Millions of TV Viewers Will Soon be Upset with ESPN-Again!

History is history. Right? And who made the MOST in Our History? Veterans did. Mothers did. Fathers did. You do now and we will in our History’s Future.

But let’s drift back to a long time ago, shall we?

The first mechanical TV station was called W3XK and was created by Charles Francis Jenkins (one of the inventors of the mechanical television). That TV station aired its first broadcast on July 2, 1928.

One of the world’s first television stations, WRGB, has the honor of being the world’s only continuously operating station since 1926 to the modern day.

The First Television Sets in America came about, but people could not afford them.

America’s first commercially produced television sets were based on the mechanical television system – made by John Baird’s television designs. These sets were shown off to the public in September, 1928.

It would take until 1938, however, before American electronic television sets were produced and released commercially. They were an instant hit after release.

Wow! 1938 is almost a hundred years ago.

And a TV was a Poor Family’s Dream. To own a TV was viewed a Enormous Luxury. And many families were still devastated by The GREAT DEPRESSION and trying to recover. Money was just as hard to come by then as it is now for most hard working women and men.

Then came WWII. Then the Korean War. Then came the Vietnam War. And now, we’re in the Middle East, Syria, Afghanistan, and tons of unknown places.

Priorities and what a person can afford is what it’s all about.

Compadres, friends, mi amigos, wouldn’t it be great if we could have anything we wanted?  Yes. But we can’t.

Now, President Trump can pretty well buy what he wants because money is of no concern for him. And no, I’m not picking at him. Just using him for example. But let’s look more into that TV History.

A TV Ownership was similar to being able to afford the expensive Microwave when it came out. But most people couldn’t afford them when they came out.

When something comes out, most People cannot afford one like say an electric Car like A Tesla. But as Electric Cars get cheaper, more will buy them.

And that very 1st TV we ever had was like something magical, but not Super Neat or Cool. Why? The Picture Quality stunk. It was yucky. I mean really yucky. It was grainy and fuzzy and the picture faded in and out.

And why was that?  We lived far away from a where the TV Signal was coming from.  And we had a 15′ tall Antenna Pole atop our house with an TV Antenna at the top of the pole.

But we moved and finally close enough to a good TV Signal for our TV to work properly.

But It was A BLACK AND WHITE picture. No color at all. And that is how we watched TV for a great deal of my childhood.

COLOR TVs, my father would say, are a luxury, a rich man’s folly.  And so, with getting only 2 TV Channels, we watched little TV.  Why? We were a working family. We were hard-working physical laborers. And we worked on Ranches with Vaqueros and so on until I went into the US Army where Uncle Sam sent me Overseas where I might have seen 30 minutes of TV total while serving Our Country over there.

Once, a great many of us U.S. Army Soldiers packed into the USO Center to watch a Mohammed Ali fight a fight. But once again, TV Reception was so poor that the 22″ TV’s picture faded in and out and all of us left.  I was incredibly disappointed and so were my fellow G.I.s.  But I was used to not thinking much of TV. It was still more of a Novelty to me.

And now fast forward to the present.

Years ago, I was paying around $250 a month and a ton more buying PAY-PER-VIEW Athletic Events like Boxing and Wrestling. And it finally came to a screeching halt.

A Medical Life Changing Emergency no one saw coming took place and, boy howdy. It changed the Entire playing field.

The expensive CABLE had to go. I simply could not afford it any longer.

When you RETIRE, things truly become a thing of NEED vs WANT.  And the ever increasing COSTS of Medications is another ball-breaker pushing thousands and maybe millions of Americans into other belt-tightening measures.

Compadres, Friends, Mi Amigos, I have even  had the pharmacy RESHELF my needed Drugs and even missed doses of medications because I cannot afford them.  Millions of Americans have too. You do what you can do.  All of us do.

I’ve cancelled needed Medical Tests because I cannot afford the CO-PAY.  And the last one, an MRI, Ordered by an Eye-Doctor, the second one he ordered in three years. Well, it took me 8 months to path it off and they even sent a PACK OF DEBT COLLECTORS to get the last two months of payments that they demanded right then or face Court Action. Hey. I did not miss a payment and they still came after me.

Compadres, Friends, Mi Amigos, there are a whole lot of people beating-up on Senior Citizens and it’s not even physical beatings. You get old and shame on you, you are now tossed into a Sea of Stormy Seas, stormy waters were money grabbers and crooks live always trying to get-over an Old person.

Many of my friends had to give-up their lovely homes and some not so lovely, but homes they worked damn hard to pay-off once, remortgage to pay for their kid’s college and pay-off their homes again ONLY TO BE FORCED OUT after THEY RETIRE because they simply CANNOT PAY THE DAMN PROPERTY TAXES on that beloved home, the only home many families have ever known. Just because you’ve gotten old, 65 and Older, those PROPERTY TAXES do not, I say again, THEY DO NOT STOP INCREASING every dang year.  No, they keep rising every year. And pay them or they will take and sell your home right out from under you.

