National Electric Drag Racing Association is For REAL! Electric Cars are now Super Cars! Electric Man and Electric Woman are coming!

The Featured Image is the absolutely amazing, dazzling, and wonderfully designed and built-


Rimac C Two

The above site for the above car is one of the coolest that you will ever visit.  I hope that you are one of the lucky ones that get their hands on one.  Good Luck!

Now, for that National Electric Drag Racing Association Review by me and how happy I am with them.  Maybe, just maybe, you will be too.  But along the way, I am going to bring to you some of the other great FEATS in ELECTRICITYness and it’s all happening right now for all of us to enjoy.  Yes, these are mighty Historical Days we are living in.  Before you finish pouring your eyes on the pics and read the read, I bet something is gonna click in your mind and it might be the NEXT GREAT IDEA in this fast revolving Industry.  Or you see something that will make you call an genius you know and they will get a New Brain Spark?  And I hope you make $$$ TRILLIONS on your new great idea.  I know some reading will get in their own garage and build something that can Compete in NEDRA.  Some classes are not SUPER EXPENSIVE and in the poor man’s budget. From simple reads often times come moments of glorious thoughts by those reading it and no, not me.  I’m just plain ole old man and I am no one special.  lol  But don’t you love how much is happening and many had no clue as to the great things taking place.  Were you one?  But please, read on.

If you ever wanted to be part of something that is gonna be as big as PAC MAN was in my generation, NEDRA or the National Drag Racing Association is the Real Deal and man, oh man, this is gonna come racing into the mainstream of the Macho Man World.


And here is an EXERT from the above site about this most exciting Super Sport-

Records For 2019

Lowell Simmons MC/A3-ED 9.411 @ 142.72
Tommy Henderson DMC/A-ED 10.46 @ 130.6
George V Grant III DR/E 12.975 @ 95.31
George V Grant III DR/G 15.398 @ 78.20
George V Grant III DR/F 12.139 @ 103.33
George V Grant III DR/D 11.889 @ 121.51
George V Grant III DR/C 11.672 @ 129.13
Lars Juel Rasmussen SMC/C 9.36 @ 133.4
Hans-Henrik Thomsen DMC/B 7.808 @ 170.1
George V Grant III DR/C 10.308 @ 124.52

Top Racer by Class 1/4 mile

(SP) Street Production

“Dragtimes” Tesla Model P100 2016 Owner / Driver: Brooks Weisblat 

 (PP) Pro-Street Production

Nissan Leaf ,”Current Attraction”,392 volts
Owner: Tammy Fargo

(MP) Modified Street Production

Club Car DS, “Tee Time” 204 Volt
Owner: Carson Steen

(SC) Street Conversion

Joule Injected

“Joule Injected” Nissan 240SX 300volts
Owner / Driver: Matt Graham

(PS) Pro-Street Conversion

DC Plasma

1972 Datsun “White Zombie”355 volts
Driver: Tim Brehm

(MC) Modified Street Conversion

DC Plasma

“S11” 1994 “Lemon Juice” 333 volts
Sponsors: Lawless Industries

(XS) Extreme Street

DC Plasma

Black Current III – 400V
Sponsor: AmTecs Ltd

(FC) Funny Car

Open for record

(DR) Dragster


Swamp Rat 37, Dragster – 409 volts
Sponsor: Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing

(PMC) Production Motorcycle

“EGO” ,24volts
Owner / Driver: Jonathan Belak

(MPC) Modified Production  Motorcycle

Motorcycle Zero,
Owner / Driver: Jeremiah Johnson

(SMC) Street Motorcycle

Owner/Driver: Jeff “Dice” Disinger

(DMC) Drag Motorcycle


Rocket” 355 volts
Driver: Larry “Spiderman” McBride

(CV) Concept Vehicle

Motorcycle -192 Volt AGNS Lawless Ind
Owner: Shawn Lawless

(-HS) High Schools and High School level trade schools


Pontiac Firebird “Shock and Awe”
Owner: Bothell High School

(-ED) Colleges and universities and post-high school college level trade schools

Short Circuit

“Short Circuit” Dragster 192 Volts
Owner: Muskegon Community College

Are you going to be part of all that?  The excitement has just begun to bring in the Big Dogs and its a Sport that is Only Going To Get Bigger!  Yes, the Big Dogs are coming and all the time, newer and improvements in the Electric Field are blazing to the Tracks for all of us to Witness. Yes, this is HISTORY in the making.  Just like the very 1st who took Hot Rodding to the next level  This is the one that is it.  I still have some of the very, very 1st Hot Rod Magazines and they bring back those memories that nothing else can except for being there and watching the Races from the sideline or stands.

But are you going to be part of it, in it, or just a spectator?  And just looking and admiring is just A Okay.  Yes, all of us are going to WATCH this Sport reach New Horizons and I believe 2020 is gonna be a Breakout Year.

But which TV Network is gonna grab this one and put it up for the Entire World to See?

Will it be FOX, CBS, ABC, ESPN, or some other Rich Person who just loves seeing things go very, very fast.

I love how FOX has stepped-up to the Plate and are now bringing back BOXING and WRESTLING to all of us Cable Cutters.  And I only can say-THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I do wish so very much that ESPN and other Giants would Dual Broadcast the Major SPORTING EVENTS like the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAME which I won’t be able to see. I know-why is that?   Simple, I don’t have Cable and My Internet Speed is too Slow to purchase ESPN on something that allows me to see it without all the SCREEN FREEZE-UPS!  But I am still a RADIO 1st generation, so I got my Multi-Band Radio and I will listen to it.  Lots of Sporting Events I do not get to watch and that is okay, I can still watch the highlights on the News.

Many are gonna be coming out and testing the NEW Things that they are gonna be putting together.  And I mean Scientist, Major Car Brands, Investors, Electricians, Do-It-Your-Selfers, and Drivers with the passion to put the

PEDAL TO THE METAL!  Pushing thru all that lays before them like New Explorers and each year, New Records are going to be taking place and where will you be?

NEDRA is where I see the little guy coming out and having a chance at Imminent Glory!  Instant Stardom and Instant Satisfaction of doing a well put together machine.

Do you have those Talents?  Good, cause I see opportunity is now KNOCKING on the Right People with the Right Stuff.


Ever wanted to sit in a Dragster barreling down the 1/4 mile track?

In 2020, I’m predicting NEDRA DRAGSTERS are going to burn the 200 MPH BARRIER!

That’s 200 mph! And for ELECTRIC?

Electric Cars, Electric Trucks, Electric DRAGSTER?

Holy Cow!

And right in the mix of all of this is BIG DADDY DON GARLITS in an amazing Dragster that has already hit 189.03 MPH.

And if you are as excited as I am, seeing one of my most favorite DRAGSTER DRIVERS back in the game is a very cherished event. Thank You, Big Daddy.

Folks, you can either cringe or start chomping at the bit cause NEDRA is blazingly new and this sport will see an amazing number of followers in no time.

Seeing famous people race in these Super-Charged DRAGSTERS is no small deal.

This SPORT is gonna be HUGE!

And I know, those unknown garage monkees are already scratching or rubbing their chins wondering if they too got what it takes to make something great?

Building a NEW SPORT and NEW CARS and NEW IDEAS and NEW SPONSORS is going to meet right in the middle and then, all of us are going to go watch the National Drag Racing Association’s EVENTS on TV and IN PERSON.


These cars are immensely beautiful.


Mean Machines ready to BURN RUBBER.

Ah, the lure of that smell of fresh burning rubber. To a garage monkey like me, these babies are nothing short of AWESOME!

And I am talking about DRAGSTERS bringing somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000 Horsepower and 2000 ft-lbs of torque. But I see bigger ones coming in. And more Famous Dragster Drivers too.

