Dealing with Hatreds and walking away the Winner! And a special Treat, just for you-Sneak Preview of A Panther’s Father II’s Last Chapter

Dealing with Hatreds and walking away the Winner!

Waiting on a Tarmat

How can I, an old man now, help you with this ugly animal called Hatred or animals called Hatreds?  And yeah, we all got them, it’s just how we take it all in and then walk away the Winner.  So, here’s a peep of that past stuff that partly molded me.


       As I am often times reminded of how I was treated like I was a Piece of Liver Bait for Sharps by some of the U.S. Draftees Overseas. And like many things in our lives, some die while others memories are quite memorable. The vivid ones are the most painful, if I am allowed to interject.  And it’s much, much later now and a very long time away from when I was a young man.  But there come times in my own life that something will take place and take me back to what was once a constant reminder of how poorly all of us U.S. ALL-VOLUNTEER U.S. ARMY SOLDIERS were treated.  Yes, it still sticks in my mind like a bad apple when you find that you bite into a worm hiding in it always coming back to me every time I am asked-Excuse Me, Sir, are you a Vietnam Veteran when my Cap I used to wear said Vietnam-Era Veteran on it?

       And I always would say politely as I can-No Ma’am, I am not a Vietnam Veteran, I am a Vietnam-Era Veteran. I did not go to Vietnam.

And then you watch as you see this or that person then begin showing or displaying an almost utter contempt in their facial expression for the man that they are viewing.  And that person was me or some other Vietnam-Era Veterans.  And each of them are looking Like HOW COULD YOU?  You were in the Military and YOU FAILED TO COME TO THE AID OF YOUR FELLOW SOLDIERS THAT SERVED THERE?  HOW COULD YOU? HOW COULD YOU NOT HAVE GONE TO VIETNAM?  By God, you must be a Coward.  And all of you must be COWARDS!

       But no, that’s never been the case. I never met a Coward wearing the same U.S. Army Uniform I was wearing. What we did and the bitter treatment we received only helped pave the way for future men and women Volunteering to join the U.S. Armed Forces and serve all Americans.  And no, it wasn’t easy at all upon all of us. Some of it stunk pretty bad. 

       On one side you had the U.S. Draftee that was very proud of his Service and on the other side the U.S. Draftee who felt betrayed by the People of the United States and the United States Government.  But no, I really don’t believe anyone actually deliberately betrayed anyone.  That whole War still remains a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Well, none of us are so sure on the VA as I still don’t trust them folks and most Veterans don’t either.

        But what I sometimes wanted to say to the ones walking up to me and asking me was this-Please just leave me alone, I am so sorry for having worn my Veteran Cap and you know, I sometimes hate myself as if I was an animal and other times I still care enough to make it thru just one more day.  That’s what I want to say so much.  But I keep my mouth shut and I remain as polite as possible. And I let this or that person have his or her moment no matter what it might be. Even at my own expense. 

Tank Stuck in Mud

       And then comes that piece of sh_t stare from some of them almost every time.  You know, we Americans sure don’t hide our emotions on our sleeves.  NOPE.  We let’er go every time no matter who they hurt.  And bro and sis, I have had my emotions trifled with by some of the best “know-it-all” folks who think that they helped write the book on all the  “Know-It-All’s Knowledge so other Know-it-all’s can follow in their footsteps.  And all those non-Military types know it all on everything that you did or did not do. Man, they read a book, they listened to a Report, or they watched a movie and suddenly they are a Military Expert on me. On every Veteran.

      Yes, most have read this book or that book and seen this movie or that movie, but hey, they still haven’t walked in any of our shoes.  Not in any of our Combat Boots. Or some come from pass knowing on all subjects from instances of listening to other Military Haters. Or just listening to actual Veterans and then reinterpret what they had just heard.

        And the hatred for Vietnam-Era Veterans runs deep for weird reasons.  And yet, so many just don’t get it.  WE were the ones who paved the way for all the other Volunteers and so did other Vietnam Veterans who saw the entire picture.  They saw us come in and get the job done. With pride. Yes, even in my own family there are those that think I am a Piece of Sh_t because I cannot say-YES, I WAS A VIETNAM VETERAN.  Well, no matter what, I still cannot and I have never said I was ever a Vietnam Veteran in my entire life.  The US Draft had to go and it did and folks that you now know became the Volunteers that helps keep the Draft from rearing-up its ugly head back-up to once again Draft you or your kids.

  But you need to understand this-I have gotten used to staring down at the ground every time I hear someone ask me that same ole question-Were you in Vietnam?

And the look is always the same when I say, NO, Ma’am, I am a Vietnam-Era Veteran.  And I can now say-Thank You God for not sending me there and ending US Troop Deployments over there by the time I went to Boot Camp.  Sure, I had enlisted before they did that, but by the time I entered Boot Camp, the Vietnam Deployment had ended for us.

And does it matter that there were Era-Veterans in all of Our Wars?  Yes, those that did not go to Korea, Iraq or Afghanistan or any of the other places Americans have been sent during War Time.  But the 1st hurdle long before the Vietnam-Era misgivings was the hell that most of the U.S. Draftees put all of us Volunteering Soldiers through.  Lord, they made our days and nights living hell.  Some of them really did.

      Man, that was worst than any Sad-Sack story for sure.  Worst than I can ever tell about all of this.  And now,  I’ll give you a tiny glimpse into that hell for sure.

      Who knew?  Who knew?  Yes, who knew that the US Army Draftees would treat all of us Volunteers like we were all pieces of SH_T!  Well, I sure didn’t until I went Overseas.  The Army Recruiter who signed me up didn’t let on to what crap I would one day be facing. For him, I was just another number to meet his monthly quota. But the Volunteers had to man-up and prove Volunteers could replace all of the U.S. Draftees. Well, we did.

        Oh Yeah, we got tossed a few bones of hatred during Basic Training and my group of newly All Volunteers for the US Army saw them, we heard them at Fort Polk, LA.  And gosh that was such a long time ago.

     But hey, I just thought being mistreated was all part of the total break your ass down and rebuild a person into a person that wanted to KILL’EM ALL. And Lord, all those crazy Vietnam War saying like-KILL’EM ALL, LET GOD SORT THEM OUT.

     But oh yeah, that killing stuff wasn’t for any you or me’s.  No, that was for any enemy that the United States decided we needed to up and go KILL.  And Lord have Mercy, the Vietnam Veterans done a fantastic job of killing folks in Vietnam. And yes, I heard the stories from many a Vietnam Veteran and they were Fresh-off their Mind Mint for sure when they told me.  No, they weren’t the things you read in books, but they were many a night that my hair on the back of my neck would tingle from the blood-curdling tales that some of these Vietnam Veterans had to tell.  But let me take you back to what I found to be very true and come along on this midnight ride.




       In October 1973, I had already finished Basic Training and already finished Advanced Individual Training in Eleven Echo Ten-Armored Crewman.  And Dear Lord, our Life Expectancy Rate in Vietnam as an Armored Crewman really sucked the Big One and another reason why I am now so thankful I did not go to Vietnam. No, I was sent to South Korea, the Land of the Morning Calm. 

