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If the Wuhan Virus ever comes to America, allowing all Americans who wish to buy and smoke Marijuana. In all 50 States is something that should be allowed.  Why?  Simple.  Millions of Americans have smoked it and most don’t care if anyone does smoke some.  But if America resorts to Sheltering In Place throughout America to prevent a catastrophic Death Toll. Then they should be allowed to Unwind and this weed looking small bush should help them, especially with the Anxiety that Isolation brings about.  I ought to know having worked Administrative Segregation for 15 years in Texas Prisons.  But what I speak of is not Criminal.  Smoking a little bit of this weed would help.  Owning a little amount should be allowed.  But PURE ISOLATION for 30 Days or months or longer is a Sure Trip to Anxiety City! And Depression!  Let Americans be now unchained by those Old Sinister Laws where small amounts criminalizes a person.  I fear that the Wuhan Virus will hurt many Americans mentally and when the mind is unhappy, the whole body is unhappy…free this one small freedom to Americans.  Allow it.  In the end, a bitterness may be instilled from a possible Wuhan Virus Isolation here.  

But now, this is something that I always wanted to talk about, but was simply put, too afraid to do such. Afraid to mention it at Work or to others ever. Anytime anyone near me spoke about this, I shrugged my shoulders and went on.  Always keeping my mouth closed. Yes, afraid of who might find out.  Of what my own kids might think.  Of what my grand-kids might think. But I wanted to say something about this subject before I died and go down on RECORD for speaking-up for what I believe to be right and correct and not of any falsehood. But now, I am Elderly and I know time is not for the wasting for sure.  And with other health issues, it only makes sense to speak-up one time before I take the Big Ride Home.  So, here goes nothing-

Too many people done forgot how to “Unwind” and that is why people are going full-blown crazy out there. Doing lots and lots of stupid things. People need a way to “unwind”, you know, to “Chill-Out” and friends, I would rather tell the Truth now and not keep it in until the day after I die.


I saw the BEST WAY to UNWIND ever while OVERSEAS in the U.S. Army and if I had not been sent Overseas, I would have never been privy to this very most unique and strangest of ways to unwind.  Yes, to unwind with all the others and when you did this, you could gather with anyone and man! nothing mattered as far as Race, Age, Size, Sex, or Color, or RANK.  That stuff meant nothing at all.

Yes, Rank didn’t matter at all when you learned how to Unwind and why?

Everyone wanted to UNWIND in the worst kind of way from all the rigamores that we were having to deal with.  Yes, when it was “Unwind Time” all of us wanted to unwind and in the least expensive way.  And if you got Drunk, you paid out some cash for that.  And yet, there was another way and to this Texas Boy, I was totally caught off-guard by it.



One guy asked me and I said, I guess so and so, I went into a room with over 15 other G.I.’s and all of us GOT HIGH!  And this was in the early 1970’s.  And the ones I was in there had been in the Military for over 15 years and there were NCO’s and Officers as well.

One was a Major, another a Colonel, and there were three SGT.’s and oh yeah, one Lt.  and then the rest of us were just Enlisted.  But there we were.  The chosen few, the loyal few, the few that wanted to just unwind. 


And we sat around in the room and there was the Best Music I had ever listened to being played on one guy’s Reel to Reel.

And what were we doing?

Man, we were SMOKING DOPE!  We were all doing the “Willie Nelson Thing” long after he begun to do it.  And yes, one guy would light-up a joint and then, we would SMOKE DOPE!

Yes, we were doing what we had seen as the MOST HORRIBLE THING WE COULD EVER DO as it was shown to all of us repeatedly by that lame movie-REEFER MADNESS!

REEFER MADNESS?  Man, get that idiot, lame stuff out of the way because what I saw was passing a Joint around in the room was almost like having a Communal at Church sort of thing.  And hey, we all tossed out differences aside like all of America needs to do and we sat there and as the JOINT was handed to me, I took a TOKE.  Yes, I belched out air as my lungs said-Hey, what you trying to toss down here on us?

Yes, I was toking MARIJUANA and man, after a few times, I was doing something that I actually came to like.  It was a most wonderful way to “Unwind” and after seeing things a Soldier aren’t not have had to see, well, the Smoking made seen less crazy than it really was.  Not for all times, just for maybe an hour or such.  And these moments of smoking the stuff were very seldom as we still had a Super Serious JOB to do keeping America Safe and  each other safe as well.

And man oh man, when that first time really took, I giggled and snickered like a youngster and it made me feel good.  Really good. And I forgot Death Scenes that are still with me today.

