La Princesse Papillon

The following is a True Story but certain things have been changed to protect the Identity of individuals in it.  Yes, it is in a Book of Fiction, but so much of it is NOT FICTION like this one. This is the truest tale of True Love between two individuals lost in the Same World and at a place that neither wanted to be.  This is the Love between an American Soldier and a lonely, but very caring Japanese woman.  Both lost and Both reaching for the other in the lonely night. Both needing each other and both sharing the best that both had to give-their love.  On one single night, their love became more real than life itself.

This is Chapter Nine and Chapter Ten of




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La Princesse Papillon


RATED R-for content and words used.  It is of an Adult Nature.


Chapter Nine

Finally, Buster went to sleep on the couch and as he drifted to sleep, his mind was back in Vietnam. Yes, he was back in Vietnam, but he was given a reprieve. For whatever reason, his mind chose not to punish him with memories of one horrible event after another. No, this time, Buster was taken back to one of his finest times in Saigon. And in this one evening, he was picked by a Japanese woman to come and take a sample of her business skills. And this woman, she knew her business. Yes, she knew it all too well. And his mind reflected upon it like this-
Buster was walking along Whore Alley and his body was in need of some relief from the worst case of Blue Balls that he had ever had. Man, his nutt sack was screaming in pain with a need to unload a load. Man, he had a sperm count off the chart and he felt that pain. Yes, he felt his Blue Balls Plight and it was going to be remedied tonight. Yes, he was going to unload a load in Saigon or he was going to unload it himself with his own 5-Finger Sally.
Just as Buster turned the corner, someone on his left up ahead had already taken a very good look at him. The woman was now studying her prey. And she wondered just exactly how much money he had on him. Yes, how much cash had he stashed in his wallet or some other place that he thought was a good place to hide his money. And soon, she whispered to Buster as soon as he came close to where she was standing.
“You need me, don’t you, Sgt. Man?”
And with those words, Sgt. Brocks turned and studied the woman for a minute. She was then quiet. Yes, just quiet as she watched Buster’s mind try to come to terms as to who this woman was. Yes, was she friend or an enemy foe? Would she treat him right or was she another hooker ready to hump a Billy Goat if the price were right. And as he viewed her slim body, he saw that this woman was not a Vietnamese. No, this woman was of some other Oriental Persuasion. Yes, she was different and she, like him, were outcasts from Worlds far apart. And then she whispered.
“Sgt., I think that you need a woman tonight. Will I do?”
And with those words, Sgt. Brocks was taken back by them. This woman was not launching into a set rhetoric of Whore Talk that all the G.I.’s had become accustomed to. No, her words were not coming like any other prostitute that he had ever heard. Then he threw the only line that he used when trying to find a release to his present condition.
“How much?”
“To barter on the streets like a Three Dollar Hoe over price? No, that is not me. My services come with a premium and I ask that you only pay for what you receive.”
“So, if I find you a 50 cent piece of ass, then that is okay?”
“If you want to waste your time and mine, then I must bid you a pleasant goodbye.”
“Hey, wait a minute, you’re not talking like all the others. No, you don’t even sound from here at all…”
“I’m Japanese and my services do come with a premium.”
“How much?”
“Again, you choose to belittle me as if I were a common Street Walker in desperate need of your monies. Well, no, I am here on Vacation and that is all.”
“So, you came here to Vietnam to get some America Dick?”
“Lord, you have no couth in you at all, do you Sgt. Has the bush taken you so far back that now, you are only a savage barbarian looking for a woman as merely your next conquest?”
“Dang, look at you. You sure don’t speak like any Hoe I ever heard.”
“A Whore is not who or what I am. Yes, I am here and yes, I am trying to make enough money to buy a plane ticket out of this hell hole.”
“I thought you were on Vacation?”
“I was until I got robbed by some Vietnamese General.”
“You what?”
