The Fugitive American


(Fugitive Mexican-American Fugitives getting ready to cross the Death River-the Rio Grande so they too can be known as fugitives no matter where they live or what they do)



the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series and Handgun Safety.


          As the brush was slowly swaying in the breeze, a Mexican woman, her husband, her son, and her father were now bracing themselves for the swim in a current known for its deadly current.  Just one more trial in all the other Death Trials that they had already faced.  And this one, maybe it would be the very worst and was death the last for all four of them?  And Maria wondered if today, this day would be her last on earth?  For her and her son?  And for her husband and father? For her, this was a do or die swim.  And her son, Pedro, a seven-year-old was now holding her hand as he watched the water flowing by. 

         “It’s going to be a rough go.  A tough swim and they say six drown yesterday.  I think that maybe we should not go now.  I think dying of hunger might be better than drowning,”  said the sixty-year-old grandfather. 

         “Dad, it’s all we have left.  There is no more to eat.  We ate the last tortillas this morning.”

         “Fernando, Pedro is going to need the most help.  You are going to have to get him across.  I don’t know if the Lord will allow me to make this journey.”


        “Papa, I am afraid.  I don’t want to drown.  I do not know how to swim,”  said the young boy.

        “Be strong, I will not let you down.”

       “Dad, I am afraid,”  said the boy and the father could now feel his son’s body shaking.  And he hugged the boy and so did his father and mother.

        “Take one good look. This may be the last time we ever see our Homeland.  Our dear Mexico,”  said the grandfather.

       And so, the four looked one last time at their old country.

       “We leave one Country where we will soon die, or we take a chance on our future in another.”

       “They may hunt us down like dogs?”

       “Don’t say such talk.  We are not dogs.  They do not do that.”

       Then the four walked into the water and the strong current quickly grabbed ahold of them.

       “I am drowning.”

        “No, keep swimming and swim with the current.  Do not fight it.  Go with the flow of the current.”

       And they did.  And they current took them nearly a mile down river from where they had originally entered the Rio Grande let four more slip out of its Deadly Clutches.


        “WE MADE IT!”

       And the four now were smiling with a joyous smile and with giggling laughter. And with excitement and then the grandfather spoke.

       “Get up.  We must keep moving.  We cannot linger here longer before one of the American Dog Patrols come and send us back.”

       “Dog Patrols?”

       “Men with Dogs that hunt us down along the river.  Hurry, we must keep moving.”

       And in three hours, the four came up to a house with no one inside.  And the door was unlocked.  Inside, there was food and water and a paper note written in Spanish.

         “Compadres, if you are here, welcome to America.  You made it and now, you must eat and drink and quickly continue your journey.  I have maps for you to follow in the top drawer.  Look at them this night and decide which part of America you wish to be a fugitive in.  And then, run for your lives.  Now, eat, drink, sleep, and then Go with God.”

         “Fugitives.  We are now not welcome and now, we are fugitives?”

         “We will find and make friends who will not see us as fugitives.  We are Mexican and be Proud of who you are always.”

         “But we will be Mexican Fugitives.”

         “No, we will be Mexican-American Fugitives.”

         “We left our Country and now we are American in this New Land?”

        “You made it across the Death River and an Angel graced us with continued life.  We are anew.  We are reborn now.”


        “But we will be fugitives for the rest of our lives? See what is written is this letter?  We are fugitives. How will we live?  Everywhere, we will be hunted down like fugitives?  Like fugitive dogs.”

        “I am no fugitive, and neither are any of us.  We are Mexican American right now and we are American.  We seek the same fair chance that all the others that came before us sought from all times.  These Americans today did not Own America, they took it from us Mexicans and the Indians.  They are bloody thieves.  Not now, but before and we are not fugitives.”

        And the millions and millions before this four are now here and they too like the ones before all of us have sprouted roots into the soil calling America theirs and accepting the Laws of both Man and Governments on the small stage to the bigger one.  And yet, as they still hide away from the Public view because of this confusion with the distinction of being called Fugitives.  And how does a fugitive live?

       Living with fear of everyone and afraid at any moment, all that they have acquired and accepted will get yanked away from them and even their children and kicked backwards into the same Country and same situation that they fought so hard to leave.


       Easy ride?  No, getting to America is not easy thing and the crossing and finding a safe haven anywhere in America is like rolling dice.  So, yes, so many lurkers are here lurking in the darkness ready to right Freedom away from any of them and now, from anyone and thrust them into Slavery thru Human Trafficking.  Is it time?