And if you worked your entire life into a pretty nice home, you WILL need to set aside, plan in your Retirement Portfolio, $500-$2000 a month just for Property Taxes. And that is a killer on an Old Person’s quality of life a lot of times. And each year, for many, many of the Old something gets kicked out of the Can Still Get & Can Still Do List. And once gone, another something is taken away from that quality of life.

And I cringe when I see my Aged Friends of my own Age having to LEAVE their Home because they simply CANNOT afford the Property Taxes any longer.

Getting OLD stinks my young reader. It really does. And it’s not a beautiful place where people hold you in a higher place, in high regard. No, Old Age brings many NEW FEARS as you can honestly see yourself as a possible victim of crime. Yes. Criminals do follow Old People and they rib them and steal from them only because they are OLD and an easy Victim! A victim that mostly remains Out of Sight and Keeps Our Mouths Shut.

So, youngsters, don’t race, don’t be I CANT WAIT TILL I RETIRE, because once there, you will find out the grass ain’t near as green on this side of the fence as you thought it was going to be.

And why is that?  In Old Age, you will find out “in the best laid plans of both mice and men, things often times go astray”. And brother, they do. They really do and at any unknown moment, you can be brought to your knees.

Strokes take place. Heart Attacks. Even Operations too and all manner of unforeseeable things come knocking on the Old People’s Door.  And one day, your door too.

And then what you going to do?  What? Simple, the best you can and that is all you can do. Even to the point of swallowing your Pride by visiting and using Free Food Pantries. You attend Old People Sharing Meals so you can get a taste of something you cannot afford alone on your own monies.

You sadly sad goodbye to CABLE TV, not because you want to. And you USE the CHEAPEST OF EVERYTHING. Far cheaper than I ever thought possible. And you may one day too…

And our WIFI Service is POOR and buffering and frozen screens take place often when you try to watch Free TV like PLUTO-TV. So, Hulu, Sling, and others are beyond the meager means of many Senior Citizens.

But every day of life is still a blessing.  And nothing here is a begging for a moment of your sorrow for my wife and me or any of us Old People. No, that is not here for your eyes, but a stern warning of prepare for Old Age far better than you already have! Far, far better than you already have.

And now comes why Millions are going to be disappointed with ESPN. When I had CABLE. I watched ESPN all the time. But, now millions of College Sports Fans are going to be sorely Upset with ESPN. I am, I already am because of what is taking place on Monday and once again, I feel betrayed. I feel kicked aside because I am Old and can’t do nothing about it.

And it all comes down to one simple QUESTION?


But now comes the biggest question now causing the greatest level of Despair and Sadness for millions upon millions of the American TV Viewing Audiences and that is this-




And why pray tell us all the Why’s behind that?

NFL is okay, by NCAA ain’t? Football Fans love good football.


And MILLIONS AND MILLIONS do NOT HAVE ESPN and millions cannot afford HULU, SLING, AT&T, DIRECT-TV, SUDDEN LINK, and most of us only have POOR WIFI SERVICE and ONLY A TV ANTENNA on the roofs of our homes.

And don’t smirk saying-you can WATCH it on your Cell Phone. No, we can’t. We got Data Limited Old Cell Phones. And hey, you can listen to it on the Radio. And DON’T tell us to go get a VPN and illegally watch it by breaking the Law of the Land.  We won’t be doing that either. Most Old People didn’t get OLD by breaking the Law.

Friends, we been listening to Texas A&M Football Games on the Radio for over 65 years now and my Dad before me.

And yes, if the game is on a Radio Station I can get, I will listen to this most wonderful and exciting game coming up on Monday night. All of us unfortunates will.

All of us with out Cable or means to acquire ESPN within our means of life will and we all will be sorely disappointed here in Texas.

And in no way am I an ESPN HATER. I still love the Sports they show, but sadness is upon me and millions of other College Football Fans now unable to watch the Holy Grail of all Sports-The 2020 NCAA NATIONAL FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP. Future NFL Superstars will be unavailable on this Monday Night.

And no, I am not going to NO SPORTS BAR to watch it where I’ll be berated for NOT DRINKING POPS?

You know how I consider a TV NETWORK a Real Player in the Industry is when they BROADCAST to reach the Entire Audiences. And how do You do that?

When a TV NETWORK BROADCAST “Over-The-Air”, they have ultimately reached the Pinnacle of the Industry. The very Top Echelon. And then, they have reached America.  All of America.

America is the Audience and what America sees is What America Buys.  Enough said.

And now, if you are like me, we get to finally see the game’s highlights via You Tube

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of the book HANDGUN SAFETY and the ones below-