Anti-Noth Korean Cement Blocks at Mountain Pass in South Korea

    A Land where everywhere you looked, there was many, many years of preparations for another Korean War like this simple Mountain Pass where the Cement Octagon Blocks at top were to be detonated to help slow and block a North Korean Advance in the time of another War.  And in other places in the mountains are cut runs for troops to set-up and machine gun points and so on.  And no matter where you went, there were Armed Machine Gun Road Stops where Armed Korean Troops checked you and the vehicle you were riding in out.  I am talking about one of their little taxi cabs.  And gasoline was like $9-19 dollars a liter.  Crazy wild in price.  So, most people took the bus for little to nothing and they were jammed tight with people. 

      I wanted to go to Vietnam out of HATRED for the Killing of my Best Friend who died over in Vietnam as a Gunner on a Huey Gunship. And that hatred is gone.  And now, I know how much of that War should never even happened as all of us do now. My hate I had to overcome and I needed to walk away a Winner. It’s what true Champions do in life. Might take many years to get there, but a person can become the person that they want to become. I did and so can you.

Waiting on a Tarmat

      Anyhow, I was sitting in an airport late at night back on that fateful night in Northern California waiting for our group of Soldiers to load-up for our flight to the Land of the Morning Calm.  Got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

       I think that they purposely make sure all flights carrying Military Personnel take off at night so that you never get to see what the Lowest Military Contract Bidding Airline looked like. And it had to be the Cheapest for sure.  I mean the seat covers on the seats were torn and it smelled of some form or kind of stink that I still cannot place.  I mean a real stink for sure.  And we would be smelling that stink for a long, long time.  Hours upon hours.  Man- airport time and bus stop time was some really strange times for sure.  I was asked if I wanted to buy drugs in Memphis, Tennessee and Anti-War and Hair Kresna folks with lots of disgust at the Airports.

M-60MainBattleTank (2)

         And when we got to South Korea, we practiced War, War, War, and more War and we f_Ked our heads-off, our brains-out with the local women in the Villages and in the countryside.  My last South Korean woman who laced-up my sexual desires was in the middle of a Corn Field.  How strange and they knew what we wanted and we knew what they wanted.

        And then, when we loaded-up, I actually wondered if the damn plane could or would ever get off the ground as I watched out of my window as the end of the runway came mighty close before those front wheels on our airplane starting lifted off the runway pavement.  And it seemed to groan as it lifted up and into the air.  I mean, the body of the plane inside the fuselage made the creepiest metal on metal sounds I ever heard.  It was not a good sound for sure. But off the pavement  all the wheel lifted and then, we were in the Air for the better or the worse.

      And then, trying to sleep on that damn plane was like trying to eat ice cream in a group of three-year-old kids and you didn’t offer any of them any.  And soon, there came the vomiting from the ones who got air sick and then ones who had loaded-up on that plane so intoxicated that any of them could have been charged with a PI(public intoxication) by any Law Enforcement Officers.

       But the Drunks or Drunkards were the Vietnam Veterans who were staying in the Military trying to find a ladder to a Retirement Check.  Or maybe, this U.S. Army was the only place that a Drunkard take and could get his drunk act on and everyone learned to accept Drunks and Drinking like it was the King Thing to do.  And after all, a lot of these Veterans were dealing with the Night Hells that seemed to always be calling them back into Vietnam by some form of bad dreams or flashbacks of horrible nightmares.  And yes, I saw many a night where I helped Drunken Vietnam Veterans find their way back to their bunk from the Village outside the gates of Camp Casey, South Korea.  Or also from one of the clubs that were on the Post itself. 


        A CQ runner always knew where to find me and tell me the location of a Drunken Vietnam Vet. and off I would go jogging to the front gate and then broken wing carry the guy back, lay him on his bunk, untie and remove his boots and put him his mosquito netting down.   And if the man needed me to even hold his hand while I helped bring him back from his Demons that were chasing him around in his mind.  Well, I did that too.  Hey, I was there for them and I did my part and I never let a Vietnam Veteran down.  Not ever.  But some of their stories were far worse than anything that you might read in a book.  And no, I have never ever written about any of them.  If I did, that would be STOLEN GLORY to me.  STOLEN VALOR!

      The worst of my memories are of Deaths that should not have happened.  Some I can talk about and others will go to the grave with me.  They were their stories and they made those guys suffer immensely.  But on one night while I was guarding Our Armory, three Black Soldiers entered through the front door and DEMANDED that I open the Armory for them.  And I DID NOT!  I was behind locked bars given Orders to only Open that Door when Properly relieved.  And today, I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had opened that Door.  What was their full intentions on that Saturday Night in 1974?  Your guess is as good as mine, but it most likely was of bad intentions.  Sure, I reported them and they got in trouble, but I never heard why they had came that night demanding I Open the Armory Door where all manners of weapons and ammunition was stored.   But that was just part of the craziness that carried over from Vietnam to South Korea for the Vietnam Veterans that came to South Korea as their next Deployment and they still had DEATH TO ALL SLANT-EYES on their brains.  And they ABSOLUTELY DID NOT TRUST A SINGLE SOUTH KOREAN.  And instilled the same into all of our minds as well.  But Lord, I did love some of them-

Japanese woman

        What was there not to love about the women in South Korea like this Japanese Woman that stole my heart like others as well.  

         Man, those mosquitoes really were something bad over there during the rainy season for sure.


         But there we were on that plane flying in total darkness and after so many hours, the Sunlight started appearing from the rear area of the plane.  And soon, I saw one plane after another fly past us like we were sitting still.  Yep, our super low cost economy flight plane must have been struggling to stay up in the air as it shook and shaked many times along the way Overseas.  But the faster Commercial Planes just flew by us like we were stopped at a STOP sign.

And I remember thinking-dang, I sure wished we had been on one of those faster planes.  But no, we had suffer even more for what lay ahead for all of us non-U.S. Draftees.

     I still remember the night I had decided to go into the U.S. Army and that was three-fold.  First, my father had just gotten thru telling me that there was no COLLEGE MONEY for me because my older and most loved son had gotten the Lion’s Share of everything.  And then, later the younger brother, well, I told my father to worry paying for his College Education than pay for mine.  And secondly, I wanted to revenge the death of my best friend-a gunner on a Huey Gunship.  And dang it all, he hadn’t even been over there in Vietnam for hardly a month before he was killed. And thirdly, I needed help with the College Money thing and the Military offered a two-year enlisted program where a person could serve for two years and then qualify for the G.I. Bill.  And if you think that check of about $285 a month any of us got really paid for all of it, please think again as it didn’t.  No, that $285 dollars came only as long as you were enrolled in College and DOING GOOD.  You know, not flunking anything.

      Well, Sir. That plane finally got closer to Japan and as I looked down, I saw one ship after another and I saw many of those oriental type boats with weird looking sails that you would never forget.  It was like seeing a book image coming to life and there down below were all those boats and mostly fishing boats for sure.  And I was happy to see them because our plane continued to moan and groan with all the pain of maybe too many hours of usage.  Yep, too many hours of flight time for sure.  I mean this thing should have been retired maybe two years earlier, but no, that lowest bid plane was our ride to a totally different world that many have never experienced.

