Cheaters Best Chuck Roast

0121201757b_compress25Yes, I’ve been cooking over 55 years and when you want a Super Meal, then the BEST WAY to create it is to CHEAT!

Yes, I know how to cheat when I make certain dishes.  But I do this when I want the ones eating it to stop and say-

Man, this is great!  Or

THIS is good.

So, follow these CHEATERS STEPS to make a Chuck Roast they won’t forget.


And I’ll list each as I go.

1. A 3-lb Chuck Roast.

2.  Turn the OVEN ON and to 350 Degrees.

3.  Cook 5 pieces of BACON until crispy.

4.  Pour BACON DRIPPINGS into a Mixing  PYREX Bowl. 2 Quart size.

5.  Add 2 CUPS of water to bacon drippings in the Pyrex Bowl.


6.  Put in Microwave for 3 minutes on HIGH HEAT.  Take out.  WATCH OUT BOWL will be very HOT!

7. Add 1 package of ROASTED TURKEY GRAVY to the Pyrex Bowl and MIX thoroughly and then set this aside. Yes, you just started cheating along with the bacon drippings.

8.  IN A LARGE ROAST PAN, put your roast in it in the middle.  NOW here’s the 2nd Cheat.


SEASON ONE SIDE WITH-Ground Pepper, Garlic Powder, Garlic Salt,  MRS. DASH ORIGINAL AND CHICKEN SEASONINGS-each about a teaspoon of each.

Once you do one side, flip it over to face down in the pan and just wait.

9.  Cut 1-2 lbs of small red potatoes into quarter pieces.  Two lbs is best.  ?  Simply cut in half and then cut those pieces in half.

10.  Cut 1 large Onion into eight long pieces.

11.  Add potatoes, onion, and one small bag of carrots all around your ROAST.


12.  Now POUR your gravy/bacon drippings all over everything, including the roast.

13.  Now season this Top Side of your gravy coated Roast just like you did on the now bottom side.  It’s on No. 8

Go heavier on the Roast, BUT SEASON NOW on top of your Vegetables also.

And then-

BUT HERE is where you CHEAT again and sprinkle your cooked Bacon now crushed into Bacon Bits all over all of it, including the Roast.  But not as small as tiny bits and can be larger.

14.  Cover Top with Aluminum Foil.

Put in OVEN.

COOK ONE HOUR AT 350 Degrees.

The SMELL OF ROAST COOKING will fill the house with a good, wonderful aroma.

Then COOK TWO MORE HOURS at 275 Degrees.

Take out of OVEN using good Pot Holders and sit pan on Pot Holders.  Pan is very HOT!


LET SIT for 30 minutes.

I guarantee that you’ll have some Roll or Biscuit or Bread sopping-up gravy on your plate and in the cooking pan.  It is so good and your ROAST will be a very delightful meal. In the picture, I put out four hours earlier some frozen self-rising Rolls.

And when I pulled the Roast out of the OVEN, I then increased the OVEN back up to 350 Degrees and cooked Rolls for 15 minutes.  TAKE ROLLS OUT using Pot Holders and place pan on Pot Holders.  This pan will be very HOT.


Also, I made some Asparagus in the Microwave cooking for 7 minutes with 1/4 cup water and seasoning sprinkled on top to taste and put a plate covering the 2-qt Pyrex Bowl I used to cook them in.  BE CAREFUL, BOWL with ASPHARAGUS will be very HOT!  Use Pot Holders.

Now, Rolls are ready, Asparagus, Roast with Vegetables are READY!

Now, pull off the Aluminum Foil and slowly stir your gravy in the pan.  Keep stirring for a few minutes until it becomes a light brown gravy.  It turns to gravy quickly.

And now cut your meat into 1/4″ slices and add your gravy on top with Vegetables all around the serving plate.

There, you are now A cooking CHEATER and they gonna love your



Feeds 4-8 People. Be sure to cook enough Rolls and Asparagus.

Sorry, I am not Betty Crocker.  I am a guy. Talks and writes like a guy.  But you can make an amazing tasting melt in your mouth Roast if you follow along with the above. They will enjoy it and you for taking the effort to fix your loved ones something special.

And when they ask for the name and you tell them,  they gonna then ask who you cheating with.  Smile and then Lol.


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