“I had a date with an American Senator, but then, at the last minute, the Vietnamese General decided to keep me all to himself. Then after he had robbed me, he dumped me on this damn forsaken street to work like a common Whore.”
“But hey, why didn’t you go to an Embassy or something like that?”
“And who cares about me when a Vietnamese General just ups and tosses you to the side like three day old liver? Who? Nobody is this crazy place. I have never seen such a bunch of crap in my entire life. The death you have in the jungles is now walking here on this very street. I can feel it. It is here. Yes, Death is here for everyone and I just want to go home. To get the hell out of this damn Country.”
“Lady, you’re not the only one that wants to get the hell out of this place. Every damn Soldier here wants to get out. Everyone hates this place.”
And then, the Japanese woman put her soft fingers from her right hand up to Buster’s lips.
“Please, I did not wish to trouble your mind with the sorrow of this place. I know that your time is very precious and you R&R time is for you. It is for you because you need it.”
“I need it and I need a woman so bad right now that I am about to burst.”
“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. So, you have the blue balls, do you?”
“Yeah, I got a real bad case. I’ve been humping in the bush for so long that I…”
“Come. Come, follow me and I will help you with your problem.”
“But how much?”
“You pay for what you get.”
And for a full minute, Buster just stood there confused by the words from this woman who was not like any other woman that he had ever seen on this street before.
“Hey, let me you ask you something?”
“And what is that?”
“How many other guys have you done tonight?”
“I am no whore. I have not done anyone in this whole Country unless you count that damn General who raped me and then just tossed me on this damn street after he robbed me too. Do I look like a Whore?”
Buster knew how he answered her question could make or break the night for him. But before he did, he knew what his words were going to be before he even said them and they were truthful.
“No, you do not.”
Then the woman took Buster by his arm and she led him to the only place where she had found a man that owned a small house. And the man told her that he would allow her to stay just for one night and that was it. She knew that in the morning, if she had no money, the man would expect for her to allow him to put is penis in her too. This did not set well with her at all. And why? The woman was on vacation and only had made one mistake by going to a place where the so-called rich and famous hung out at. And that was her biggest mistake she had made thus far. In Vietnam, trust no one.
In ten minutes, Buster found himself in a very odd position. As they walked, he saw that he was being led away to a part of town that he had never seen before. And in Vietnam, that was always a very uncomfortable feeling. A new woman, a Japanese at that, and an area where he had never been before made Buster now wonder if he was being set-up.
“How much farther?”
“I see the worry in your face. I can read you, Sgt. Do I look like I am working for the North Vietnamese? Do you think I am taking you to get one of those Rewards that they offer for you G.I.’s?”
“I don’t know, but yeah, I’m not feeling very right on all of this.”
“Don’t worry, I am not going to give you up. Tonight, I think I may need you more than you need me.”
And Buster took a moment to think about her last words. And then, he realized that she was more afraid of this place than he was. Maybe she was telling the truth and had come here on Vacation, been raped, robbed, and then tossed away like used toilet paper by a Vietnamese General. Then after deciding finally to not worry any longer, Buster a little more relaxed. He now felt just relaxed enough to allow his protruding veins to disappear from all over his arm muscles just under the skin. Then, the woman took him into a dark small, very tiny house and into a room where a cot was on the floor. And right then and there, Buster thought-dang, this place sure sucks. Her story is starting to look more like she was telling maybe the truth.
“I’m sorry for the conditions. They are somewhat very rude to me too.”
“And just how did you get here?”
“I met a U.S. Senator in Japan and he gave me a ticket to come here and visit with him.”
“Were you servicing him?”
“Brocks, I worked at the American Embassy in Japan as an interpreter. And I thought, I hoped that by coming here that he and I could get to know each other better. I thought…”
