Cheaters BEST Roast Beef Burritos






      Hey, who’s got Money to Waste?  I sure don’t, do you?  Well, here is a super next day meal that you will be eating for years to come and it is so gosh darn easy to make. Alright, again, when I want to impress, I want a proven Recipe that I know is Cheating at its very core because it is NOT MINE, but my wife’s! And it been in their family from El Paso for many a long time of years.  I mean, if you want to be the one your kids will talk about and ask-Hey, remember those Leftover Roast Burritos you always were making?  Well, if you wouldn’t mind, would you please tell me how do you make them?  And that is when a smile comes over your face cause you are a now a Big Hit in the Kitchen and this one is just so gosh darn easy and old.

       And that is how one amazing something gets passed along from one generation to the Next and right now, I am going to show you How to Beat Them Leftovers with a CHEATERS BEST ROAST BURRITOS Recipe older than lots of folks.  I know, I know, but I promise you, you gotta try it and then you too will finally have something else besides STEW to make with them leftovers.  I am going to now tell you how to make something pretty darn good and the best way to move that CHEATERS BEST CHUCK ROAST

out of the refrigerator the next day or one of a few days later.  I made ours yesterday and tomorrow, we will be making this one for another good and cheap meal.

But what do you do?  What am I gonna be needing?  Yes, what will you be needing?

Here’s the Recipe and How to make that wonderful Cheaters Best Chuck Roast

        There are lots of folks telling all of us what to do with them leftovers and sometimes, I just get so very tired of STEW and then I married a wonderful Woman from El Paso who has taught me a thing or two.  And what to do when there just ain’t no leftovers to eat that anyone wants?

          I’m cheating by telling you a Family Recipe leftover from the Depression Days from by way of El Paso, Texas.  But, I say this-Who can afford to waste FOOD? I bet most can’t cause I know we can’t.   But if you followed my earlier Recipe for an amazing Roasted Chuck Roast with Vegetables, and trust me just a little bit now, well, now let’s move on to the very best NEXT DAY meal to make with them leftovers.  And here is all you gonna need-


          In the Picture, you ONLY gonna be needing two cans of those Green Chiles and we always use Old El Paso Brand.  And One can of Rotel Tomatoes which lots of folks add to a block of cheese for Cheese Nacho Dip.  But see in the picture,Green Chiles, Rotel, and Flour Tortillas.  And that is all you gonna need unless you need some more potatoes too, and we usually cut up about three or four more of them Potatoes to make sure this goes along enough for feeding everyone, but I will soon be getting to that-

  1. Pull out the CHEATERS BEST CHUCK ROAST from the refrigerator and let it warm to about room temperature.  But cold is okay too.
  2. Now, Dice up your meat into small bite size pieces.  0123201644_compress86
  3. Cut-up those Potatoes into smaller bite size pieces and cut up some more fresh Potatoes if these mostly already done already got eaten from the day before. It’s okay to add new Potatoes and cut them up into small bite size pieces.
  4. Put all of this and your remaining Roast Gravy, Carrots (these should be bite size as well), and onion into a 5-Quart Stove Pan that has a Lid.
  5. Add the meat and potatoes into the stove pan.
  6. 0123201645a_compress78 
  7. Add two cans of Old El Paso Brand Green Chilies.
  8. 0123201646_HDR_compress84
  9. Add One can of Rotel and its up to you which one you use like Original, Mild, or HOT.
  10. It’s now all in your big pan, but you need one more thing.
  11. 0123201647b_compress58
  12. You must add enough water to cover all that is in the pan and that is all.
  13. 0123201735c_compress72
  14. Bring to a Boil and then continue to Boil on a Medium Heat Setting or just lower, but still boiling and put the Lid on and COOK  for at least one Hour, but two or three will do just nicely. And this is a wonderful tasting meat/vegetables mixture.  
  15. Stir this occasionally. DO NOT OVER COOK OR BURN IT UP by cooking off all of your water.  And after a few tries, you gonna know when it is Just Perfect and Your Very Best.
  16. Now, take them flour Tortillas and on a Flat Grill on Fairly High Temperature like at least 350 Degrees but 400 Degrees works better.
  17. Put as many flour Tortillas on the Grill once it is HOT as the Grill will take while keeping all of the Tortilla on the cooking surface. And now, cook each side for about One to Two Minutes and that is all.  But do not overcook to where they are perfect for flying saucers.  About a Minute per side if perfect if you got the Right amount of Heat going.
  18. No, you intentions on the Tortillas is to give them some of that “revigoration” to make them taste as close to FRESH COOKED as possible.
  19. Now, put all of your Re-Cooked Flour Tortillas on top of each other on a Plate.  Cover them with a small, clean towel.  Lightly damp is just fine, but not watery.
  20. Take your 5-Quart Pan off the Heat and wait bout twenty minutes. Don’t worry, it will still be HOT.

Now, put one to three flat Tortillas on each Plate that you will be serving and

 then with a Large Spoon that allows extra fluid to flow back into the pan and Scoop Out a good pile (two to three or even four tablespoonfuls) of your Freshly Made CHEATERS BEST ROAST BEEF BURRITOS mixture onto them and get ready to make some folks very happy.

Your kids and grandkids are gonna love this one.  So will everyone else.  One more exception is to add Cheese and Picante Sauce or HOT SAUCE or HOT SALSA to it too before you each your Burritos.  Did you figure it out? 

Yes, you eat it just like a TACO and not Rolled-UP like an enchilada.  And be sure to have lots of napkins as well.





God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of Handgun Safety and the following books-




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