      And then there was Mount Fuji and then our plane was coming down in a steep dive that seemed liked the Dive into Hell for sure.  I mean I saw that plane come down and then over the largest power transmission lines I had ever seen.  And then, the plane abruptly landed on the runway.  And I am sure that the plane did not bounce because it weighed just too damn much.  And then, we unloaded and then we were allowed to stand and walk around in a large confinement area like a small warehouse where we were not allowed to go past a certain line as Japanese Men who looked at us like we were lambs coming to the slaughter.  No, they obviously had a contempt for all of us and they had nothing but hate looks upon their faces. I found that strange, but I didn’t really care because I knew that old mother joker of a plane still had to get up in the air one more time and take all of us to the Land of the Morning Calm.  And I did wonder if that old bird had it in her to get all of our butts up and over those large transmission lines in our flight path.

And then in about six hours of I am sure the plane was being glued back together and after the glue completed drying, we re-boarded the plane and it still had that same ole stinking smell.  Hell, I’m not so sure that plane wasn’t used to haul cattle when they weren’t ferrying Soldiers Overseas.  Yep, just remove the seat and load-up a bunch of cows or Opps!  Maybe we were the cows and all of us just stunk that bad.

But then, we were all onboard again and that plane just bared got over those cables of high-powered electrical current running threw them.  I just thought all of us were going to be shish-ka-bob for sure.  But no, we got over those lines.

And then in about an hour or less, w/e were over the Land of the Morning Calm and I was shocked as I looked down.

Sweet Jesus, I could see all the bomb craters still there for the World to see from the Korean War and they looked like hell from the air.  I mean those mountains were like almost pure granite and there were all the holes made by bombs dropped here and there.  And I thought, damn.

And then, we landed and after they opened the door to allow us to get off the plane, the SHIT-IN-YOUR-FACE ODOR of Human Feces hit me.  Man, it hit me like no other thing I had ever smelled. And it raced into my nostrils with lightning speed.  And I thought-what the hell was that?

Tank Training

And soon, we had our Duffle-Bags and we were loaded-up into these old looking dark green Military Transportation Buses.  And soon as we were loaded and looking out the windows, the driver told us that SHIT SMELL that we were smelling was the human feces and such that was poured into all the rice paddies for fertilizer.  And he warned us-NEVER EVER EAT THE KOREAN VEGETABLES while we over here because our bodies didn’t have a certain enzyme in our system like they had.  And I am sure that was a tape worms because I once later saw a Peddler’s Show selling pills to help remove Tape Worms from their Korean Bodies and near the end of the show, the Peddler showed everyone fresh Tape Worms freshly pooped out one of the Koreans in the audience.  It made a believer out of me and was just such an odd thing to see.  But it was just one of many that my eyes and mind would have to adjust to.


Then after seeing one Intake Person after another and two Turtle Farms, we were assigned to our Company.  Turtle Farms are small holding camps for Soldiers newly entered into the Country.  And I was new as all get-out and maybe a whole lot wet behind the ears as I wasn’t prepared for what was to come.
And then I met the worst, most All Volunteer Hating U.S. Draftee fellow Soldier I had ever met.  And the man made my life a living hell on earth.  He told all of us Volunteers that all of us were pieces of shit and he did it every time he saw any of us.  And he did not quit at that.  He did his best to try and help us get into the military jail and so on.

       I actually wondered if the man had been RAPED while he was in Vietnam because I have never known anyone with such a drilling mountain of hatred in him.  I mean the man was WALKING HATRED.  And he didn’t just stop with us.  He hated Colored Soldiers.  He hated Mexican Soldiers.  And he hated KOREANS just the tiniest above all of us.  Hell, I think the man hated himself as well. But his hatred was most vivid for all of us who had joined the US ARMY as Volunteers.  It didn’t matter that we went thru the same last Basic Training that the last of the U.S. Draftees went thru.  But if you were a Draftee, the man loved the hell out of you as he considered you a select member of all Draftees who hated the US Army and the Vietnam War.  He considered you a Royal Member in the U.S. Draftee Society.

        I mean, I could see this man leading an Anti-Vietnam War Rally with no problem back home with flying colors.  And just before he left Korea, I found out that he had always only been behind a typewriter all of his Military Career.  But no, he professed to being some Super Bad Ass Vietnam Combat Veteran with a chest full of Medals.  He was the man living with Stolen Valor!  Well, he had a few, but none for heroism or nothing like that.  No, he hadn’t killed any Vietnamese with his typewriter.  He hated Vietnam.  He hated the Vietnamese and HE HATED KOREANS!  Man oh man did he and all the U.S. Draftees hated Koreans.  I mean they all didn’t give a shit that the Koreans were not Vietnamese, all of them had total contempt for anyone who had SLANTED EYES.  Slanted Eyes period.

        And the U.S. Draftees made no bones about this hatred and the KATUSA’s knew it too.  KATUSA-a South Korean Soldier assigned to the U.S. Army or what was known as a “Korean Augmentation to the United States Army“.  And our KATUSA was Kim, Y.K.  And man, oh, man, he was the Real Deal.  He was a Top Belted Karate Expert and he was a long time Member of the South Korean Army.  He was a highly respected man amongst all the other South Koreans.

       And he was the loader on our M-60 Main Battle Tank known as


      And I remember asking the Tank Commander why in the hell he named our tank Aphrodities.  Hellfire, he even misspelled her name.  And he always would say this same thing-Hell Soldier you don’t know any of your mythology?  Aphrodities is the Goddess of Love and We’re all gonna Suck those Tits Dry Before We Die.   And at times, I think he really believed our tank was truly the Goddess of Love and not the Goddess of Death and completely invincible.  But the man had an amazing Record in Vietnam for not having lost a single Armor Crewman assigned to a Tank that he commanded.  And I was happy about that.

        Damn, what a saying, what a name.  What a man.  He was a man’s man and we all looked-up to him.  And the Tank Commander said that he always used the same name on all of his tanks in Two Tours during the Vietnam War.  And he always bragged that he never lost a crewman ever. And names and their nicknames of this and that and of each other was all of part of the madness that followed all of the Vietnam Veterans no matter where they went.  And then came the place in the Quonset Hut where I was assigned to live.  And it was a freshly repaired area of that Quonset Hut. 


       A Quonset Hut, it’s the curved top buildings with the two windows and one door in the above picture, was a left-over from the Korean War and the living room half-moon looking building from the front or rear that housed US Troops.  And when I asked why the area where I lived was freshly repaired.  They all told me the same thing and that was that it had been blown-out, they said because the person that was living there was blown all the hell up because he was a snitch.

Man, he got fragged!  A Soldier in South Korea got fragged!  Vietnam and what went on there followed over like walking-death to South Korea.

Damn, and I was asked over and over again-R u a SNITCH TOO the entire time I was there and it was so often used, that everyone used it?  But evil crawly things were everywhere and you better put them underfoot or else.

Claws under shoe

HELL TO THE NO ON THAT ONE FOR SURE!  Right?  Who the hell wants to have a live grenade tossed on them in the sack?  Not me for sure.

        Then the questions quit coming to my ears after I had gone down into the Village and started proving my worth by pulling out one after another of these Vietnam Veterans who had gotten shit-faced drunk and wanted to KILL ALL THE GOOKS he could find down there in the Village.  Hell, even the Korean Police would smile when they saw me coming to the rescue to get Mr. Wannabe Killer Veteran back out of the Village.  But they didn’t have to do that and sometimes, they just locked the riotous drunkard up. 

      On this one time I went into the Village, I had to wrestle some this one Vet all the way back to his Quonset Hut and man oh man, both of us had to hit the shower first as that is where I carried him and me to first.