“Honey, you were being used. They bring girls here so the ole lady back home don’t know and then toss you to the side.”
“I think what you are saying might be the truth. But now, I am stuck in the most awful of all places. This is a Country at War and it is not a happy place.” And then, she began to tear-up, but the darkness kept this her secret. Then, she told Buster to sit down and soon, both were now on the cot and she leaned over and turned an Oscillating Fan ON and the air soon cooled both of them.
“I’ve new at this. So, Sgt. I will love you like you were a Japanese man and I will now treat you to something that you Americans know nothing about. I will now undress you. Is that okay? Or do you want to…”
“No, go right ahead.”
And then the woman dropped out of her own clothes and Buster could make out her naked body even in the darkness. Then, she kneeled down next to him and began to slowly touch his face just to help him relax more. The room was quiet except for the fan rotating back and forth and it was on its highest fan speed setting. Then, she slowly took Buster’s clothes off his body. And as she did, she could tell and she then put her hand softly around Buster’s penis. And he already was fully erect. Then she thumped the head of his penis with her index finger on her right hand.
“No, that is too early. Much, much too early. He can wait.” And then Buster’s erection simply disappeared.
Buster was now very confused. His erection was gone. And he was starting to get upset about that and then, she began with the Butterfly.
And then, she slowly began very quickly touching her tongue to Buster’s Body. A very rapid, but soft motion. Her tongue was not licking him. No, she was not licking him. It was like a very quick touch in rapid sessions of the tongue softly touching Buster’s skin and now, she was started with he side of his neck and then moved up and all over his left ear.
“Just lay there, say nothing. You are the flower and I am the Butterfly.”
Buster now found her words strange, but he did not find what she was doing with her tongue painful. No, he found her tongue’s rapid motion very, very relaxing and like nothing he had ever felt in his entire life. It was nice. Yes, it was a very, very good feeling. And then, Buster was now wondering, but the feeling was much better than to be something to let his mind get upset about. No, right now, he was starting to feel strange. Yes, he was suddenly letting his mind take him completely out of Vietnam. Yes, he was now leaving Vietnam completely behind with the most wonderful feelings he had ever felt.
She moved over and over again along his neck and then back up to his ear and then the other side and his right ear and then to his face. And on his eyelids, he felt the softness of her tongue and the gentleness of her tongue on him. Yes, on his eyelids, he felt like an actual butterfly had just landed over and over again. Even in the bush, he knew this feeling all too well as flying insects were always landing on a person’s body. But now, he was slowly becoming a flower by these soft, caring actions of a woman he had just met. Then she would pause her touching tip of her tongue to imitate the actual feeling of a butterfly landing on Buster’s body.
Next, she slowly moved from his neck area and slowly worked the top of his naked shoulders on one side and then the other. And then, she started moving down his body touching from one side and then back to the other side. It was a very relaxing feeling, but then, she slowly in a single soft lick, she licked his left nipple and put her mouth over it and slowly and ever so softly, she licked the nipple. Her mouth completely had the nipple now in her mouth and she slowly moved her tongue all over the nipple until the nipple hardened. Then, she began to butterfly touch him again until she came to his other nipple and then, she did the same thing to this nipple as she had done to the other one. Soon, this nipple hardened up in a manner that Buster never knew men could experience too. And he liked the feeling very much. A wonderfully intoxicating feeling. A complete feeling. A feeling Buster had never known before this night and all from this woman from Japan. And he suddenly realized that he hadn’t even taken the time to exchange names with each other. Now, how strange was that he thought he himself. But then, his mind yanked him back away from that or any other thoughts as his body was now becoming a flower.