       Is it time to end the Human Trafficking’s easy street of attacking these foreign men and women and children that so many equate to as Fugitives?  Over 300,000 in Texas alone are now hidden by Human Trafficking Gangs and Work Gangsters.  And who is there to rescue them?  Who?

        The stories of why we should not allow or even Open the Door of Citizenship to all of these so-called fugitives is everywhere and from every angle known to man.  But a man and woman and child and father make the Death Trip and then they find a way to live here and pay RENT and buy food and they keep out of sight and they are always worrying of being caught and sought-after like fugitives.  Like dogs.  And do you see all of these migrants as Dogs or Wannabees Americans?

          What is YOUR PRICE?  Yes, what is YOUR PRICE that you have in your mind that each of these Mexican Fugitives MUST PAY before you say it is OKAY for them to be called Americans?

          Sure, the Books say this and that and then you say, hey, wait a minute.  I know of a boy or girl whose parents are fugitives and I just never looked at it that way.  SO, are you suddenly a LAW DOG and going to rip Freedom that they have found here right out from under them?

          Hell Yah, you say and yet, you see the killing by the Cartels on the Border and that is the Hell you want to uproot them to?  Kick them out of Your Land and then Feed Them to the Cartel Dogs?



         So, suddenly, who is the worst Dog in this scenario?  You say that they all still have to go, and they number in the millions and they are 99% doing no one any harm.  Are they biting into Social Security?  No, they aren’t.  You say they are Biting into Medicare.  No, they are not.  So, by what Judgement do you judge these Fugitives?

           In WWII, there was a mission by B-17 Bombers to Destroy a Sanctuary.  A very, very old one where Nuns were living, and the Germans were using it as a Forward Observation Post for spotting for their Artillery which was killing American and Allied Troops. But you are the one that must BOMB this place and are you the one who takes the time to send word to the Nuns or do you just say-They must be Fugitives and they must die along with the destruction of that Sanctuary?  How else can you view the Nuns but Fugitives?  You are a human being and a Catholic and you must live with your decisions and yet, you must give the Order to BOMB.  What you going to do?  Kill these Children of God without even an attempt to let them know of the imminent death and destruction awaiting them?

           Terrible and impossibly heart-breaking decisions must be made, and they were during WWII and now, is this same similar situation now being applied to all Mexican Fugitives in America?  Your words say that they are now the Nuns and you can live with your decision to BOMB their homes and their lives.  Yes, it is.  Yes, it really is the same similar scenario and now, you suddenly think-O M G.

             What’s at the heart of the hatred?  Oh, you say it’s not hatred.  But you must hate all of these Mexican Fugitives to be able to uproot them and blast them out of their homes and uproot them from the Country that they now love?  And their love is DEEP!  Maybe deeper than your love for America is.

            Has your love been tested?  Ever tested?  I mean really and truly tested?  Okay, so what Branch of the U.S. Armed Forces did you join?  Where were you stationed?  Where was your Overseas Deployment?  And oh yeah, you were tested if you understand where this is going?

           But the number of Americans that Volunteer for the Military Branches is at an ALL TIME LOW and less than 1%.  And if you are so inclined, please read this one and get ready for the future of things to come-



        So, what can be done?  How about addressing some of the real problems-1st off, there has to be a legal means to bring all of these Mexican Fugitives out from the Cold and include them into being fully called Americans and do it now and quit stalling.  They are living by American Standards and no, there’s a bad apple here and there, but NOT THE ENTIRE BARREL in which is another lame use of misinformation all the time.  Fugitive Status is a generational disease tearing deep into the Mexican Population here causing a mental state of fugitive status thinking and that is not a way to live.  No way to live and always worried about everyone and all things.  Fearing all?  And when can we get this one right once and for all?

TrumpEating (3)


                      Mexican Fugitive Act of 2020


Man, oh, man do we own this one or what?  Seems the or What? Works pretty darn well for sure.

But hey, I wrote before all the Caravans even got here that it was going to create a Humanitarian Crisis and boy howdy, has it done ever bit of that one too

I hate to see this going on and I think that the pictures and people hulled-up like a bunch of warthogs and such just isn’t got nothing to do with all of our being Americans.

Hitting our Borders like a Thundering Herd of Rhinos, they are coming here at an unprecedented amount.  Number never seen before and the ones making it across now seen so surreal with Cruel and Unusual Punishment now gleaming right into all of our eyes.

Hey now, this suddenly not any form of joking matter.


