MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY! Is the Romance (too sexy) too strong for you? Chapter One Preview for A PANTHER’S FATHER IV


And I do mean MATURE.

NO ONE UNDER 18 Years Old.

And are the 50 Shades in this 1st chapter TOO STRONG for you?

PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE!  And yes, it is fully COPYRIGHTED ALREADY.  The one thing I have not decided is to Self-Publish or to go with one of the Big Dogs in Publishing?  Hey, you tell me if this is just too strong in ROMANTIC LOVE?

Yes, here is a very rough draft of the 1st Chapter in A Panther’s Father IV and I am wondering if its just too strong for you?  Yes,






A  Panther’s Father IV







the living breathing James Brown














Copyright 2019 James Lindsey Brown


All rights reserved.


Book Cover Design by Jessica Arbelaez







          A Panther’s Father IV is a fictitious work of art.  Yet, many anecdotes and events described in this novel are based upon the actual experiences of the author.  All characters portrayed are fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, organizations, and locales, are coincidental.  Most of this book and all items in it are entirely the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.  Many truthing’s come from works of fiction.


MATURE Audiences ONLY! 


For 18-years Old or Older!











Foreword-Book Four


A Panther’s Father IV is the 4th book in A Panther’s Father Book Series.


In this book, the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union is once again escalating into the dark waters of no return.  And when the Soviets find out that JeanPaul, the Panther, was not forfeited by a Sniper after a match with the Soviet’s premiere fighter, they are suddenly set aback to a time at the conclusion of WWII where there was no longer trust between the two countries.  But what will this now known deception bring out?  The best or the worse possible scenario?

Along for the ride is the lovable and gifted storyteller Granny Z who brings tales to life for the poor children of New York City.  Her story telling takes place on most days in a dungy old blind alleyway.  A place known to most New Yorkers and parents who trust Granny Z and the NYPD to protect their children while giving them the same wonderful tales that they too once enjoyed hearing as little children.  And the tales are often tales with many meanings.

Then there is the mysterious Dr. Bahu who now baffles the reader as he surely must not be alive still. But for some odd or strange reason, the man is still very much alive and is now almost a ghost of a being.  And the story of Dr. Bahu will shift back to when he was a medical Doctor practicing outside New Orleans from the slave days and then bounce around to the present where no one really knows what he does or what he has become.

JeanPaul Roosevelt-the Panther and US. Marine and his new wife Victoria who is also known as Vicious among her fellow US Marines will both have their hands full when the Soviets find out that the Panther is still alive.   The Soviets will demand a rematch of another World Champion Forfeit Fight to the death and a whole lot more.

Speaking of hands being completely full of an entire consortium of problems are Colonel Bradley, General Reynolds, Terry and Taneeka Bradhearst, the United States President, and others.  All of them will be facing alarming problems and issues with some very destructive results.

Finally, LAPD Supervisors Ricky Roosevelt and Buster Brocks and the World Renown Criminologist Dr. Weaver and Los Angeles will once again be facing another sinister evil that besets their beloved city of LA.  But will they be victorious or become the defeated?


















Dedicated to-


You, the reader, whom without, no writer would ever hope to lift mere thoughts beyond their own meagerness…the living breathing James Brown


























Chapter One               Rawness of Horniness’s Love……………………………6

Chapter Two              A Very Cold Day in Los Angeles……………………….12

Chapter Three            Dr. Weaver tossing Dice in Los Angeles………………..17

Chapter Four              Island with the Big Secrets is visited……………………21

Chapter Five              PETE known as Jungle Jim, aka Walking Death…….…29

Chapter Six                CODE ALPHA RED…………………………………………………..36

Chapter Seven            Dr. Bahu’s darkest secret in the Dark Forest…………..45

Chapter Eight             Dr. Bahu is restless in his thoughts…………………….51

Chapter Nine              Blue Balls in Saigon…………………………………….56

Chapter Ten                Butterfly………………………………………………..62

Chapter Eleven           Dr. Bahu makes-up his mind…………………..………67

Chapter Twelve          The Texas Terror Train arrives in Los Angeles……….72

Chapter Thirteen         Bradhearst Lear Jet is rerouted to Washington………..80

Chapter Fourteen         SEX on the Bradhearst Lear Jet……………………….86

Chapter Fifteen            TOP SECRET meeting with the U.S. President……….92

Chapter Sixteen            Victoria and JeanPaul have a lover’s moment………100

Chapter Seventeen       The Panther makes love……………………………..106

Chapter Eighteen          Dr. Weaver working on the LA cases……….………110

Chapter Nineteen          Dr. Weaver finds 1st two clues about Killings………115

Chapter Twenty            Dr. Bahu leaves New Orleans………………………120

Chapter Twenty-One    Dr. Bahu travels through the Indian Lands…………126

Chapter Twenty-Two    JeanPaul begins training at Camp Pendleton……….135

Chapter Twenty-Three  Texas Rangers and Texas DPS Troopers arrive……140

Chapter Twenty-Four    JeanPaul hears a sound on the wind………………..148

Chapter Twenty-Five    The Big Round-Up………………………………….154

Last Chapter                  Panther fights on Day of the Dead in Mexico City…165