But let me be very clear.  Smoking Marijuana, well, I liked it, I enjoyed it.  And by smoking the stuff, my entire body relaxed and my mind relaxed.  And I needed that relaxation and so did all the others.  And NO, it did not make anyone do STUPID things, say stupid things, some did say funny things and we laughed.  But no, when HIGH, none of us were filled with Hatred, with the Hatred of the World.  No, I was just happy and felt free, but not IRRESPONSIBLE.  No, toking on Pot did not make me wish to do any harm on anyone and it didn’t make me a Hater like some become when they Drink Alcohol or Use some mind-bending legal and illegal drugs.  Friend or foe, there is a horrible stymie with Smoking Weed in the mind of lots of People placed there by People who were taught horrible things about Weed.  They were actually taught that Marijuana came from the very Bowels of Hell and it was Demonic Weed.  Just look at this Demonic Inspired POSTER-


And if you smoked the Demonic Weed, you were going to become a DEMON or allow DEMONS to enter your body and do Orgies and all sorts of craziness.  Well, none of that ever took place.  

For me, the only ones that seemed POSSESSED were the ones that got TOTALLY DRUNK or used some other Drug and these individuals already were using dark stuff because of their time in the Vietnam War.  They too were trying to forget things.  Forget lots of things.  

I truly believe that if America would allow Medical Use of Marijuana by any Veteran, there would not be as many suicides by Veterans.  Many Veterans have PTSD and they called it something else in every War, but when a person needs to UNWIND, they should be able to legally UNWIND even if that means smoking a JOINT without fear of being ARRESTED OR MESSED-WITH.

Man, I got a bad case of PTSD with psychotic Episodes and the VA said I had a Real Problem, but they didn’t try to fix me at all.  No, they denied me like I had a bad case of Rabies.  Others Veterans told me to APPEAL, but I said hell to the no because People ought be told they got something and then told they are DENIED.  That ain’t right.

In one psychotic Episode, I see the same man on his knees and he looks right into my eyes and says-WHY ME?  WHY ME?  WHY ME? And then he fell over DEAD!  And I have to endure seeing this guy every day.  And it is just like in REAL TIME all over again.  And when one of these Episodes of Death Come racing to my mind, I just do my best to endure.  Just to endure.  But so many don’t have a clue how much a little weed would help me.  But who cares?

But, I’m a Senior Citizen now, and I want you to know right now, if more people would quit ruining all of our lives with their petty control Freak Measures ( which many were already brainwashed by an earlier generation), all of us could sit down and pass a JOINT around and Get HIGH as brothers and sisters.  Yes, high and laugh and not be in tune with the Hatred that is all around all of us.  People could unwind together and that would be a really cool thing.


Gateway Drug?  No, it wasn’t that.  I never saw that. I liked toking the times that I was given an opportunity cause it just helped me “unwind” and that was all.  And if some form of Military Alert took place, it didn’t distract my brain away from the task at hand and I could shake a HIGH off real quick.  Not like being Drunk, cause when you Drunk, you are DRUNK and worthless.  Drunk and a real burden to all around you that must help carry your load as well.  

I was a Gunner on a Main Battle Tank and folks, it ain’t pretty when a 52-ton Main Battle Tank runs over a person.  No, not pretty at all.  And that is some EVERLASTING PICS slammed into your head.  And other things that I will never discuss just keep me in a closet with my own pain and real-time nightmares.  But it shouldn’t be that way.  And yes, I seen three Head Doctors and took the Drugs and they work only so much.  They make you become something strange and weak and odd feeling all the time and NOT HAPPY at all.

Canada got the right idea and they did it partially right and mostly wrong-Canada kept a tight cork on the Pot Industry and now, it’s being unleashed in 2020. America needs to follow the uncorking and treat it like “On Site Sales” like wine vineyards from licensed private growers. “LEGALIZE the growing and personal use of Pot at the very least for anyone 65 or Older” Old people have earned that right and THEY WON’T be using it as a Gateway Drug. Always being told wtf we can do before WE DIE! Who and what gives you that right? You don’t want to smoke Pot. Fine. But let the ones who do, Heck let them Smoke.

Like I said, I saw many fellow Soldiers smoke Pot Overseas to unwind and it “chilled” them out-not the Opposite.  And no, I did not have a need to smoke much, but when I did, I enjoyed it and I liked it.


End the Mexican Cartel Stranglehold on American Pot Smokers-both in legal and non-legal States.

Uncork Pot Smoking in all States and keep all Pot Sales Revenues here in America where America can use that money and NOT going to MEXICO to fund child-trafficking and worse. Too many are too worried about keeping everyone in line like ants by how they want all of us to march until we die. Some people are Control Freaks and let people be people and use Pot to “unwind”. Uncork it. Yes, time to uncork it.  Or, the Control Freaks are not really so, they just got brainwashed themselves by what they were taught and what they saw.  I will show you, just keep reading.  And all of it comes down to the money and the money trails. Lord, I would love for all of us to see the Entire Money Trail on Drug Cartel Monies.  I mean, who is actually getting it over HERE too?  Has to be a connection.


