Here’s a simple way to Solve Loneliness

And how did we get to this sad place of Loneliness?

We made trades and as Cell Phones simply became so incredibly addictive, we traded our Happiness with Loneliness. Yes, none of us had a clue what impacts that Cell Phones would bring.  And they have made so many things incredibly simple and so very easy.  Online shopping for everything anyone could possibly want. Except for one thing.

Our Cell Phones do no end loneliness.  No, they breed it.

And how?

And the latest Poll says-

63% of Men

53% of Women


Loneliness in their Lives now than ever before.

And below is a quick glimpse of how this all came about.  Yes, it is now undeniable.  And the addiction continues to grow.  And everyone tries, but Happiness is not on your phone.  It is by conversation.  Yes, we still have to talk and see the reactions in another’s face and eyes.  But we still cannot get our phones to bring long lasting Happiness. Just won’t happen.


Seeing someone and talking to them in person is becoming a thing of the past.  Sure, family gatherings and raising a kid is one thing, but when more and more parents are being Marriage Recycled, the Cell Phone takes over and we toss our emotions into a sad Closet of our own unintentional making.

We’ve isolated ourselves.  Yes, we have.  Yes, we do.

Finding a person to feed our emotions, our emotional needs is done face to face.  Not Cell Phone Text to Cell Phone Text.

Texts are un-human.  Not human emotion connecting at all.  A Selfie is not who a person is.  A Selfie is a Self Portrait of a Single Moment in Time and nothing more. One that may have made a person happy when they took it.

And the gratification one feels when others hit their “Like” buttons when they view it as well.

It is simply marvelous.  A nice momentary feeling.

But then comes the sadness when none or few Hit their “Like” Buttons.  Yes, then we experience that opposite and ugly side of non-happiness.  That unhappy moment.

We are hooked on our phones like a baby is to milk.  And no denying it, we are filling our emotional voids with desperation.  Yes, we are.

And then comes more and more great and almost sully or silly things of following people famous because somehow, someway, we come to believe that “they got it going on” and they make you happy by what they TEXT to millions of following troglodytes.

Yes, we tried following and then our friends tell our friends or even us how stupid we’ve become by following the rich and famous.

They mock us, make fun of us.

And then we are forced to “see” our own infatuation for ourselves. And suddenly, we feel saddened.  Yes, we most certainly do.

And we finally realize how incredibly far from reality their lives are to ours.

To simply work a few weeks a year and play around the World for the rest is so alluring, but so unrealistic for billions of us who cannot.

And then again, reality sits its ugly face upon us all and we are sad.

We can order almost anything by our amazing Cell Phone-food, clothes, jewelry, cars, trips, music, sports, movies, flights, and so on. And we LOVE the convenience.  The ease. Yes, we do.  But it still remains unfilling.

We can even take Cruises that should be called PORKY PIG CRUISE LINES designed to put more pounds on you.  But finding love and romance? Not gonna happen. People 50-100lbs overweight are gonna be there to EAT, EAT, AND EAT. But love you seek?

Forget About It!

And Las Vegas should be called “Hollywood Wannabees Wonderland” made up of more imitators than ever before.  Or “Gambling Pickpockets Anonymous”.  And yes, you will see tons of stuff to view, but shame on you if you try to touch.

And how can this little rectangular box of modern Marvel Electronics in our hands help us find happiness and end our Loneliness, our emptiness?

Yes, how?

Well, maybe we should start-

RECONNECT-ACTIVITY-CONFERENCES!  And everyone is given a pencil and a notepad at the door. And there is only two Rules-



And then one Speaker will then tell everyone how to re-learn how to connect with each other and then what happens?

Our Loneliness, Our Emptiness will disappear.

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, author of Handgun Safety and the following books-




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