THE VERY TOP ( THE BEST) STORIES OF 2020 thus far-A running RECORD for the year (Updated February 3, 2020)

Today is January 11, 2020 and I wanted to START a Very TOP STORIES for the entire year of 2020.

No, I want to put together the BEST OF THE VERY BEST.

Put together Stories that not only affect Mankind, but everything in it.  And not going into the Stories as just the Headline.

And today, I am starting out with the Number One Story for 2020.  Will it remain at the TOP SPOT or will if fall? So, what is Number One so far?

NUMBER ONE-Australia’s Wildfires takes the Top Spot so far in 2020 without doubt and why did I pick this one?  Simple, the loss of so many animals is devastating. This is a prime example of how man has failed our planet’s precious animal life. And no, this is not a finger-pointing at our excellent friends in Australia. It’s just a great tragedy.

NUMBER TWO-China’s Wuhan City is the place of Origin of a New Respiratory Ailment Type Virus-CORONAVIRUS.  The Virus is Spreading across the Globe causing pneumonia with people dying from it. China, in an unprecedented move, has shuttered transportation for over 60 million Chinese in an attempt to CONTROL the spread.  In just over 30 days, this New Wuhan Coronavirus has 20,626 Infected with 426 Deaths and still not close to PEAKING yet. World Governments are taking unprecedented actions to help prevent the spread of this Virus in their Countries. Another Sad Tragedy for 2020.

What will be Number Three? I haven’t seen it yet, have you?


One thought on “THE VERY TOP ( THE BEST) STORIES OF 2020 thus far-A running RECORD for the year (Updated February 3, 2020)

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