And I am not going to lie to you, I have not smoked POT since the 1970’s Overseas, but it sure doesn’t mean that I haven’t wanted to.  Man, I am Old and I believe I should have the right to POLICE MYSELF.

So what is it or who is it going to hurt if I was


GRANTED A TEXAS PERMIT (for say $1000) to grow a few plants and smoke my Own Pot on my own property?  It’s not like I am going to expand and exploit the opportunity. The Laws already have my name, my address, my vehicles are already known to them, and I could smoke a little with Peace of Mind. 

But right now, I would be a Criminal if I did it and I cannot and I will not do that.  And I am not wanting to grow a Plant that had a high concentration of THC, no, just a little to get a Happy Buzz and nothing more.  And no, I again, would not be sharing it with anyone.  Just for me.

Hey, I am in no way talking about growing Pot for giving it away or selling it.  I just want to get High One more time before I die and many Veterans I know sure wished that they could too.  But I want to grow my own so I will know what is in it and not what someone else might put in it or on it.  Does that make sense?

If you smoke it and you done it illegally, do you feel I don’t have the right to talk about making it legal for you and me, for us?  Why can’t we smoke our own stuff?

REEFER MADNESS was the most ANTI-POT MOVIE we were forced to WATCH in Public School and people older than me still believe that MOVIE is Correct.  Man, that is so very wrong.  Man, I saw that movie at least six times and it was literally shoved down our throats by the Controllers of our Destiny.  And they also made us practice and practice and practice getting under our School Desk because


that they also shoved down our throats.  So, much madness indeed. 

And the POSTERS put up to SCARE THE HELL OUT OF THE PEOPLE THAT ARE IN CONTROL OF ALL OF US.   Yes, these Posters really put the Fear of God in many folks back then.  Yes, they were brainwashed into believing WEED was from hell, giving them every negative name for Pot that they could think of, and Weed would DESTROY US ALL.  And I love it when I see someone quite ignorant trying to write a word the wrong way and I know why but I will not say it as it is prejudice and you will see it in one (the very next one) of the following POSTERS from the following site along with pics of Pot and Pot Fields-




And those for the Deadly Marijuana Movie-Reefer Madness


Some of these POSTERS put such an IMMENSE fear into people’s heads, they still believe it today.  IF they saw it when they were young, they believe it until this very day.  And these People are Our Rulers controlling everything that all of us do.  Sure, safety Laws for sure, but NOT CONTROL FREAK LAWS.



And why, why can’t there be exceptions for OLD PEOPLE?  You know, now that I am Retired, I have even thought about vacationing in one of the States where Recreational Pot is Legal.  But I should not have to do that.  I should be able to get it and smoke it in my own home and out of the sight of my kids or grand-kids.  Why not?  I mean what harm am I doing to you if I do this in my own home?  I’m not going to be driving while HIGH.  I am not going to be doing anything but trying to “unwind” from my own PTSD. 


But Lord, I know after I am dead, I will be waiting in Line on the other side to give some of these People some of my lip for their fine upstanding CONTROL US ALL FREAK TACTICS that kept all of us UNHAPPY!  But hey, I do see many ways that this could be turned into Money Making Enterprises all over Texas and in the Hill Country. 

“Fancify” it and they will come!  And another thing, this is not about all of Texas going Full-Blown Pot Smokers. That will never happen and in Canada, Pot Smoking among Teens has fallen.  What?  Yeah, go figure that one.  Maybe they don’t want to do what mom and dad and the grandparents are doing.  Interesting for sure.

Their Rules are UNHAPPY RULES to say the least. To keep all of us UNHAPPY until the day that we die.  Isn’t it time to Legalize Marijuana in all of America?  Let America UNWIND!


Who cares if we smoke the stuff?  Who is getting injured if we do?  Who?  And I know that there are ones like me who are US Veterans and WE SEE NO WRONG with smoking a JOINT to get HIGH.  But most of us CANNOT, but I am not going to Break the Law and I advise everyone not to also.  GO to CANADA!  Yes, Get Happy in Canada and Live Happy there, cause you gonna be SAD in most States HERE.

And I wished all the ones who are so dead-set against allowing Our Happiness to TELL US WHY?  Was it, could it, was it really because of this-


A POSTER that put the FEAR in them and hey, they are the ones in Control Today?  Ruling out of their Own Fears.  Just look over all the fear-inducing stuff on that POSTER.  Really?  Sad, that is so very sad.