        We got into the shower to wash off all of his Vomit now all over both him and me.  And no, of course not, he didn’t mean to vomit on both of us.  He was fighting dragons and all sorts of monsters still flowing into his head from Vietnam.

And he must have had a lot of them because his nickname was-


And I heard the name and then I found out the reason for his nickname.  It was all in his photo album of kids killed by him in Vietnam.  And he was sure to point out the explosive that they had in their hands or about them when he took the picture of them all messed-up.  He said he had no choice, but one viewing was all I ever needed or ever wanted or could handle for that matter and after that, I slept very lightly.  I knew within twenty feet was a man that was a known killed of small children and everyone was wide-awake when he was around.  But he never messed with me.  He told me he could tell I was no SNITCH. 

Man, how the hell can anyone tell that about anyone else?

        But I slept very lightly because of the strange things that were going on all over the Land of the Morning Calm.  And that strangeness was NORTH KOREA.  And the COLD WAR games that came across the DMZ or more likely by the ocean waters.  But, they liked to walk into a Club and start blowing away everyone in it.

So, I guess that evilness of all the School Shootings might be kind of traced back to Overseas as we too got to know all about that one.  And their Peaceful Joe Ching Rallies were something amazing to witness.   I mean thousands as far as the eye could see they were all there pressed together like in a cheese squeeze smash-up.

      But what took place there was NEWS-LESS back in the States.  I guess none of it rated News as the Vietnam War was a Reporter’s big ticket.  Our deaths never made the U.S. Newspapers and after calling home a couple of times and asking if they had heard about this or that-well, my parents always said they hadn’t seen nothing in the newspapers about it.  But dang, they sure Mediatized the Hell out of the Vietnam War, but not so much on the COLD WAR.  And there was nothing COLD about it.  Nothing COLD at all.

       U.S. Soldiers were being killed in the Land of the Morning Calm.  And the one that sticks out the most to me were the South Korean who turned on us and killed fellow Soldiers.

      Forced to turn on us or North Koreans all along?  I don’t know.  But every time someone was killed by a Korean, Kim would always say-HIM NORTH KOREAN.  And he and all of us would let it go.  For us, Kim was South Korean to us.  WE had to TRUST him.  He loaded-up the 105-mm rounds for me into the main gun for anytime we had to blow the hell up out of something.  And he always wanted to drive Aphrodites and our Tank Commander let him one time.  One time and one time only.

     And why was that?  In that one time, he ran over a taxi carrying a newlywed couple. Actually it got caught in the right side track as we were traveling.  And I watched this Taxi try to pass up on the shoulder of the dirt road, the track and the left side of the car connected and hooked-up together.  And then, I watched as I saw the Taxi Driver look our way and then I saw the Bride and Groom looking at us too.  I had my head sticking up out of the Top Hatch and then I saw the horror on their faces.  It was so surreal.  I mean I saw them come up and then head towards the front of the tank and then, the Taxi was slammed back down on its top.  What a sh_t-feast that caused for sure for both men.  It was just crazy as hell for sure.

       But the one thing that still sticks in my mind the most about Mr. Hate and his games for all All of Us Volunteers was the night in that miserable winter and his doing this one thing.

planewing (2)

      Two men had climbed into bed together and it was 52 degrees below zero outside and it was cold as hell in that Quonset Hut and those sleeping bags only helped so much with their animal fur around the tiny hole you would breath out of.  A bitter, biting cold like nothing I ever felt in my entire life.

But instead of allowing the two to sleep together when they had only two blankets each instead of a Alaskan Sleeping Bag, that Mr. Hate for All of Us took it upon himself to take the top of a shoeshine polish can and put the empty thing on top of the two men sleeping together.

But no, it wasn’t empty.  Mr. Hate had filled it up with cigarette lighter fluid and then he squired a line of lighter fluid from it all the way away for about then feet right up to the front door so he could escape if needed. 

And then O M G!

He lit the fluid and then in no time, the lighter fluid took to fire and it raced to that small holder can of lighter fluid sitting atop of those two fools and it then burst into flames and then-

THE TWO South Korean SOLDIERS JUMPED UP AND THE FIRE WENT EVERYWHERE!  I mean it went everywhere.  But amazingly, they weren’t burned.  And they looked at Mr. Hate and everyone thought that this was going to be the one time that Mr. Hate got a piece of his own action.  But Hell to the No on that one.

      And at that moment, I saw the DEVIL in Mr. Hate’s Eyes.  And in his face was the DEVIL.  And his eyes were glowing RED from the flames upon them.  This man was a partner with Satan himself I thought at times.  I mean, I never saw such extreme hatred wrapped-up into just one person.  Man, what incredible hatred and it was twofold-US Draftee and sent to Vietnam and now here in South Korea to make everyone’s life a living hell.

And Mr. Hate started screaming FAGGOTS!  Dick Suckers!  Homos!  WE CAUGHT YOU TWO FAGGOTS TOGETHER!  And so on.  And the Homo thing kept the two from chasing it down the rabbit hole with A Court Martial Offense filing against Mr. Hate.  No, Mr. Hate had escaped a Court Martial because he had gone screaming HOMO this and HOMO that.  He had pulled the Homosexual Card and the two and everyone let the thing just be nothing but a thing.  Mr. Hate had got away with another round of his pure tortuous ways. 

     Mr. Hate was one of a kind and he didn’t let up on none of us.  He did everything to us he could dream-up in his sick mind.  He put his own shit or feces into our Combat Boots, into our tooth paste containers and now, that one had to take a minute for his idiot ass to do that one.  No, it wasn’t the whole container.  It was just about an inch worth of his own shit in our Colgate Tooth Paste containers.  And he would be laying low somewhere in the Latrine just so he could watch as you squired pure shit, his shit onto your toothbrush.  Man, what a sicko for sure.  And he put piss in our aftershave bottles and anything he could think up to torture all of us for VOLUNTEERING FOR THE U.S. ARMY. 

       All of us were Mr. Hate’s personal project and the words we would sling his way would make a sinner blush.

      For being the 1st group of Soldiers who had said-HELL YEAH, YOU CAN COUNT ME IN. We’ll become the 1st All Volunteer U.S. Army and that all came about because they had to drop the Draft due to American Sentiment gone awry with it.  But none of us were fearing nothing.  None of us ain’t afraid of taking an Oath to the Flag, to our Country, and to every single American alive then or all the ones coming after us.  We took that Oath for every single American without any regard to Race, Creed, or Color.  We did it for American and for you.  For your family and for our family.  For then and for all times and it still goes on with a Proud Line of Follower who followed in our footsteps. Always remember this-


When we stand

On the shoulders

Of those who

Came before us,

We stand Taller!


      So, all of us took the Oath Proudly and Mr. Hate was the most tortuous thing we had to personally ever experience from a single male person.

And I still remember the North Korean Mig incident and no, they didn’t talk about that one here in the States either.  SO, I guess I better let that one lay.  You see there is another old saying that’s pretty well truth when cleaning out your own closet of guilt or regrets-

Sometimes, it’s

Best not to

Revisit Old Ponds.


      But I have moved on from that time Overseas.  And when you find yourself in a tortuous situation and a person that you know brings nothing but misery into your life, LET THEM GO! Focus on what you need to do. Mr. Hate won’t be around always and his Hatred helped unite all of us Volunteers. 

All of us did get a laugh everytime he asked a new guy if they had Volunteered and they said-YES.

