Is Global Warming a Myth, Climate Change a Myth?

Is Global Warming a Myth, Climate Change a Myth?


        Like you, I too, have read a lot of Articles about Climate Change and Global Warming.  But now comes the Real Question-Is this stuff for REAL?  Or simply, is it all a Myth?  More of that nonsensical mumbo-jumbo rhetoric that we read, but then we yawn and then we just forget about it.  Yes, the easy road is just to play-pretend that this stuff just doesn’t EXIST.  Right?  Yes, that is the pretty easy way for sure.  But now, I do, and you do too wonder have or are we now entering into the Realm of NO RETURN where we can actually do irreversible Damage to our planet-Earth?  And if so, what is the next thing to come around and bite all of us in our behinds?  Or will nothing else be coming other than men and women standing-up warning the Alarms and then, they all ASK or TELL all of us how THEY are going to FIX it by emptying our Pocketbooks even farther.  And how?

         A “You want to live, don’t you” TAX?  Yes, ultimately, the thing all comes down to a TAX and then THEY get to tell you and me and all of us how inventive or creative they can become with all of Our Monies.  Yes, unfortunately, it all comes down to SPENDING a TON of Money on Climate Change and yes, it is going to bite all of us right into our Savings or Checking or our Real Spending Cash and they will ultimately say-IT IS BECAUSE WE HAVE TO DO THIS TO SAVE THE PLANET or will it?

          In around 1922, Man started discussing what we are doing that makes the Planet Warm up and it is Carbon Gases and then another person comes up with another example of how We and the Earth are mixing-up the juices of our follies to create a Barren World.  A World devoid of mankind.  And are we?  Have we?  Is it all really coming down to the very END GAME?  And before 1922, there was even more very intellectual minds that were coming up with other things that they were finding and they too began An Alarm to Man’s Fate.  Even in the mid to late 1800’s, there were predictions about things changing in as little as another 100 years.  But now, it is almost 150 years since those Predictions. But is man really fated to end his existence by his own use of the Natural Resources here on Earth?  Has our own living life done us in?

            One of the most interesting things that I seem to always view the MOST and I consider the biggest oddity is the very essence of these Dwindling ICE CAPS on both the TOP and the BOTTOM of earth and is this really a Dramatic Example of Global Warming or just another Regular thing that Mother Earth does in fact do on her own?  Yes, do the Deep Samples in the ICE show that this very thing has taken place before?  And that too depends on who you or which group you ask?  But strangely, who, I mean who was the SUPER RICH that was supposedly coming up with a way to break large chunks of ICE for the Ice Caps and then tugboat them to the Middle East?  Yes, how many of you remember that one? I heard this one many years ago.  And it was by no means a JOKE.  It was for Drinking Water and did they ever try it?


And here is one small exert for doing it from the above site-

But now an engineering firm in the Middle East is moving forward with an audacious scheme that has been discussed since at least the 1970s: tow icebergs thousands of miles from Antarctica to water-starved regions, where the ice would be brought ashore and used to produce huge amounts of fresh drinking water.

“If we succeed with this project, it could solve one of the world’s biggest problems,” says Abdulla Alshehi, founder of National Advisor Bureau, the United Arab Emirates-based firm. Alshebi said that 1.2 billion people don’t have access to clean water, and by 2050, 50 percent of the world will face water shortages.



And here is an Exert from it-

Will an Emirati businessman succeed in towing an iceberg to the UAE?


            And you thought I was playing with you and what if all of this has been taking place for many, many years?  I mean, I heard of this ambitious plan back in the 1970’s and, quite frankly, I thought back then that it was a done deal to begin way back then and now, suddenly it is coming up all ANEW again and are they searching or are they breaking them off intentionally?  Hey, no one knows what is taking place under the water except the ones setting off the charges.  But hey, I hope, pray tell, that this is not the case, but again, what if it were true and they have condemned Man in his OWN GREED and smacked it to all of us.  Man, that would be so uncool, would it not?

         NASA, is supposed to breakdown the real numbers, you know the scientific stuff, on Wednesday, 1-13-2020.  And here is the site info all about that-


NASA and NOAA 2018 global temperature data
NASA and NOAA are two keepers of the world’s temperature data and independently produce a record of Earth’s surface temperatures and changes. Shown here are 2018 global temperature data: higher than average (1951-1980) temperatures are shown in red, lower than normal temperatures are in blue.
Credits: NASA Earth Observatory


Climate experts from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will release their annual assessment of global temperatures and discuss the major climate trends of 2019 during a media teleconference at 12:15 p.m. EST Wednesday, Jan. 15.

The briefing will take place at the 100th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting in Boston.

The teleconference participants are:

  • Gavin Schmidt, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York
  • Deke Arndt, chief of the global monitoring branch of NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information in Asheville, North Carolina

Media can participate in the teleconference by calling 800-369-2090 (toll-free in the United States and Canada) or 1-203-827-7030 (international) and use the passcode CLIMATE. Audio of the briefing with supporting graphics will stream live at:

The supporting graphics will also be available at:

      And here is that NASA DATA RELEASED WEDNESDAY-

So, you want to take a listen, then by all means get ready to hear all the latest.  But if you missed it, the above site is of grave concern.