f6 (2)


Chapter Ten

Buster was now very into the situation. And the woman kept moving downward, moving from side to side and then she came closer and closer to his dick. But she only moved all over both sides and all around. Then she softly lifted his ball sack and butterfly touched all over the sack. Then she slowly pulled one ball into her mouth and then softly pushed it back out of her mouth. She then slowly sucked the other ball into her mouth and then pushed it back out too. And when each ball was inside of her mouth, she did not suck on either. No, she only continued the butterfly touch while they were in her mouth.
Then she continued down inside of his left leg and then the inside of his right leg. And then, she let her hair down and suddenly, the hair touching his legs felt like a hundred Butterflies were now landing all over Buster’s legs. And as this feeling of total relaxation was coming upon Buster, his breathing was now slowing as well. Now, his body and his muscles were the most relaxed he had ever felt in three years of Military Service in Vietnam. Now, Buster was feeling something completely special. A very, very special thing he was getting to experience. And it was so very beautiful.
The young Japanese woman’s beauty was the thing that caught Buster the most when he had first looked at her. He had never seen a real Japanese Beautiful Woman. And this lady was every bit of that. And now, this woman was making him feel so very good. Very, very good.
Then the woman butterfly kissed every inch of Buster’s body on his front side and now, she slowly worked over his feet. And here, she slowly spread every toe and slide her tongue down into the empty grove. And Buster’s mind continued to be amazed as each new touch was in an area never touched by a woman’s warm tongue.
And now, he was way past grading on this lady. Now, this woman was passing all of his Self-Imposed Evaluations of what he believed a woman should be. Yes, now, he was entering a zone that went so far past all of his expectations that he was melting. Yes, his heart was starting to melt in her hand and now, he forgot completely where he was and what his purpose for being there was all about.
“That feels so good,” he whispered, but she did not stop to reply. No, she kept working her butterfly kissing and her tongue moving all over his toes.
“Sgt. turn over now,” she whispered. And without any hesitation, Buster rolled over and was then laying down on his stomach. And once he stopped moving, she began working her magic on his backside. And slowly and with purpose of thought, she moved her butterfly kissing all over his right foot and the ankle. Then she moved over and began doing the same thing to his left foot and ankle. But as soon as Buster turned over on his backside, she did notice darker indentions in his back in three areas and she had seen and kissed three places on his front side.
And as she worked, she soon realized that this man was no ordinary man. No, this man was a hardened Jungle Fighter and a man that must have seen many fights. But even in her curiosity, she never made any mention of what she saw or the imperfections on his body. No, now, she was working in such a manner that this Butterfly Kissing a man’s body had to be taught to her by someone. But who?
Buster was soon caught up in his most pleasant feelings that the woman was creating on his body. And at times, his body would let out just the slightest of quivers in pure happiness of the moment. Yes, that very moment. Pleasure feelings. Pleasure emotions that Buster had never felt in his entire life. And then he knew, this woman had to be telling the truth to him. She was no common whore. She was caught up in all the Madness that was associated with the Craziness and Insanity of the whole damn Vietnam War. But, there he was and the War for him was a million miles away. Yes, for these very few and precious moments, Buster was allowing himself to completely let go and be in the moment with a woman that was touching him inside like none other.
And as she finished the left ankle, she slowly moved up along the inside of his left leg now moving toward his firm buttocks while moving her mouth up and down as to not miss a single inch of his leg. And when she got his wonderfully firm and peach-fuzz hair covered buttocks, she let her soft hands touch and smooth over the firmness of his left and right buttock. And then, his body quivered with a rare feeling of this strange and joyful moment. And as she kissed along this inside of the left leg, she then went back to the right ankle and began kissing along his inner leg up to the buttocks again. And then, she did something that he had never felt in his life.
When she got to his buttocks, she ever so lightly spread his buttock cheeks and then, she licked the cleavage between the cheeks from its bottom to top and then back down again. And Buster thought how strange this was of her to be doing this. And then, he was completely taken by surprise and as on her way back up with her tongue, the tongue stopped. And then her warm, soft tongue moved into the anus. Yes, the woman was now moving her tongue into this anus and Buster was not offended and he was now feeling another feeling that was nice. Yes, he thought how nice this was now feeling to him and not bad at all. And as she did this over and over again for a full minute, she rubbed his buttock cheeks very, very slowly with her hands. And as she softly smoothed-over this fine hair, she was touching so softly that her hands were not touching the skin. And this feeling along with the tongue action was now an electrifying feeling and Buster’s body quivered more than once. Yes, now, his body was quivering over and over.
But, she then stopped and she slowly moved her naked breasts against the backside of Buster’s legs and Buster instantly recognized the feeling of those two breasts now against his body. And then she continued kissing all over his buttocks and then she moved up and along his spine to the middle of his back. And then, she moved her breasts to resting upon his buttocks as she continued to kiss him higher and higher and now, all the way across his back and then back again covering the back from side to side. And as she continued to move upward, Buster was still in the most relaxed of his entire time in Vietnam. And then, she had moved her way to his neck.
Here, the woman again butterfly kissed all over his neck, but then as she came close to his left ear, she slowly began long, slow single licks along the outside of his ear. Buster’s head was lying on the right side. And when she got to the middle area of his ear, she softly moved her tongue now transformed into a small, soft tongue spear. And this time, her tongue went inside his ear and then she licked all over the inside area of his ear. And then she stopped and then softly placed her hands on Buster’s head and put enough movement with her hands to imply to Buster that she wanted him to turn his head over. And then he turned his head over and in just one motion, his head was now laying on the left side. And then, she once again worked her magic on the right ear. And in a minute, she stopped, and moved her body off of his backside and then-