       Don’t spend your time trying to please their sorry asses.


      They will one day go to hell for sure for their miserably lying lies.  Sure, you will never forget the hurt that they caused you, but by moving on, you have separated yourself from them being able to constantly torture you any more.  And never answer their phone calls, read their texts or text them, read their emails or email them, mail them, send their mail back to them blocking out your name and the computer strip that is located on the envelope, or any contact at all. 

JUST LET THEM GO!  They will dine in hell one day with Satan himself.

And you know who I am talking about.  We’ve all had our mess of haters.  All of us have had one super miserable time or two or three in our lifetimes.  But you got to move on.  Just let them go no matter how much you think that your continual contact with this or that person will help you.  No, it won’t.  MOVE ON AND THEY WILL GET THE MESSAGE!

Sure, it’s gonna seem weird as hell at first, but then you’ll get over them and they will get over you too.

      Yes, I remember all the crap Mr. Hate put on All of Us U.S. Army Volunteers Backs back then. But hey, in a good way, he most likely helped make all of us better.  Molded us into a Solid Unit of U.S. Army Volunteers. All of us endured him and even some of the other Veterans who I had made a mercy trip with them on my back took it upon themselves to tell him to walk careful when messing with me cause this or that Vet now had my back. Yes, doing good to others does have it’s own rewards.

And that’s one thing I admired about almost every single Vietnam Veteran, they never lied to me.  Sure, some stories might have been improved on the final version, but their stories were still magnificent tales of Real Warriors. And thanks to them, I became that person more willing to go that extra mile to aid a person in need today.  Well, actually all of my life.  SO, yes Mr. Hate was a piece of sh_t by calling all of us Worst Pieces of Sh_t but in the end, the man hated the U.S. Government for having Drafted him and his having to get to serve in Vietnam sitting behind a typewriter and then in the Land of the Morning Calm.  He was the one who was truly being tortured for serving in the US Army and going to Vietnam and being there in a War that he hated.  He was tortured maybe the most and almost to the breaking point. And oh yeah, he was a College Graduate and he reminded all of us of that crap all the time too.  And that very thing of having a Degree might have helped to put him over the Edge in Hatred.

     But the heck with it now, is this how all College Graduates act?  Well, some do and some don’t.

     But for the rest of what took place in the Land of the Morning Calm, well, I don’t really care to go into any of that.  It was what it was.  Yes, I have lots of happy memories and lots of sad ones too.  But it was what it was.  It was nothing but a thing.


      As I look back at these pictures, I do see them with a fondness as if it weren’t for love, the madness of Hatred would have overcome all of us.  Hatred is no easy enemy to beat and at times, it takes love to send it packing.

      And sadly when I got back, I found out the truth about the hate for US Soldiers being shown by lots of Americans.  Man, they hated anyone wearing the Uniform like all of us were surefire baby killers and such. To many who also hated the idea of being Drafted to fight in an War that had grown very Unpopular, well, we were their Scapegoats to Torture.  We were their alter egos crying out-Please God, don’t let me get Drafted and have to go to Vietnam and Die there.  To get Killed there or end up KIA or Missing In Action.  Or killed by Friendly Fire.

      So, I quit wearing my Veteran Cap in Public.  And that wasn’t right, but hey, it was the sign of our times and it was what it was.

And did it hurt us.  Hell yeah it hurt.  It always will hurt and the hurt I found and saw back in 1973 and on was brought back by one simple designation-

VIETNAM-ERA VETERAN.  Man, oh, man, after all these damn years and people wanting to re-designate all of us Veterans by those who went into Vietnam and those who did not.  How strange and all of us were only Soldiers doing our job.

       Lord, people can and do show their hatreds more today than ever before.  People aren’t afraid to call a person out anywhere.  And those looks of contempt and words to match about being a Vietnam-era Veteran used to come out more a few years ago than today.  And why is that?

       For two reasons for me.  First, I quit wearing my Vietnam-Era Veteran Cap because of Public Condemnation.  And Second, a person actually CALLED ME OUT  on it and about being a Vietnam-era Veteran and said by my wearing the Cap, it  was STOLEN VALOR against all Vietnam Veterans.  Man, I think I had heard everything and then this woman came out of nowhere and blindsided me with that pile of crap.  By wearing or showing my cap.  STEALING VALOR FROM ALL VIETNAM VETERANS. What loss did she suffer?

       And if you don’t think that wasn’t another painful moment in my life, I beg to differ.  That woman crushed me with all of her hateful talk just like Mr. Hate had come all the way back from the darkest closets in my mind to once again attack me.

      So, I quit wearing my Vietnam-Era Cap and have retired it to the closet so it can be burned by someone after I am Dead. After I die.

        And I have wondered why the hell the U.S. Army gave all of us the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal and the Korea Defense Service Medal?  I am eligible for the later but I have never bothered to get it from Uncle Sam. I don’t need nothing to remind me of all of that crap for sure.  Something to always remind me of South Koreans and Americans who were killed?  But what the hell were they for?  To pay some unforeseen fee for those that had died there while Under Our Watch?  While on OUR WATCH?  As a Reward or a Reminder of Death Itself? 

       And so many think that they know all about this and that and have never served nothing more than their own Vanity.  No, the non-ones.  And I took the Oath for all of the Non-Ones just so the ones who hate all of us Vietnam-Era Veterans can say so on their Cell phones, on the Internet or in any other Social Media Arena.  Yes, hit me with all the hate that you can and you might find your hatreds still aren’t as bad as Mr. Hate put on all of us way back when we were like the 1st Pilgrims taking America into the Future. Yep, hate  from the Land of the Morning Calm. 

       See, your hate is just a walk in the park for all the hate all of us got to experience.  And we met so much other hatreds it’s not even funny from even South Koreans and from fellow Black Soldiers who were also filled with so much racial hatreds that it could easily fill one barrel for everyone of them.  Yes, oh yeah, there was then and there remained today a Huge Problem with Racial Hatreds and Inequalities.  And the Haters would rather hate on me and my cap than fix some of the real problems facing America.

      What have you learned? So who learned what?  I did. I’ve learned a lot of things and many truths.  But as far as hate goes?  Let the Hate go.  And let the ones that hate or pain you GO!

Just move on!  It will get better. See, Mr. Hate is not here and I don’t know where he is and I could care less.  But to heck with all the haters hating on all of us.

Don’t worry, Hell’s got plenty of room for all of them haters.  SO, absolutely be a lover of life and do all the good that you can in your life, throughout your entire life.

(NOW FINISH YOUR DRINK OR POPCORN, brush your teeth, and go to bed)  lol


God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.

But I know you are an avid reader and want more, so here’s a glimpse of the last Chapter of A Panther’s Father II-



 Yes, those are all three Book Covers for the 1st three books.

War’s Dual Illusion


(final chapter in A Panther’s Father II)


the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author


A Panther’s Father Book Series



Whistling noises were being heard from the Lear Jet as it took off from the island.  JeanPaul, Senshi, Kim, Rick, Vicious, Chunna, Angel, Buster, and two women from Colonel Bradley’s Team were now onboard.  And it was a very tight fit.  Actually, maybe overloaded just a bit.  All the men were now dressed in top dollar three piece suits.  And the women were dressed in high dollar dresses that would make their mothers blush with very revealing parts of their bodies being exposed.  Then the whining of the Jet’s motors started to settle back down a little bit as the pilot made a circle over the island to give everyone one last view.

