo is finally over,

You gonna have a heap of tall tales to tell for generations.

And some Rider Names you gonna remember, but you ain’t never gonna forget the names of those toughest, meanest BULLS!

Rodeo is bigger than life.

Texas Rodeo is Texas Tradition through and through.

Cowboy Hats, Boots, Jeans are all Cowboy Talkabouts.  But talking like Texans do, well. We can sure tell when you ain’t from here, but come on down and see a Texas Rodeo.

Don’t worry, we don’t bite, but our Horses do.


And if you ain’t never gone,

What you waiting for Pardner?

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of Handgun Safety and the following books-