“Turn over,” she whispered. And Buster did as she told him.
Now, Buster was on his back and as his eyes searched for the room for her, she put her hands on top of Buster’s two thighs. And then she moved up from his legs and slowly moved her hands up and down along his legs and then she stopped.
Then, she straddled atop of Buster with her legs and she sat her soft naked buttocks on top of his knee area. And then she moved her head downward and put both of her hands around his massively enlarged and ready to explode cock. And as she felt of this fine, very fine penis, she could feel his veins protruding all over it under the skin. And then, she removed her left hand from the cock and moved her lips to the top of it. Then, she began butterfly kissing it. And Buster immediately thought to himself-please don’t let me explode. No, don’t let me explode from this like I was a newborn virgin youngster again. No, please don’t blow a load right now. Please, please, please, don’t you do it.
And then the woman felt the penis begin to lock-up and she knew what time it was. She knew that her man was going to explode like a bomb and she quickly put her mouth onto the head of his cock and just as she closed her mouth with only the head of his penis in it, Buster EXPLODED!
Man, Buster was exploding like a Mt. Saint Helens into the Japanese woman’s mouth. And as his dick revered in the moment, Buster’s body sucked up like an animal wounded from an arrow, but one that had no feeling of pain with it. His entire body was now in one huge contraction and he was in every bit of this moment. And as he Cock exploded like a machine gun in a rapid-fire motion, the semen was coming out in one volley after another. Man, this was a full-blown Cock Exploding load after load with Semen like Buster had never had happen before. And as each load of semen shot out of his now massively hardened Cock, she swallowed like she her mouth had suddenly transformed into was the deepest well on earth with an incredible sucking volume with it. Yes, but that was not all. No, a warm, fast moving tongue added to the explosions and then, they slowly subsided. And as they did, Buster then relaxed to the point of him almost falling asleep instantly.
But no, she was not thru with Buster yet. The woman then moved up and slowly lowered herself down and atop of Buster’s cock. And now, she used both hands to guide the cock into her vagina and as soon as the head had entered, she moved her body downward and soon, the entire cock was sucked up and into her vagina. And then, she lowered her head towards Buster’s face. And soon, she kissed Buster on his forehead and then in no time, she began kissing him on his lips and then, he kissed her back as if to say-Hey, you are something super special, you are the best of the best, you are a fine, very fine lover. You made me like no other woman.
And right then, Buster knew that this woman would make any man the most unbelievable lover he had ever me or been with. And he now knew that he had been truly blessed on this night. And then, the woman after several minutes, she pushed herself away from Buster’s face and then she was in a full upright sitting position atop his still massively hardened cock.
But she did not move her body. No, now she only moved what was inside of her and in no time, her inside was moving up and down in an unbelievable sucking manner and milking a cow manner.
Buster now had his hands atop her two thighs and he was amazed that this woman was now making his penis feel like it was being screwed without all the body movements of his entire body. No, his body was just laying there atop that cot and she was doing all the work. Or to say, her vagina was doing all the work and in three minutes, Buster was blowing another load and he was in complete surprise of how quickly this woman had pulled another load out of him. And as soon as this took place and Buster’s cock no longer throbbed, she slowly lifted herself up and off of the cock. Then she opened her mouth and washed the entire cock with her mouth by licking it over and over again until she had removed all the liquids covering it except for her own from her mouth.
And then the two smiled and both of them went to sleep embraced in each other’s arms. And on this one night, Buster had finally had his mind on something else and not what was always up in this damn Vietnam War. Now, he had found someone stuck in all of the rift-raft that went along in this damn War, especially in Saigon where GI’s were always getting duped.
The next morning, Buster did two things. He bought this Japanese woman whose name he never even knew a good breakfast. Then he told her to pack her things. For Buster, he now knew when someone was talking the truth and when they were lying by eye contact and body language. And then Buster took her to the Airport and there, he paid some big wages on what he considered a blessing. And now, he was returning that blessing to the one woman that he knew he would never see again. And there, he bought her a Airline Ticket bound one-way to Japan. And he then dug-down deep and pulled out to crisp $100 dollar bills that he had always kept hidden in his belt for an emergency.
Then as the woman and he both had some tears in their eyes, Buster gave the woman the money and the plane ticket and told her he wished her the best. And she knew that this one man had ended her nightmare in Vietnam as a Street Walker. But Buster got to her first and aided her in her rescue. And for him, he would always fondly remember this one woman that did the most amazing Japanese Butterfly Treatment all over his body.
Yes, a woman he would never forget and a US Army Sgt. that she would never forget. And as she sat in a window seat, Buster watched from on the tarmat as she broke-down crying in the plane. Then he knew that he had done someone some good. He had done one of the innocents a good deed. But would the Vietnam Bush in Combat pay him back in kind as well? Most likely not. But Buster would always wonder whatever happened to her and she would do the same as well of him for the rest of their lives.


Hopefully, you will be in a situation of love like the one above and then, what will you?

f6 (2)

Would have taken the time to help this Woman?


Or feed her to the Rats?  

But one G.I. chose to lend time, money, and his aid to a very frightful situation.  And now, you know the whole story.


La Princesse Papillon

Became an everlasting part of his life.

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of Handgun Safety and the following books-


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