“Seems like old times again.  Haven’t we been in a very similar place like this one?”  asked Buster to Rick.

“What do you mean?”

“The trips to Vietnam.  Those flights that bore the brunt force of deep War thought.  And those many emotions that it now brings back.  That is the brunt force of that deep thought.”

“I just made one trip to that exotic Country.  But that is all I ever wanted to do there.  I’m not sure I could have done a second tour.  I might have had to run off to Canada.  I might…”

“Rick, you had it in you.  But glad neither of us had to do that another time.  I don’t think I would have come back breathing if I had.  I was starting to feel like some unseen weight was always on my shoulder on that last tour there.  I never told you about it but it was something bad.  A bad feeling.  A feeling that you get when you know that you were not coming back.  And I even started tripled checking everyone’s equipment before we went out each time in the jungle.”

“I thought you just liked being real anal.  But hey, we got the hell out of there, didn’t we?”

“Just barely.  I knew my number was up on that last mission.  I…”

“No one knows when their number is up.  You can’t say that.”

“No, it’s true.  There were lots of guys who said that they knew their last mission was their very last one.”

“I heard that but I never believed it.  That kind of talk wasn’t my bag.  I didn’t ride that way.  If the person I was with didn’t listen to good tunes and love me as much as I love me, then they wouldn’t be with me very long.”

“Yea, I hear you on that one.  And there were some very good tunes being played back then.  That Armed Forces Vietnam Network Radio over there helped keep my face out of my lap.”


“Yea, I still remember that ‘Clap, Clap’ commercial.  That made me laugh every time I heard it.  What a way to talk about VD (venereal disease).  But when a guy had it, he’d chunk stuff everywhere every time they played that tune.  You remember it?”

“That’s funny that you remember that.”

“I remember the evenings with everyone having so much fun and trying to put a lifetime of fun into every day back on R&R (rest and relaxation).  Those were some crazy times.  But hey, that is where I learned to dance to all of the music from across the Country.”

“Yep, there was Motown, Country, and so many songs back then.  It was really a cross section of America on the airwaves.  And that’s what we were.  A cross section.”

“You know, there isn’t much I liked about that War except all of my family over there and that music.  We were brothers then.  Best of Brothers.  And for all of us, we did melt together into a wonderful group of family members.  But that ain’t the way it is here now.  We got so many problems and they got to get mended.”

“Well, the menders are the People.  It starts and it stops with the People.  Without each other, we are like that thing of a torn piece of paper.  Yep, torn paper.  That is what we are.  And every year, the paper rips a little bit more.”

“But you know, there isn’t much that brings all of us together except a good fight or a great sporting event.  We come together.  Whoop and Holler for our team and then we go back to our own little piece of America.  And no one really gets to really know the other except in the school years and maybe at work.  But that is a long way from really knowing anyone.  Unless a person lives with someone for over 36 years, then and maybe then, they will begin to know and understand each other.  Little family get togethers are nice but lots of times changes take place between even those individuals.  Too often, a person never even realizes that a family member has changed and is not the same person that they were years ago.  They don’t live in the past of High School or College years or Military years.  They grow and so many don’t ever know that they have grown.  But some think that the person that they used to know is who they want them to be for all times and not who they have become.”

“Man, where did you come up with that heavy shit to talk about.  I don’t want to hear any heavy shit right now.  We got to get our heads into the War Mode.  We got to tune it back in.  This may turn ugly before this fight is over.”

“I’m there already. You don’t have to remind me.  No one ever has to remind me.  Let’s get it done, bro.”

“You know it.  This is ours to own.  We gonna own it, bro.”

“Did you check the weapons onboard?”

“Three times.  We got all that we need.  And the Colonel’s Gals brought some mean little forfeiting machines.  They said they’d tuck’em where the sun don’t shine.”

“Wouldn’t mind being one of them myself.”

“There you go again.  You don’t ever change.”


“You thought about it.  Don’t say you didn’t.  Or is there something you want to tell me?”

“Don’t even go there.  We dressed gay last time.  Once was enough for me.”

“But I did like the way you walked.  I actually thought that you were gay for a time there.”

“Buster, quit it.  You are just a hater.”

“No, I actually am not.  I have never been mistreated by a gay person ever in my life.  They really don’t bother me.  They are fine in my book.”

“That is nice to know if I ever do change.”

“Now, you being a hater.”

“No, I feel the same way.  They don’t bother me.  They got their problems just like all of us.  They have the same dreams all of us have.  The same wants and the same needs.  To bash one is not in my play book.  That is just the sickness of the haters.  And they hate themselves more than the ones that they bash.”

“Remember the guys who would always be saying-let’s go roll a fag?”

“Yes, and they were straight up after the money on them.  The sexual orientation of their victim was of no real concern to them.  They were just straight ass hoe ass robbers.  They were undercover thugs doing their thug business.”

“Yep, live and let live and mess with no one.  That is what I brought back from Vietnam.  Live and let live and that goes for everyone.”

“Yeah, me too.  I feel you brother.”

Then both men leaned their seats back farther and put a headset to their ears and listened to the radio music being played from the cockpit.  And that was a good thing.  For these two, the music was soothing and it was getting them charged up for whatever lay ahead in Mexico City.  And others were now talking as well.

“JeanPaul, I love you.”

“I love you too, Victoria.”

“You got to…”

“I know what I got to do.  I will do what I have to do.”

“Be strong.  Be strong.”

“Got to.  Vicious, I got to sleep now.  Wake me when we get there.”

“Will do.”

And the two kissed each other but not a real kiss.  JeanPaul was in the Warrior Mode and he was not in his feelings at all.  He was now hardened and getting mentally ready for whatever lay ahead for him.  Vicious on the other hand had acquired a little beast that was hidden under her dress.  And its rate of fire was very impressive.  And three extra clips hooked under three garter belts on her right thigh.  And her special knife was also there as well.  No matter what happened, she was going to defend her man the best way she knew how.  And in a blazing gun battle was where Vicious was at her best.  Her very best.


Kim and Senshi were also having conversations with their dates.  These were not real dates but dates to draw attention away from who the two really were.  Both men were also World Class Forfeit Fighters.  And although it had been a while for Senshi since his last fight, it had been a longer time since Kim had fought.  But both men were ready to go at the drop of a red flag, a bell, or the sound of a gun discharge.

“You work Colonel long?”

“Did I work the Colonel for a long time?  What kind of talk is that?”

“No, you work him long time?”

“No, I not work him at all.  I ain’t never been with that man.  He’s the boss.  I don’t do the boss.”

“No, you with Colonel long time?”

And then the woman smiled.

“Oh, yes.  I have been with the Colonel for three years.  Vicious and I started at the same time.”

“You forfeit many?”

“I’ve got my share.  How about you, Senshi?”

“Yes, I got share too.”

“You like living in America?”

“Miss Japan.  Miss home.”

“Why don’t you go back?”

“No want that.  Go back, have Forfeit Fight all time.  Not want that.”

“I heard but I didn’t know that you were a real Forfeit Fighter.”

“I am.”

“So, you know that Karate Junk pretty well?”

“Not junk.  Good for me.”

“I hope so.  You know that conditions are going to be good for us to mix it up with those Soviets?”

“Mix it up?  What mean?”

“Get us some forfeiting done.  Bet you’d like that?”