   But I will continue-And no, I have no idea what it will be, but I am sure it will be more and more of the same gloomy news coming out facing all of us.  But I do not know if all of this is FOR US TODAY ONLY or if all of this has taken place previously before man started recording his own possible demise.  Right?

         And no, I wished I were Owner of the Real Future Information and could  jump to about one hundred years fast forwarding to 2150 and then see what things are looking like here for Mother Earth and mankind.  Of course, all of us are at the mercy of the men and women who have devoted their lives scouring the Earth, Atmosphere, and Oceans to bring out the best empirical Data that is relevant to our present situation looking for the best possible clues as to how real all of this going on is really Climate Change?

          Now, for me, I unfortunately now believe that sure, something is going on. Here is a video of a serious, but now routine yearly Storm Systems that just came through and keep coming through and it had super high wind and NO TORNADO.  Yes, and I will tell you why this seems to be saying something that I can see and record and it is only based on What I have actually seen and not the Super Scientific Data that is being compounded more routinely than ever before.  I mean, friends, compadres, mi amigos, there are people sitting at their homes plume scared to Death that MAN HAS KILLED THE EARTH.  That the Earth is Dying.  And that we are Killing our own planet.  Well, are we? Have we?  I mean do you have your own empirical Data that cannot be Argued?   Well, here is mine and only mine and not scientific stuff at all. And it’s in that video I took above and again lower that I put up on You Tube.

          On a full Moon, I saw a Cow jumping over it.  Huh?  NO, I did not, but I put that in there to see if you are paying attention.  Okay, here is what I have seen.  In my lifetime, I have seen more Hurricanes and so have all of us, but for me and only me at my own home, I have seen these storms carrying strangely higher winds and this video is proof I took just this past Friday night and it was


the Highest Recorded Winds coming out of regular Thunderstorms far worse and greater than ever before.  Just this Friday night, the wind hit gusts of 70-75 MPH. At my own home! And last year it was 60-65 MPH.  And the previous year, it was 50-55 MPH and hey, that is nothing to ignore.  Just in Storms with no Tornado. But why now? Are winds of 80-85 MPG Winds coming next year and worse every year after that?

           Yes, have we now suddenly entered into another Region of Our Own Unknown?  Global Warming real or a Myth?  Climate Change real or a Myth? Now, the things that do disturb me also and something all of us can see are the vanishing water supplies around the World.  I mean there are lakes providing water to a ton of people and they are now down to just pure mud.  I am talking about 2’ deep MUD and that is not supposed to be that way.  But as a Child, I watched a lake completely dry up and when it came down to very small pools of 6” water, I rode my bicycle and sat there on the shore watching the fish flap their tails in the very ending of their lives.  And as I watched Death come to all of them,  I was upset that God had allowed Death to come to these Fish who had brought hurt to no one.  Hey, they hadn’t even asked to be in that water. And I watched men try to get to the fish flinging nets, but most of those fish died in the scoring heat and I simply cannot forget seeing that.

         But who would have ever thought that particular Lake would dry up and it did and then years later, the rains came back and the lake filled all the way back up with no fish in it except for what the windstorms put in it.  And then I saw a Great Farming Community just dry up and completely change how they planted.  They went from food crops to planting  Cotton and with Cotton, they were at the Mercy of God’s Blessing of Rain to have a Crop.  And what happened?  The farmers Water Wells dried-up completely and I was told by one of the farmers that once they dry-up, there is no refilling them.  And to this day, the water wells have not replenished with water.  No, the farmers sucked those wells completely dry like they do to Oil and Gas Wells all over the World.

         And another compounding dilemma we are seeing in the World is the Oceans Levels rising a real thing for us to be concerned with or is it just another way for Rich People to have to move their homes farther back due to erosion?  And yes, tons of erosion and soils are now being dumped into the Oceans at phenomenal rates after major logging and deforestation, like in the Amazon Rainforest, Operations.  Aerial Photos are proof of this and is this part of why the Oceans are really rising?  I don’t know nothing for sure, but when you have a wash bucket and you toss in enough clothes, the water is going to spill over the top.  And the pictures do not lie.  And why am I even bringing this up?

         Well, my father worked as a Soil Scientist for the Soil Conservation Service here in America and Soil Erosion was my father’s Specialty and he allowed me to accompany him on many a field trip and he always pointed out to me the Power of Water Erosion and he always would say-The Dirt was here and now, where did it go? 

images (1)

Yes, the dirt once broken-free must go somewhere and it can do anything like traveling down a river into an Ocean or a Huge Side of a Mountain becomes water-logged and the entire thing comes raging down the hillside because the soil no longer has anything to keep it together, nothing for the soil to grab a hold of,  and fires are the best destroyer of the

download (2)

“What’s Keeping the Soil Together by Roots and such of plants and especially TREES”. And this lose soil makes it down rivers into the oceans.