Chapter One



The gentle breeze of the wind from the Ocean seemed to be casting an almost magical moment in Victoria’s mind.  A moment of romance was entering her.  And she knew that her man, JeanPaul, had been tore-down, worked extra-hard and finally had passed out asleep while she was talking to him.  But now, the gentle breeze was almost gently tickling, tingling with the hair all over her body. And her body was beginning to respond to the very moment.  The mosquito netting across the large tent’s front entrance was already up, but the softness of the wind was gently loafing across her face.  And with it, her mind was in a good place.  And her body was starting to move ever so lightly.  This was a good night for romance.  A very good night, but her man was beaten-down tired by today’s US Marine Corps Special Forces Training.

Her body and mind were gently moving again.  And she snorted a few soft snorts out of her nostrils. But her level of romance was not much at first, but her body was starting to move.  Yes, soon, the yearning desire, the lust of romance would be taking her to a very private place where she was the ruler of her own destiny.  Her own romance and all that went with it.  And soon, she pulled the sheet-off of her feet as the rest of her was an almost naked body.  She took a slow, deep breath in and slowly expelled the air out through her lips.  For an hour now, she had tried over and over again to go to sleep.  But not tonight. For tonight, there seemed to be female fairies around keeping her up.  A soft yearning for lust and romance was amidst her now.  And her body was starting to move.

Of course, there were no real fairies, but Victoria often thought how amazing it would be if there were fairies.  And she always thought that if there were ever any, they all had to be females. But the wind was now so soft on her and her body.  And the peach fuss on her face and the smallest of hairs on her body were now tingling with just a slight excitement.  Yes, she could feel all of her body now. And her mind kept coming back to one thought-should I wake him?  And if I do, will he become angry with me?  No, he has never shown even the slightest measure of anger of even getting upset with her.  No, not ever.  But yes, there is always that first time.  And if I wake him up, will he be happy with him taking me in his arms.  And would he love me more or just love as quick as he could and then leave in the moment.   

        But waking JeanPaul kept coming into her mind.  Should she?  Or let him sleep?  And with each new breeze that seemed to come just like the repeating waves in the nearby Ocean.  Lord, she could her the waves and they spelled romance to her.  This entire tropical Island was a wonderful romantic place.  With each new wave, there would be another breeze coming along with it.  And the breeze was only making her mood for romance even stronger.  And she wanted to wake her love-up and then the other side kept telling her-No way, let him sleep.  He already had a rough day on that 15-mile hard march with full packs. God, at times, I hate the US Marines and other times, I am the full deal. I am a fully committed US Marine and so is JeanPaul.  But I love him so much and right now, my love is yearning so much for him.  What do I do?  Wake him or let him sleep? JeanPaul, if you can read my mind, please wake-up. I want you and your strong arms holding me.  I want you now.

As Victoria lay beside JeanPaul, her mind could not put closure on what her body was starting to feel.  And now for the past hour, her vagina began to slowly and ever so softly, cramp. And she knew that these soft cramps were only the beginning of much stronger feelings and soon, longer lasting series of cramps would be coming. She knew. She knew. She knew what was going on.  No, this was not the beginning signs or the start of any monthly cycle-her period.  No, that wasn’t it.  She knew as all women know what this was. And Victoria tried over and over again to move her mind onto something that was not going to possibly aggravate the situation.  But this time, she knew that there was nothing that was going to satisfy her now.  Nothing but one thing.  And she knew that she was horny.  Just plain horny.  And her mind would now only think of making love.  And in the past, she would play with herself on nights when these love cramps came to her during the night.

But now, her husband, JeanPaul, lay asleep beside her while both of them were atop a dozen sleeping bags spread out atop each other to make the best US Marine made bed for the newly married couple.  JeanPaul now had only a sheet across the top of his naked body.  And what a body it was.  A body that any man would be proud to say was theirs.  A body built by the rugged physical training of the US Marines.  And Victoria, even in the dark, turned to view his silhouette-an image of the thing that her body was now beginning to crave.

And to the far corner and away from the two lay their baby son, PaulTall, who was sleeping away and he had already been fed not ten minutes ago by Victoria. And as he had suckled the nipples on both of her breasts while feeding, the cramps were only intensified.  They had kiddingly called PaulTall by JonTom just for grins, but soon, they quit doing that.  As her son pulled her warm breast milk into his mouth, she felt even some twinges along her sides heading down toward her legs.