“Not want.  But ready.”

“I love to forfeit men.  I am good at what I do.  You are making me so horny.  Forfeit talk always does that to me.”

“Someday, your last.”

“Not today.  Wanna hit the restroom?”

“What that mean?”

“Get down man.  Get down.”

“Is get down good?”

“You just come with me and you will see.”

Then the woman grabbed Senshi by his right hand and literally drug him to the restroom.  And in no time, she was off and running at full speed.  And she didn’t miss a single lap.


Suddenly loud bumping noises could be heard in the cabin of the Jet.  And several heads turned back to the rear of the plane.  The Pilots onboard were now wondering what in the world was going on in the rear area.  Sounded like a flat tire at first and then much faster.  What was that strange bumping?  Almost sounded like a real flat tire on the runway now.  Slow bumping at first and then rapid bumping.  But neither Pilot got up and investigated.  Since no one in the cabin seemed alarmed by it, they didn’t bother going and checking on it.  And the Jet continued the journey to Mexico City. To the big fight. One Nation vs. another Nation.  Mano a Mano.

“Looks like someone is busy.”

“What do you mean, busy?”  asked Kim to his date.

“Seems we got to get busy ourselves.”

“We busy now?”

“No, we gonna get busy as soon as Senshi and the Reaper get out of that restroom.”

“What they are doing?”

“Ah, cultural exchange.  Yes, that’s it.  Cultural Exchange.  Keeping up good cultural relations.”

“Good relations are good.”

“Honey, you have no idea how good they gonna get.”

Then in twenty-five minutes, Senshi and the Reaper walked back to their seats.  And then Kim and Slayer43 went back to the rear of the jet.  Slayer43 was literally dragging Kim by the hand now.

“Why they call you Slayer43?”

“Just you wait and see.  They’ll be calling me Slayer44 in thirty minutes.”

“Who you slay now?”

Then she yanked Kim into the restroom and she then shut the door.  And in no time, the same weird bumping noise could be heard in the rear area of the Jet again.  And both Pilots once again turned their heads and tried to figure out what that flat tire on a car on the freeway sound was coming from.  What was it?  Did the Jet have a flat tire?  But that wasn’t possible.  They were not landing yet.  But both men looked at each other with their inquisitive facial expressions.  But no one in the cabin was showing any sign of alarm.  So, the Pilots remained in their seats and continued to fly the plane.  The Lear Jet was cruising at 500 mph and at a ceiling height of 45,000′.  They were now in good weather.  There were clouds but they were far and in the distance.

“Better call ahead and get a weather report.”

“Roger that.  Mexico City, this is Learjet 503FT in route to your location at 45,000 and 650 out.  Do you have a weather report for us?”

“bzzzzzzzzzzz.  Mexico City to Learjet 503FT, we have a major thunderstorm at our location right now.  Be advised to pick an alternate Airport.”

“Learjet 503FT, no can do.  We got the Panther onboard.  We have to come in to your Airport.”


“bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Learjet 503FT, be advised.  We strongly recommend an alternate Airport.”

“Learjet 503FT, we are coming to you.  Will call for our last vector reading when we get 150 out.  Out.”

“bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Roger that, out.”

Then the Pilots looked at each other.  Both knew that their cargo was the most precious that they had ever carried.  And with it, all of America would be watching.  All of the World would be watching it as well.  Every major TV Network in the World would be there broadcasting this World Class Forfeit Fight.  The underworld of such fighting was going to be coming into every TV in the World.  The President thought that with all of the savagery of the Vietnam War being brought into the living rooms of all the home in America via TV, then one more bloody viewing wouldn’t be much different when so much was at stake.  A final, so very final forfeit viewing and possible WWIII was at stake.  And these were the stakes that cannot be handled by one man in the White House.  So, the President chose to share the entirety with all Americans.  Finally, all were going to be brought onboard together and not from the closeted door sessions with Generals rattling their sabers.  This time, the stakes were the highest.  But then JeanPaul was thinking and dreaming about things that the fight was causing him to think about-




       In August 1945, two supreme weapons of the most wicked of all calibers were deployed for use to end World War Two.  For some, they were the most wonderful conclusions of their brilliant minds.  A weapon to end all others.  A game changer.  A game cheater?  Or what is your thought on this matter, Panther?   Two cities were quite literally wiped off the face of the earth and over 250,000 lost their lives in these two explosions.  Historians have always argued the numbers but it was many, so very many people.  But what do you think Panther?

      The first used was a Uranium Bomb.  The second was a Plutonium Bomb.  Both were weapons of Mass Destruction.  The very biggest of weapons.  And with their use, two things were brought to full circle.  A Great War was finally brought to a close.  And the terribleness of that War will forever live in the World even to this day in all lives of the World.  To forget this is the same as to say it never happened.  Just one more thing for the ‘urban legenders’ to play with.  But it did happen.  WWI and WWII were life takers.  And both took both many lives and brought the many horrors of how evil men can be to a full eye-opening and breathtaking levels of atrocities.  But winning a war has nothing to do with playing fair. Or being kind.

      “Shadow pretty rainbow bubble bubble gumdrop pretty pretty Princess.”

      “Then came what?  What was that?”

       “A name that was given because name Shadow alone was not a name that they considered pretty enough.”


       “A name for what?”

       “A Dog.”

       “And what type was that?”

       “A German Shepherd.”

       “Don’t you remember that?  How could you ever forget?”

       “Have you gone mad?”

       “I have not.  And that is very suspect.”

       “Suspect of what?  Who are you?”

       “Who are you?”

       “I am Father.”

       “Father who?”

       “Does it really matter?  The who of who?”

       “Stop it.  I am getting mad.  I am getting pissed.”

       “Such a young man.  Already he is ready to become forfeit and he hasn’t even seen his own son.”

       “Leave my boy out of this.”

       “Okay.  How about your wife?”

       “Quit it.  Quit it now.  And that is all I am going to say.”

       “Quadruple Cheese Bogus Burger.”


       “On the spot.  Right now.  Give it up.  Now.”

       “Go.  Get out of my mind.  You are not supposed to be here.”

       “But you let me in.”

       “You let yourself in.  And you can let yourself out.  Now, get out of my mind.”

       “Bye, little boy.”

      War is not a full 24-hour proposition at times.  At least not in the lulls of battles. But it does open the door for moments of kindness.  Not all Warriors are on full scaled Forfeit Mode 24/7.  They have moments of need.  Moments of being reminded of their own frailty. There is a fine line between nobility and cruelty in War.  More time for the latter than the first.   

      But a greater responsibility was placed upon mankind to never use them ever again in such a manner on the people of the World.   This is the second thing man learned from August 1945.  And the 100th centennial will be upon all of Mankind in 2045.   And will mankind be able to say that the lesson learned back in 1945 was good enough for all future generations?  Will it?  There are no winners in Nuclear War.  Use of these Weapons of Mass Destruction would be a hideous betrayal of all that mankind holds dear in the World and could quite conceivably end all of mankind.  This possibility cannot be denied.  But it is not something that has to preoccupy a person’s mind all the time.  So, live the good life and let the rest fall into the proper sequences of life.