And it’s now way past pointing fingers of guilt at anyone working the Border.  Hellfire, their job is now MAXED-OUT for sure.

But is there any answer to any of it?

YES, THERE IS-and that is the BROWN ACT which needs to be passed thru Congress at lightning speed.  And what the Hell is the Brown Act?

It’s what this simple Old Man thinks will work and it can work if you will only help pass on this Idea or we are going to be seeing even uglier pictures and there will be Movies made showing our inhumane treatment of Children.


South American Caravans or just more Fugitive Traffic?  

My mind comes crawling to the vastness of this great Nation.  Here, we are all Americans.  And exactly what is that?  What does that mean to you?  Born here, imported here, migrated here, transferred here, walked here, climbed here, swam here, flew here, drove here, and how many other ways did everyone arrive here on American Soil in all of their Peek-a-Boo Outfits?

It might have been several thousand years that your family ancestors might have arrived here.  Or, at least, your past members of your DNA pool did.  And exactly what is your DNA?  Hmm…

PEEK-A-BOO!  Oh yeah, peek-a-boo, cause no matter if you’re ready or not, the migrants are coming here.   And I am slightly confused.  Why in the hell, all of a sudden, are there all of these South American Migrant Caravans headed here? And when exactly do they receive the title of “illegal immigrant” vs. migrant?

Just imagine the 1st of these caravans being around 7,000 and the latest new South America Caravan is reported to be swelling to over 15,000-25,000 by the time it gets to the Southern Border of the United States.  And what if it swells to over 100,000 Migrants?  15,000 is a mess.  100,000 would be a super mess for sure.  Hmm…now that would be quite a quagmire scenario for sure.




WHOOPEE!  We’re all gonna die.

Yes, it really is, but exactly what kind of emergency is it?

In a manner of speaking, exactly what kind of emergency is it and for the most part, do you even care?  OR has our fears got the better grip on you good senses?  And years ago, I wouldn’t have ever added that last part, but gosh darn it, all of us have come to express our fears in one way or another thru our media sourcing more today than ever before.  Even when I wrote an Article about what worries Americans changes year by year and I was surprised to see how much of it was Media hyped during that year and then that hype turned into a real worry or fear by many of us.  Folks, we fear and worry about just too many things.  No wonder obesity and HBP is on the rise and not slowing down any time soon.



TrumpEating (3)


For the most part, these caravans do represent emergencies of a humanitarian crisis of the greatest proportions.  A sad thing for sure no matter how you dice it up.  To see this many individuals just uproot their roots and then head on a long, dangerous journey to a country that most only have seen in a few movies and really have no idea how Americans really live makes me shake my head.  I bet it makes you shake your head too.  And to see all of this in our lifetime.  Who would have ever thought any of this was possible on such a large or grande scale?  But it continues to take place.  One caravan after another.

But are we ready for these caravans from South America?

R u ready for them?

You can bet the Indians weren’t ready for all the immigrants that came here and these new migrants took what they damn well pleased to take from anyone living here.  And for the most part, the Indians lost in a big kind of way.  And that is what happens in land acquisition by migrants who came here from all across the World and that was a long time ago.  Is this the scenario that most Americans fear?

Will their continual arrivals mean pure violence and are future violent new land acquisitions by these new migrants in store for all of us?

I really don’t know, but I don’t think that it is the same picture as it was way back when many of our ancestors came here and they took and they took and they took.  And the Indians lost, and they lost and they lost.

I do not think a new land grab is coming anytime soon.  So, I do believe none of us need to worry about that except for the ones owning land on the Southern Border and that’s when a National Emergency or Presidential Executive Order would authorize the Land Grabbing of private property for the Border Wall to sit upon.

And, unlike what happened to the American Indians, I don’t think any of us need to fear similar treatment of being pulled out of our homes and put on New Reservations or just call them American Reservations by any of these migrants.

But be certain, a certain amount of bad apples are in the mix and that is very unfortunate as these bad individuals and their bad behavious will be the ones that will make the Headlines and not the mostly good nature of the rest of these South America caravans.

But if you were one of these migrants and you were facing-

Fight or flight? 

Fight or Die. 

Fight to live. 

Fight to find peace.

 Fight for the Right to simply live. 

Fight to find food? 

So, how do you dice-up this entire situation?

Or is it none of the above?

 What would make you walk here and how far will it be if you walk to El Paso, Texas? 



Tegucigalpa, Honduras to El Paso is only One Thousand, Seven Hundred, and Twenty-three miles.  1723 miles.  Hmm…and which of you reading this are up for that sort of trip?