But now as she turned towards JeanPaul, she hoped that he was awake.  But no, he was deep, so very deep in sleep, lying on his back, and she knew how hard he slept once he sank into his nightly sleep.  Yet, there was a moment of eagerness in her as another deepening cramp grabbed into her vagina and she slowly put her right arm on top of JeanPaul’s right thigh.  She reached to feel his body and she hoped that her gentle touch would awaken him.  And if he awoke, then she could end the cramping that was now getting stronger.  And as her hand slowly moved up and down a few inches along his thigh, her mind yearned more and more for his love. And now, ever so slowly, up and along the thigh her right hand moved.

But then, her forearm brushed against his cock and she stopped suddenly.  Her mind quickly thought-did my rubbing his thigh do this?  His cock is at full erection.  I mean full attention like I had ordered it to be. And now, is he awake?

No, JeanPaul was still very much asleep. But as she now moved her hand onto his erect dick, she was soon feeling ahold of something that she was very familiar with.  And right in the middle of her right hand was her man’s manly muscle in its glorious full erection.  And she took three slow and deep breaths slowly letting the air back out through her lips.  And she even licked her lips twice.  And her right hand then slowly continued moving over the long shaft of this large cock and she softly grasped around it from its base, then again and again until she had felt the entire shaft.  Five and a half handfuls for the complete feel over of this enormous cock.  And it was so full and so warm and so soft to her touch.   And all about covering this amazingly large cock were a wonderful vagina pleasing, very satisfying protruding veins just under the skin all over from the base to the very top.  And for some odd or strange reason, maybe something with his birth, there were these three smaller, but protruding veins on the actual head of her man’s cock.  On the very head of his penis.  It was not something terrible.  No, not that at all.  No, these were placed just in the right places to please Victoria more than any man had ever gotten close to pleasing her before. During her sexual encounters with JeanPaul, these three extras protruding, and throbbing veins would pulsate so quickly that every one of her climaxes were not just good, these three veins made for her hand-gripping terrors of extraordinary explosiveness.  Her very vagina felt like it was going to explode each and every time she had a climax.  And that is what it felt like.  Her climax was like an explosion and it was so very, very intense. And the thought of another explosive moment with this cock in her was now really starting to make her vagina cramp.  But, no JeanPaul was not awake.  He still slept while she had now had both of her hands wrapped around his dick.

And as she felt of JeanPaul’s cock, she slowly felt ever single vein and she felt how large it was now and how stiff it was.  And in her mind, Victoria wondered if JeanPaul was having a sexual encounter with her in his dream.  Yes, was he dreaming of her?  Did he want to be inside of her?  Was his cock in all of its massive glory there because deep in his subconscious, he was mounted atop of her.  And then, she could wait no more.

Victoria slowly pulled the sheet covering JeanPaul off his body down to his ankles and then slowly she stood-up and slowly got out of her US Marine Issued T-Shirt and Shorts. Yes, she pulled the T-Shirt up and over her head and rolled it up. And then, she tossed the top to the side and then she pulled her panties outward away from around her waist and then she pulled her panties straight down along her legs and then let them drop atop her feet and she stepped out of them. And then she put her right leg across the top of JeanPaul and now she was looking down upon his naked body as her man and now, the moon was beaming soft light through the door of the tent.  And now, she could she her man in all of his naked glory. And then she brought her right hand up to her mouth and put moisture from her mouth and tongue onto her fingers.  Not too much so as to make the moisture slip down between her fingers.  No, not that much. Just her warm saliva. And then she slowly leaned over and placed the liquid on her clitoris and the opening lips surrounding the entrance to her vagina.  And she repeated this several times as she stopped and slowly rolled her fingers along her clitoris and it felt good and a single, strong cramp from her vagina would greet her body with desire each time Victoria rubbed on her clitoris. And soon, Victoria was beginning to feel a certain warm moisture beginning to develop from inside her vagina.  Then she knew that her body was ready.  Yes, she was now ready. Yes, ready for the mount atop her man.  There was no stopping her.  She was made-up in her mind now.  Sleep or waking-up, JeanPaul was going to have her pussy atop him and nothing, nothing was stopping her now.

And Victoria slowly squatted down and right above JeanPaul and her vagina was in a direct, perfect line for JeanPaul’s waiting cock.  And now, she grabbed ahold of the massive, warm cock with her right hand. And then, her clitoris and his warm, almost hot feeling cock met.  Now, she rubbed the head of his cock all over her clitoris.  And no, he did not wake.  Yes, these two sexuals were now touching each other and it didn’t feel just good, it felt real, real good.  Really good.  It felt so very good to her. And now for Victoria, the feeling was almost indescribable. But she had once called it hot velvet. And she thought-Hot Velvet, it’s time to say hello to my Vagina.  And now, you two are going to be so happy. My Vagina is going to be so happy.