Cars so exquisitely built with amazing aerodynamics. Just the sight of one is a SHOCK AND AWE effect for the viewers. Like the

Rimac C Two  (is below)

This is one fine ride if I ever saw one. Right? You know we are viewing absolute perfection.

These machines are going to rapidly take the Sport to faster and faster times and speeds.


 TOYOTA’S TS050 Hybrid

The above car is the TS050 Hybrid.  This is one fantastic hybrid car and friends, all of us are witnessing the very best man has to offer and its only going to get better.

But let’s get real.  Today, we are in a Historical Revolution and right up there in Front is Elon Musk and Tesla are putting out some amazing rides.  And the best, most eye-catching is the Tesla Roadster.


One fine ride


TESLA ROADSTER-one very, very nice car


And coming along with another bad rides is Rimac and this hypercar that is great, just great-


One very, very nice ride.


Such a fine ride and will you be seeing yourself cruising in this bad boy?

RIMAC C TWO Hyper-car

The speeds of these two cars above is simply phenomenal.  Very, very, very fast and yes, I hope to see you in one for sure.

And if you want to see and read about the 10 fastest Hybrid Cars in the World, I highly recommend the following site as it is cool, very cool-

And here is just a couple of pics for you to drool over-


Ferrari LaFerrari-a super, super fine and bad ride for sure.


McLaren P1-man, is this eye candy or what?  A super fine and bad boy ride for sure.

And the fastest daily driver electric car is none other than a Tesla.

Yes, Mr. Musk has put together a really nice and super fast car in this one below-


Tesla Model S P100D: 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds-Holy Smokes!  In 2.5 seconds?  WOW!  Better hurry and get yourself one cause these aren’t going to get into everyone’s hands.

Well, I crossed over from NEDRA to super fast Hybrid Cars and now, I want to explore just of one of my favorite interests and that is Aviation and those gosh darn Electric Planes. Yes, we are living in the most exciting of times and I hope I have helped make you realize that YOU, ME, ALL OF US ARE PART OF IT!

And yes, I see electric Outboard Motors coming too!  Now, that would make the Eco-Friendly Man a Super Hero with his own Electric Car, Electric Boat, Electric Plane, and all of the other Outdoor Electric gizmos like weedeater and mower and so on.  Yes, electric man and woman are coming and everybody better get Onboard now and not later.

And will 2020 be also the year that some Experimental Electric Airplane makes a trip from Houston to New York City?  Or some other place?

Whoever does that will go down in History as one of the Greatest Aviation Feats of all times.  And I know it can be done right now!   Yes, it could and I believe it would be safe and reliable.  And no, not Commerical at first.

NASA IS ALREADY greatly involved with this very thing.  Here is a YouTube Video about an

Electric X-57 Maxwell




Talk about THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!  I see short hops very easily to do and these are coming and People are gonna be flying again.  Both of the above are very exciting videos to watch and it is going to be at your local Airport soon.  I hope you will take the time to become a Pilot, as I did, and enjoy how wonderful flying truly is…

Costs of Flying for most people is COST PROHIBITIVE, but the one above can make a Huge Change in the Flying Industry.

But well, I mentioned it and so, let’s go there, shall we?

ELECTRIC OUTBOARD MOTORS and I am not talking about Trolling Motors-


Here is DEEP BLUE and this Outboard being built by a German Company comes in 40 and 80 Horsepower Models.  Now, how cool is that?  Want to know more, then “click” on the next site I list and it has it all for you.  SO, you now see, how Electric Man and Electric Woman we are all becoming and faster than you think if you are a Global Warming worrier.  Yes, we can fix lots and lots for sure.

I hope that all of the above will perk-up your interest in all the amazing things done with electric motors and they are going to make our lives most cost-effective and more in tune with what people can afford.

But Open Your Eyes and get ready to attend a NEDRA EVENT in 2020.  I know I will be.

Again, I hope I opened your eyes and mind to a whole cross-section of the wonderful achievements being made right now in our own lives and it is just very, very cool.

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of the books-



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