When Americans began meeting the 1st Migrant Caravans from South America with all its new acquaintances, they were not met with VIOLENCE or EXCESSIVsE FORCE by Americans Security or American Military Forces on our Southern Border.  No one wants Violent Confrontations where these migrants get killed.  That’s not what America is all about.  And that would be the absolutely worst case Scenario for the United States.

But, nothing like that has taken place.  Americans have once again proved that they are the good guys and not done evil to these caravans.  But how to deal with these individuals and their hardships?

All eyes all over the World are on the Migrant Caravans and how each of them are being dealt with is on everyone’s mind.  But, these caravans are no less sad as the ones from Syria or other War torn areas of the Middle East.

Americans are slow to turn their attention at times to things, but this one is slowly going to bring everyone’s attention full circle and again, how can America fairly deal with all of it?

And if you search the Internet, you will find a bunch of reasons of why individuals come here risking life and limb.


And trust me, a ton of folks have died along the way every single day from way back when to this day today and more will die tomorrow and then the next day and on and on and on.

America’s Interstate Highways are littered with grave markers of those that have died along the highways and many are only ones seeking money to send back home to their families and that is the truth in many of those.  I see the Death Markers everywhere here in Texas and I know that you have seen them too.

And then comes the many in the Honduras Freedom Caravan needing immediate medical attention.  How about all those hurting, bleeding feet?  Those big toes, those little toes?  But how about all of them blisters.  And I know many don’t have a clue about having to wash your clothes in river water or fresh rain puddles.  Taking “bird baths” in rain puddles, rivers, and streams.

When I worked as a ranch hand many, many years ago, there were several Cowboys from Mexico there and yes, there were here illegally.  They lived in a ranch house for vaqueros. And the strangest of things was pay day.  They would be taken to town each week after being paid and they brought four things mainly-bags and bags of Potato Chips, lots of Coca Cola, and money orders that they would mail back home to their families.

Now, most individuals never have seen that world of the vaqueros or the migrant man or woman and yes, it has always been the human trafficking of vaqueros from one ranch to another and this activity has been going on for hundreds of years.  But this human trafficking has always been voluntary by these vaqueros and the ranchers or the big vegetable growers who seek harvesting workers for their crops.

But these individuals mostly came, worked for many years, and then returned home.  And they never received any US Government Benefits or Social Security Payments as these individuals were always paid in cash with no records of their ever having been here.

But, that was over 40 years ago now.

And what about all those getting burned up from lack of sunscreen.  And the list of things that so many cannot even contemplate about the flight of the migrant travelers.

I know, I know, I know.  Everyone sees these migrants traveling in buses, in semi-trucks, or on the back of trailers.  But not everyone has been so lucky and not everyone has seen the kidnappings or the others placed into bondage by hateful groups or individuals along the way either.  Even some I am sure have been kidnapped for the Sex Trade and that is so very sad for sure.

Well now, what surprises you the most?  None of this should.  Why?


All of us have seen what goes on.  None of us live with our heads buried in the ground.  We got a good idea why they are coming here.   Just look at this simple scenario-We been bombing the hell out of the Middle East for how long?  Hmm…have you already forgotten that one?   And how many have been displaced by all of those 500lb and 1000lb bombs?  All them rockets and all them rounds fired from Mortars and Tanks and Artillery Pieces and bombs have taken a toll on those cities?  And some of them have quite bluntly been stoned back to the stone age with massive concrete structures lying in ruins.

A mind gone down twice and then met down the sunny slippery slope of no return.

And how about all those tons of supplies that they brought on their backs?

Must be nearly four hundred pounds per person?

Well now, when you review the pictures of all these immigrants in the Caravan, you don’t see all the things like Food Stops.

Water Stops.

Piss Stops.

Poop Stops.

So, who is exactly doing all the logistics on this swelling group of individuals?

So, where the hell is all of the monies coming from that keeps all of these caravans headed here?


Private Donations?

Charitable Donations by large corporations?  (And if you look at this one, you gonna poop your britches for sure)

Hell, you won’t even see all those 400-lbs of supplies needed per person on anyone’s back or being pulled behind anyone on a cart or on a Donkey Cart.

So, how many are fasting for one day at a time?

2 days?

3 days?

4 days?

5 days?

For Christ’s Blessedness, are these Honduras Freedom Caravans start their walking with only the clothes on their bodies?

With one pair of shoes?

With one pair of underwear?

