How Déjà vu is in “A Panther’s Father” and this book predicted Iran’s Retaliation here in America.

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Déjà vu is the feeling that one has lived through the present situation before.

Déjà vu is amongst me now, deeply so,  and I was afraid this time of vengeful death was coming. Yes, I have feared what may soon take place in America, but I saw it coming from a Military point of view and long after I wrote my 1st book, “HANDGUN SAFETY”.

And it came to me in inspirations of what I had experienced first-hand at Sam Houston State University in a French College Course in the late 1970’s.

But what I wrote was inspired by how angry I saw Iranian Men were here in America. They were filled with Pure Hatred.

These Iranian Students were filled with Hate for Americans while I was in College. They openly told my classmates and me how much they wanted to KILL US ALL.

They actually said this and how we had Armed the Shah with American Weapons and he, in turn, used them on his own people.

And I thought, how the hell did these fools get here in America in the 1st place and now are confronting us? Lord, there’s over a million here now and over 300,000 in Los Angeles alone.


Déjà vu for me, reminds me, is where classmates, my fellow classmates who most had just left their parents nest and I just having gotten out of the US Army, where these kind, loving young people were brought to tears by the killing us all talk. These youngsters were being crushed.  I felt sorry for the ones that cried.

And I OPENLY VERBALIZED for these IRANIANS to get their BUTTS back to Iran.

And I proudly wore my US Army Field Jacket with 2nd Infantry Division Patch and 1st Calvary Patch on the shoulder area of each arm sleeve.

And those times burned, yes burned a stern sense of how these fools HATED US ALL in me! But something bothered me a great deal.

The use of American Weapons sold to a foreign Government and its subsequent consequences became one theme used in



Yes, I saw in haunting dreams of Americans being killed in the streets, yes killed here in America by angry Foreign Fighters who wanted furious vengeance upon us all, that had slipped-into our Southern Border and on American Soil and it may soon come to be.

My book is fiction, but many times truths are revealed in fiction.

In my book, Foreign Fighters come to America to unleash hell because America provided Military Weapons to a Dictatorship and the Dictator used these American Weapons to kill his Opposition.

Yes, I was completely thinking of Iran and the Shah and I also felt Egypt might be onboard as well when I wrote the book.

I feared both would one day bring their hate for Americans onto American Soil and kill Americans here. But Iran was at the Top of my List.

We SOLD the SHAH OF IRAN the weapons and Iran has burned with Pure desire to Kill Us in return ever since those days.

And now, has the cork bottling Iran’s hatred been uncorked?  Yes, has it? Been blown completely off the bottle?

And I wrote to warn everyone of the serious side of selling Arms to the wrong Country. Yes, my book was a WARNING.

And soon, what I so hauntingly dreamed and wrote about may very well happen.

But I am a single writer, just  one writer and each of my books are one out of a million books published each year.

For you to read my books is very, very, super slim.

I have no “BLOCKBUSTER” or “Number One” book selling.

Who has that kind of money to publicize a book went you go forward with Publishing it all by yourself or in my case, I used LULU for the actual printing.

And I hate the possibility of my book gaining  any level of notoriety because of ANY DEATHS of any Americans here on Our Soil.

But I did warn about this.

But did I call it right?

Only time will tell.

Will Iranian Sleeper Cells now unleash Death upon our fellow Americans?

I pray not, But I do fear WAR is about to take place.

I believe 40,000-140,000 US Troops will soon be in Kuwait, awaiting their Marching Orders.

And all Americans must remain Vigil and ALERT anywhere in the World for an attack by an Iranian.

And yes, I did predict Trump would get America in a War in his last year in Office.

Well, has he?  And now saying Americans Troops will NOT LEAVE Iraq is strong for Iraqians to swallow?

But again, Americans be AWARE!

But, here comes another matter if War does breakout between Iran And the United States?

Iranian-american Interment CAMPS!

Japanese internment camps were established during World War II by President Franklin Roosevelt through his Executive Order 9066. From 1942 to 1945, it was the policy of the U.S. government that people of Japanese descent would be interred in isolated camps.

Executive Order 9066 led to the relocation of 117,000 people of Japanese ancestry to internment camps.

And if so, where will the United States put them all? Over one million?

God Bless,,,the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of the books-