          Hot being the warmth of the blood that flowed all through this large cock and velvet as it felt like crushed velvet that was now entering inside of her. Hot Velvet was slowly going in and soon, it filled her entire vagina.  Yes, the big cock had now slowly entered inside Victoria’s vagina.  And it felt so filling.  So full.  JeanPaul’s cock felt none other.  It was the most full filling cock she had ever felt.  And now, she was full and the massive cock was all the way inside of her feeling-up all of her vagina.  And it felt so good, so very, very good.  And as she was there atop him, she allowed herself to lower all the way so that her knees were now aside of JeanPaul’s sides.  And no, JeanPaul still slept.  His cock was completed now inside of Victoria and he still lay there asleep.  And she thought how wonderful his cock felt inside of her.

No, it was not a large feeling that takes away from pleasure.  Now, this was a full feeling maximizing her pleasure.  And her vagina now was beginning to cramp even more as she was now filling her horniness with happiness and wonderful lustful pleasure.  Now, she was in the moment and she cared no more if JeanPaul woke-up or not.  Now, she was going to have her full pleasure and she was not going to be denied. And she now slowly, ever slowly and mindfully controlling and causing her cramps which now contractions moving from the base of JeanPaul’s cock all the way to its head.  Yes, she orchestrated her vagina’s every movement and she let her vagina begin to milk JeanPaul’s cock like his dick was a cow’s utter and her vagina was going to suck every drop of come out of him while he slept.  Her vagina was going to get ever single drop.  Every drop and she was in it now.  She was in the moment and she was feeling her body begin to quiver and shake just a tad bit. And she had one slow contraction after another and as she was controlling all the movement, her clitoris was being sucked into the moment too as it too rubbed and rubbed on JeanPaul’s cock wall.  And it felt so awesome. And this activity was soon going on for over thirty minutes. And then Victoria could feel JeanPaul’s cock wall begin to quiver with quick jolting muscle explosions.  Like massive muscle explosions with the sides bouncing in and out.

And then, Victoria could feel the hot semen exploding inside her vagina.  And then she too grabbed ahold with each hand onto the top of a sleeping bad aside her. And as JeanPaul exploded in her,  she too was now having a raging climax.  Yes, she was also have her own explosive climax and her vagina quivered and burst with explosive excitement over and over and over and over again.  And then, after a full two minutes of JeanPaul’s cock’s throbbing and her vagina grasping in the climax, her body began to subside from the gripping conclusion of her climax.  Yes, her climax was over and it was one of the best she had ever had.  Maybe this one was the best one.  And then, she slowly and softly kissed JeanPaul in the middle of his forehead.  Then, she slowly, ever so slowly, pulled herself off of JeanPaul’s still large cock and she then moved back over to her side atop all the sleeping bags made into a bed for the two. And she lay on her back for a full three minutes still feeling the wonderfulness of this amazing moment.  Then she raised back up and pulled the sheet back up and covered the tow of them with it. And then she felt a stir and heard a slight noise and then she turned her head toward JeanPaul.

And then she watched as JeanPaul awoke.  He then felt of his cock and felt how wet it was and then he looked over at Victoria.  He looked and shook his head.

“Can you imagine that?”


“I think I just had my very first Wet Dream.   I’ve heard all the other guys talk about and even calling other Marines a Wet Dream.  I’ve even been asked if I had ever had a Wet Dream.  And now, I must have had my first Wet Dream.”

Victoria was now smiling.  Yes, she was now smiling as she had not gotten caught.

“Go back to sleep dear, tomorrow’s gonna be another full schedule that Colonel Bradley’s got planned for all of us.  We need our sleep.”
“Yeah, it’s gonna be a full day for sure.  Goodnight Victoria.”

“Goodnight, JeanPaul.”

And the two then kissed each other and they both went to sleep and Victoria had a nice, pleasant smile on her face that seemed to glow even in the darkness of the tent’s interior.

Well now, what is your Opinion?  Like it or wish it upon yourself?   Most of us yearn for that loving romance in our lives and i have tried to bring the best of my own past to share with you and yes, it is so fine to be in love.  Love without the headaches or worries.  

And was it too strong for you?  Or did i need to take it further?  Yes, oh my yes, there are more just like this in the book, A Panther’s Father IV and how will it be Published is still a big question.

Did you see how raw it was?  Could you place yourself in the love scene?  Yes, there has been no editing done to it as yet.  And there will be.  But did you like it?  And did you do as I asked that YOU DO NOT SHARE IT?  Was it too LOUD for you?  TOO SEXY?  TOO SEXIFIED?  Or not enough?

Hey, I’m needing your thoughts and for the get real time.  So enjoy these holidays and let’s hope all of our futures are just fine and filled with lots and lots of romantic love.

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of the books-


























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