One bra?

Two socks?


So, most must have brought monies.  Right?

The average wage in Honduras is about twenty-two thousand a year which is nothing to snicker about.  Not at all.

But why toss in your hat and roll the dice on an almost two-thousand mile walk?

And in a walk of desperation not knowing nothing about what might be waiting here for you if you are one of these walking migrants.

So, has the conditions deteriorated so diabolically that a possible Death Walk offers better or a surer Hope than staying in Honduras?

Risking it all to come to America?

And how about Venezuela? And that situation has turned into a mess there for sure and they have over one million who have fled there and entered into Colombia.  And then to where from there?

How many are going to be coming from there as well?

So, what can be done? Just how strong and determined of KEEPING THEM OUT would you maintain if your were in charge at the Southern Border of the United States?  And there are many things to take into consideration and it all comes back to one thing-

ALLOW THE ONES WHO CAN LEGALLY GAIN ENTRANCE INTO AMERICA COME ON IN AND BE REGISTERED AND ALL THAT OTHER NECESSARY STUFF.  The others will have to wait their turn and their presence is going to be a huge burden on Mexico for sure.

Well, we might as well go into some of our ugly past and that is this-

You done your History learning?  You studied all the past atrocities?  You know all about Operation Wetback don’t you?  Oh, you’re just a youngster and you wouldn’t know nothing about that?  You got a cell phone or a keyboard, go Google it.  It’s for real and not some lame bullshit I just made up.  You see, I have been studying about these sorts of things for a very long time, but I can honestly say that I am not a clue-all on any of this.

But for damn sure, when these South American Caravans are getting here to our Southern Border for sure. And will our fears of these migrants allow us to still respect the Rights of these migrating individuals?  You know, I really don’t know because some are mighty fearful of them.

If you ask me, I fully believe that anyone willing to walk over 1700 miles to get here and away from an ugly POS situation in their own country, then by all means, let them come on in as legal migrants fully documented.

I guarantee some of these immigrants are gonna make some of the best damn Americans ever!  Damn good Americans I say for sure.  They just proved to me how far they are willing to go for the right to be here.  And is that truly any different from our forefathers?  Is it?  By all means, stop now and think on this for a moment. And if you are a migrant hater, then let me point out this-

How did you get here?  And I am not talking from a woman’s egg that was fertilized by a male sperm.  Get real.  Where in your past can you trace your DNA that put you here in America?  There are many, many companies doing DNA Ancestry and you can find out where you came from and then you too can review your own personal history and where or were there any atrocities in that past?  It’s all in the genetics.  It really is. And yes, there’s ugly in everyone’s past.


For me and I am not ashamed to say this.  I am proud of my past because I built my own home almost completely by myself and I like to think it goes back to my past relatives long before my time here.

They were INDENTURED SERVANTS or another way of saying Slaves by Choice.  And they were all carpenters and they came to work here in America for someone else for so many years here for that person paying for their boat ride here way back when the sailing boats were running the High Seas.

But how about you?  Maybe it’s time for you to have that DNA test done to see exactly from where and how your own DNA Matrix Gene Pool came to be spliced together to make up who the hell you are.

And right now, the cost of that test is getting cheaper and cheaper and more and more sophisticated with the end results.  Afraid to see if you were kin to Jack the Ripper? Or some other band of folks that will make you proud or maybe might even upset you.  Who knows until you slap down the money and get your DNA test done.

But, now for the migrants?  What are some of the things that will be needed when and if any are allowed into America?

  1. Full physical evaluation to see who needs Emergency Aid immediately and there will be some.
  2. Then comes how to separate the “Good” from the “Bad” sort to speak? Yes, who are the good immigrants and who are the bad ones?  Good workers ready to go to work or MS-13 or other violent gang members?  That will be the real test of a good reviewing team.  Although the great majority of these individuals seeking entry and acceptance into America are gonna be nothing but good.  But all of us know that there are always some with maybe alternative reasons of their own evilness for coming here.  And these are the ones that need to be “weeded-out” and returned to Honduras or Mexico or wherever they came from.  But, who foots the bill for that?s  These groups are continuing to come here and they are continuing to grow even larger than the previous group which might mean individuals planted in Mexico might also have joined into these long line of walkers.
  3. Where to house all of these immigrants? Or to house any of them?  And what if we did do that?  On which Air Force Base?  Military Base?  Convert abandoned Prisons?  Convert Empty Warehouses? And all of this is coming on the heals of one of America’s Most Devastating Hurricanes this year.  Is this gonna be a money pounder on ole Uncle Sam’s wallet or what?  You know it is.
  4. And with housing comes all the other needed services-manpower to work with them, to feed them, to clothes them, and so on the story goes. You can imagine what a logistics nightmare this will be.  If this were an Army of men put together, just think how much must take place to get them somewhere and to keep them there-all the food, housing, and so on.
  5. The problems are perplexing no matter how you look at all of this. And no, violence is not and never will be the answer to any of this.  Violence only begets Violence.