      But hey, when it comes down to the Air we breathe, all of us want the very best breathable air that we can get and Lord, how many times have all of us seen some pretty polluted air photos from around the World?  Yeah, we all have seen some pretty messed-up photos for sure. I mean London way back in the recent 1950’s had a low clinging fog that was keeping all the coal burning emissions at ground level, a temperature inversion took place, and many Brits were affected by this ghastly, sickening air.

download (3)

But now, it all comes down to the same repeating question-

Is Global Warming a Myth?

Is Climate Change a Myth? 

          And if you were a Juror, how do you Vote on this one?  A remarkably difficult Decision masked or marked with tons and tons of information.  But is your VOTE for SALE, Mr. or Ms. Juror?   And you say-Never, not mine.  Yes, we will see.  Yes, we will see when they start screaming and trying to put a Huge Global Warming, Climate Change TAX on you and me and all of us. Won’t we?

download (4)

       You know, all of us are in the Driver’s Seat on this one by how we believe and what we allow ourselves to believe.  Now, no one, I mean NO ONE wants to be told that hey, all of this is truly taking place and YOU and ME and all of US are responsible.  Now do we?  Human Nature comes biting at us and our innate action is Total Denial and we all do it and by age 21, we are pretty gosh darn good at it.  And the Blame Game then comes into play-Who You, Me, and All of Us going to Blame this “On-Tag You Are it!” if it is true?  Past Generations?  Present Generations?  Mother Earth Herself?  Yeah, Mother Earth just didn’t fix herself quick enough and how far could any of us carry that one?  Not very far for sure.

            But if it proves to be real and the next question is very simple. Can the Best Minds bring it down to the Average Person’s Ability to Understand?  You know, lots and lots of pretty Graphs and stuff like that and you know what, there is one very important missing piece. Yes, it is missing and the very Reason No One is completely Onboard with all of this is this-WHERE ARE THE DEATHS?  You know,  all the Deaths that Global Warming and Climate Change is Causing? Where are they? Death Numbers speak Volumes to people.  Yes, that is the very best picture and the one that Man understands all too well.  When we see tons of bodies on top of one another in all Countries all over the World, then sure, it must be real.

         But then comes the other thing-Not Enough of the Regular People are Onboard if it is true?  And at what point will everyone agree that something needs to take place?  You know, Al Gore, did his thing on this stuff and then everyone remembers him in the Hot Tub with Drinks having a Good Ole Time.  Hey, if the Voice of Climate Change is still Having a Good Time, then dang, it can’t be true and millions of Americans are still stuck with that Image in his or her minds.  Remember that one?  I know, you forgot, until I brought it back up and then-Oh My!

download (1)

            So, I took all of us out to Sea and then brought all back in and now, none of us are better for it.  Or are we?  Did I possibly jog a thought or something of a past or present memory that now makes you closer to a decision on your part as to what you now think?  Have you seen changes in your lifetimes with the Weather and such that now brings a knowledgeable person, you, more interested in what the answer truly is?  Well, I hope so, and no, I still have a ton of questions that still need answering and Wednesday, I will read and review what NASA has to bring to the table and see where they say this stuff might now be.  Or will all of us still be stuck in the middle and maybe, we will never be able to decide until the Deciding Decision is done Decided for all of us.  And will the 2020 Election put a Candidate in Office in the WH completely headed in another Direction? 

        And I think for all of us, our Nation does have a responsibility to do the right thing, but not in a manner crippling our Pocketbooks or Killing our National Budget to make amends to any Foreign Nation that thinks Americans Just Don’t Care.  We Care.  We always have, but there is still tons of stuff to bring to the Discussion Table yet before all America becomes convinced.  Right?


You know I am shaking my head when I see pics like the one above.  You are too.  And no matter what you believe right now, I did not write this to convince or change your mind.  No, I merely took the opportunity to show all of us how much is still to be looked into.  Right?  But let’s face it, and this is the part that bothers me than most, we still can’t even get our own trash under control, so how can the Whole World get any real problem solved together as one Whole of Togetherness? We can talk. We can get TAXED! And be Upset with yet another tax? But I don’t see the World, as a whole, working together on this. Some will, others won’t. And because the World won’t work together and if this stuff is true, then sure, mankind is doomed.

   We will agree, sign treaties, and then, we BREAK THE DEAL?  I mean who does that?  So, what will Man do?  I mean, how does Man get everyone on the Same Page on this one?  Compadres, friends, MI Amigos, I’ve seen too many times when something is wrong, known to be wrong and the Ones To Be are merely satisfied by Fining the Culprits, that Company, or just TAXING them. Pay a Fine or Tax, and they can keep doing the wrong thing that they are doing. Using “Dirty Fuel” by Ships on the High Seas is one that amazes me. Yes, Dirty Fuel high with H2S in it and pay a Fine. But they can still burn it. And H2SO2 and H2SO4 are the end results. But does it add anything to Climate Change or Global Warming? I don’t know nothing for sure, do you?

Is Global Warming a Myth, Climate Change a Myth?  I don’t know nothing for sure, do you?

God Bless…the Living Breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of HANDGUN SAFETY and the books (4th Book in the Series will be out Later this Year) below-


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