I want to know, in my face, why a person says I cannot do what I want to do?  I want that person to tell me why and how I am hurting them by smoking a JOINT.

And I am not talking about any other Drugs and don’t Rollercoaster all of them into the same car because that is some more of that Control Freak Thinking.  This car I am talking about is strictly Weed or Pot or Marijuana and nothing more.


And if us Old Veterans want to smoke it now, why not allow us to smoke it?  I sure think my Medals give me that right.  But no, I cannot because I live with Control Freaks telling me what I can do until the day I die.

The Death Scenes that I see daily are just as visible today as they were when they entered my eyes.  Yet, I have tried the psych drugs and they do not work, only weed relaxed me and mellowed me out and chilled me out.  That was my only momentary cure, a moment to slip away from it.  And for an hour, I was free and I was “chilled”.  But not no more.  I must live in and endure this Hell I gained from Overseas.  

But no, I would be a CRIMINAL if I got some Marijuana or Smoked it here in TEXAS.  And that is not right.  That is wrong, wrong, just very wrong.  I just Retired a Prison Guard and no, I did not smoke Pot since the Military while Overseas, but I sure wanted to lots of times since.  But, I guess I will likely die without getting that second chance to smoke some.  But I am a Control Rat controlled by the Freaks who decide all for all of us. 

No, control freaks and such are negative words on my part and I apologize. But these People control all that we do and they are Subjects of the ones giving them their monies.  See, it all goes back to the Old People that got all the Money in Texas and in America.

But hey, if they were making tons of money from Pot Sales, they would let us do it. And that is all they want now, a way to control the money flow into their own pockets.  Or some of it.  So, I have no problem with that. They can have a profit from my money, just let me smoke or toke a joint now and then.  Is that so bad?  I mean now, if you have a small amount on you in lots of Big Cities, they just give you a TICKET and you are on your way.  So, if that is the case, then why the heck NOT LEGALIZE SMALL AMOUNTS for anyone who so chooses to do so?  As it is now, smoking weed only makes tons of Paranoid Folks cause they are in constant fear that someone is going to bust down their door to BUST THEM!  And for Pot?  I really don’t get it.  K-2, a bad form of synthetic Pot, was in the stores before they ripped that one OUT? 

But small amounts of POT could be SOLD in Convenience Stores and in a few years, no one will give it a second thought.  Be able to Get it everywhere and NOT IN LEGAL HEAD SHOPS!

Get this stuff out in the OPEN and Let PEOPLE have their fun.  Be Happy.  Professional Growers having their own Stores to give you a free sample try sounds good to me.  How about you?  Make it a fancy, up and coming thing to do and get this stuff out of the Closet, so to speak.  It could all be done in a very cool and neat manner and not like it is now.


I was even praying that PTSD would be on the LIST of things that could be treated with Pot legally.  I HATE THIS PTSD and seeing DEAD PEOPLE DYING EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Over and over again, like a broken vinyl record on a record player. 

But no, they are so scared and they do not want people to be happy.  They want all of us sad all the time.  Be sad and look at all that you have to look forward to like more and more and more depressing NEWS.


And I guess being sad is what they really want all of us to be for all time.  To GET DRUNK or USE SOME OTHER DRUG…really?

They’d rather all of us get DRUNK or USE OPIODS or another Killer Manufactured American Drug than GET HIGH.  How truly inconvenient for all of us?  (smh)

But if they did have “Try Before You Buy Gift Shops and such” like they have at all of these Wonderful Vineyards springing-up all over here in Texas, but where they could do the same at legally grown weed farms, I’d like to go and smoke some weed at one and then I can buy after I tried.  Is that not cool?  Would that not be okay with my Rulers?  My Cage Keepers?  Your Cage Keeper?  Our Cage Keepers?  Our Ruler?


65 and OLDER should be allowed to SMOKE SOME WEED no matter where in America and grow their own small amount and be in possession of it too without fear of being SENT TO PRISON for just wanting to Get High, for wanting to UNWIND in this miserable of Times where so many worrisome things are occurring, upsetting all of us? 

And don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that we should not continue to Obey Authority.  We need to do that.  But I see the time has finally arrived to End the Tales of Fears that have been pumped-out to all of us for way too long on simply Getting Happy. 

Legalize and allow Weed to be SOLD as an “Unwinding Drug” like Canada did and other States have, but in All States too.


And hey, this was not meant to Offend you or anyone and if it did, I do very much apologize.  It’s what I needed to say and there, I said it.  Maybe, it’s time for you to say it too.

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of the books-HANDGUN SAFETY, A PANTHER’S FATHER, A PANTHER’S FATHER II, and A PANTHER’S FATHER III.




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