So, I am now tired of writing.  I am not trying to say nothing for sure or maybe I have just a little bit.

Dealing with all of these migrating caravans is one of the greatest task ahead for all the ones who remain on the front lines.  And they must tirelessly deal with each one of these South American Caravans.

I hope that you will join me in praying for a Mutually Rewarding Outcome for all of them and for all of us.  I think ultimately that God will take a big hand in all of this for sure.

I say Welcome The Ones who can legally gain entry into our country.

But will you be brave enough to join me?  I believe that a great many of them will make damn good Americans.

The ones of age, let them join our United Armed Forces for their immediate indoctrination into what being an American is all about.  I bet that many of these young men and women will join proudly if given the chance and a fat chance of being a legal American is added to their military duty. 

And one day, America may ask them or their kids to one day go into South America to fix a bad situation there.

Never say never because I think one way of another, America will be in South America one day and Venezuela may be only the 1st of that.  And these migrants-turned Americans thru US Armed Forces Service would be maybe the best Soldiers to send into South America one day.


Everyone will have to decide that one for themselves.

And I want you to know right now that all of this is only for food for thought and I truly do not have the real solutions to these very large problems that are attached with how to deal with all these caravans.

Government Officials elected are the ones who are supposed to have the solutions.  But maybe, just maybe, these problems are greater in scope than what any of them have ever dreamed possible and they too will need help in figuring all of this out.  And can you help?  What is your solution?  Do you have the solutions?

I sure don’t…

~the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series~








Immediately remove all migrant Parents with their migrant Children from all Holding Centers like the Juvenile Prisons and place these migrant families with Migrant Family Provider Licensed Sponsors by individuals or families located anywhere in America who will immediately take a migrant family with children into their homes. 

Licensed Migrant Family Provider Sponsors must prove their monetary earning means and housing abilities to immediately be able to take a single migrant family into their home. 

And each Migrant Family Provider Candidate wanting to be Licensed as a Licensed Migrant Family Provider must show they have no Felony Records or being investigated for any felony activities by a background check. 

Each such person must also not be under investigation or so designated for any mental illnesses. 

Licenses can be obtained at any County Courthouse or a City Office in the County that the Provider resides for a minimal fee of $300.

One hundred dollars will then be sent to the State Budget.

One hundred dollars will be sent to the U.S. Government’s General Budget.

One hundred dollars will then be kept with the City or County Budget who is responsible for doing the Licensing of each Migrant Family Provider.   

Once Licensed as a Migrant Family Provider, the Licensee must provide the names, pictures, fingerprints, and photos of each migrant that they accept into their homes to the County Officials and/or City Officials. 

And the Migrant Family Provider must agree to immediately begin normal Indoctrination of the American  Culture and to aid in Language learning with the newly obtained Migrants.  

Migrant Family Provider Licensee must be capable of helping the Migrant children with homework if said migrant children are going to school.

These Migrant Children must then be enrolled in a local school.

The Migrant Family Provider Licensee is responsible for caring, clothing, and the well being of each migrant including taking them for any Medical Evaluations, Medical Treatments, and Obtain any Migrant Medications needed by them.  This includes any mental evaluations and treatments as well.

Each Migrant must receive a yearly Health Wellness Evaluation.

A monthly report must be sent to the County or City by the 1st of the next month. 

After a six-month period, the Migrant Family Provider Licensee need only report on December 31st of each year or once a year.

These reports must include all school grade reports and health reports including heights and weights of each migrant. 

And an explanation of how well the Migrants are accepting learning American Culture and adjusting to being with the Migrant Family Provider Licensee must be included in the Licensed Migrant Provider Report.


Okay, enough said.  The Licensing can be done very quickly, and the rest can be done very rapidly.  And then, the Humanitarian Crisis will be much less than before.  It would be a start for sure.


But can or will you be willing to Sponsor a Future American and his or her family?


Before you say no or yes, please look at these photos and see the haunting resemblances from the past come back to haunting America.


God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s father Book Series.

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