      God is in no hurry to punish mankind.  God loves everyone.  Do you hear me Panther?  To use such weapons today has nothing to do with any Biblical Predictions.    Their use would come from men or women of small and vain qualities.  Of very weak mental capabilities lacking real conversational skills.  With real communication, there is real hope for the future.  To cave-in is the cheap walk to the EXIT DOOR and something that so many have done in their entire lives.  Again, God is in no hurry to punish Mankind.  But it doesn’t mean that Mankind can quit trying to do good. 

      God is not for Global Annihilation.  Mankind is preaching this.  Not God.  So, keep the fatalists in their closets of doom and gloom.   They egg for things to happen just to see if they can make them happen.  And that is all.  That is the very truth of Chaos.  And that crazy Chaos thought is being preached by sinister Demons.  And many running around have no idea that they have a Demon inside of them until they have messed-up their whole lives.  That is the truth of this matter.  But Governments do orchestra what many do worry about all the time as they lay out one News Report after another.  Very well planned.  So very, very well planned. 

      So, live strong.  Be happy Panther and don’t fret about so damn much in your life.  Take it one stride at a time.  But being brave and facing one obstacle after another is what Presidents do.  It is what Leaders do.  So, praying for all Leaders in the World is a very good thing.  Praying for World Peace don’t mean that the Panther is a coward or that you got a yellow streak up your back.  Helping the widow’s child is a good thing.

     Standing eye to eye with any man and looking into each other’s eyes and a handshake on equal grounds is something that all men seek to achieve.  And eyes that accept each other.  Eyes that do not look down to the ground to avoid eye contact.  Eyes that do not look up or sideways to avoid eye contact.  But with trueness of equality, all Peoples can look into each other’s eyes and be on equal footing.  That is what God has always wanted for all Mankind.  But so many bolster their minds and hearts to self-centered squandering. Even helping a blind person is too much to ask them.  But not all people.  What say you, Panther?  Many are kind of heart and mind.  And they are the wonderful ones that so many more need to become.  But anyone can change.  And change is often times a good thing that so few realize has ever taken place in another individual as they only remember the past.  Always judging that person from the past that they know and have seen.  Once sticking the mud stick on someone, it hardly ever gets pulled off.  And living in the past has all that it can give-only memories.  Nothing new.  Nothing new at all. But you were already told this.  So why must I tell you again?

        Then the ground below him began to rise up.  And soon, JeanPaul found himself in the middle of a large pond.  And then he saw something walking on the banks.  It was Alligators.  But much worse.  It was dreamed-up creatures.  And these Alligators had the heads of Gorillas.  And the front legs were human arms.  And the rear legs were monstrous Frog legs.  And each one had two tails.  And then they sat up and all of them looked at JeanPaul who was sitting on a muddy surface in the middle of their pond.

      “What are you?”


      “A Panther.”

      “A forfeited man for sure.  You are not a Panther.”

      “I am a Panther.”

       “Bull Corn!  You are a man that is going to be forfeited by Max Bear.”

       “I am the Panther.”

       “Quit speaking such nonsense.  You are nothing but a man who is on his last plane ride.  Wake-up and see that my words are true.  Open your eyes and see it for yourself.”

       “I am the powerful, so very powerful Panther.”

       “You are JeanPaul.  The poor young man that is about to find out what the other side has in store for him.”

        “I am the Panther.”

       “Kid, you can say that as much as you want.  But you are a man.  Look at all of us.  You and your mind created us.  We are a figment of your imagination.  But we can still tell you that this is your very last dream.  There will be no more for you.  Not ever.  This is the last one, forever.”

       “I am the Panther.”

       “Wake-up!  WAKE-UP!  See for yourself.”

       “I am the Panther.”

       “Sweet Jesus, quit talking that lame ass hoe ass shit.  Quit it right now.  You are nothing more than a man.  And that is it.  And today is your last day.  Your very last one where the breath of air will fill your lungs.”

       “I am the Panther.”

       “Alright sick little boy who won’t listen to reason.  I am Alligamanfrogtrus.”

       “There is no such thing.  You are not real.”

       “Oh, we are very real.  You created us. And once created, we can now visit you in your dreams anytime we want from this day forward.”

       “No, I can make all of you disappear.”

       “Go ahead and try and do that.  We want to see you do that one.”

       And no matter how hard JeanPaul tried to make the Alligamanfrogtruses disappear, none of them left.  And he remained upon the muddy mound in the middle of the pond.

       “What?  You have no power here.  Do you?”

       “This place does not exist.   None of you exist.”

       “Oh yes.  We do exist.  We are in your mind.  We are very much here and we are here because you made all of us.”

       “I did not make any of you.”

       “Go ahead and make pink Trees.  Make them and make them quick.”

        And then, Pink Trees started popping up all around the pond.

       “Oh my.  But don’t look now.  Are those some pretty Pink Trees that you just made for all of us?”

       “Stop it.  I am the Panther and none of this is real.”


       “Make us some large flat blue rocks so that we can rest our tired bodies.”

       “I will not.  I will not make any large flat blue rocks for any of you.  Not in my dream.”

        And then, hundreds of large flat blue rocks started appearing under all of the Alligamanfrogtruses.

       “Ah, that feels so very nice under my booty.  Doesn’t this feel so very nice under all of your booties, my Brothers?”

       And all of the other Alligamanfrogtruses agreed that the large blue rocks felt so very good under their booties as well.

       “Now, how about some really nice banana flies for us to eat?”

       “Quit talking this nonsense.   I have a fight to fight.”

       “You mean a fight to lose.  Don’t you?’

       “No, I will win.”

       “You don’t have the stomach to even eat one single banana fly and you think that you can forfeit another man?”

       “I will win.”

       “Then prove to all of us that you can eat just one banana fly.”

       And then, one banana fly flew right up to JeanPaul and actually sat down on his lips.

       “There, it doesn’t get any easier than that.  A banana fly just waiting to be devoured by you.  Just open your mouth and a long frog tongue will burst out of your Gorilla mouth and grab that big ole banana fly.  Go ahead, you can do it.  Get it done, boy.”

       But JeanPaul would not open his mouth.  He did not dare open his mouth.  Why?  For some reason, he did feel something really strange in his mouth.  And JeanPaul knew that it had to be a super long frog tongue.

       “What am I going to do with you?  You won’t believe that you created all of us.  And you are such a ‘scaredy-cat’ that you won’t eat just one banana fly.  Your being such a coward is what is going to burn you up in the ring.  And you will become forfeit.  Your forfeit is coming and it is coming today.  No turning back the way of Destiny.  Once it starts on its path, it cannot return until it is fulfilled.  And that means no more you.”

      Then, the Alligamanfrogtruses disappeared.  The Pink Trees disappeared.  And the large flat blue rocked disappeared.  Then the pond and the mound in the middle of it were gone.  Then JeanPaul was suddenly lying on his back in a baby’s crib.  He was now an infant child.  A tiny little baby.  And he looked up and towards a person now talking to him.

       “But why do you fight, Panther?”

      “Who is in my dream?”  asked the Panther.

       “I am Mother.  Can’t you see me?  And you are such a cute little baby boy.”

       “Mother who?”

       “Yes, that is a good question.  But how can a baby be talking?  You know that is not possible.  Don’t you?”


       “Then answer me.  Who are you?  Mother Who?”

       “I now will make you a Great Tortoise.  You are now a Toddo.  And no longer Preddo.”

        And suddenly, the Panther became a Great Tortoise and no longer an infant.

       “I am the Panther.  You cannot do this to me.”

       “Oh my.  And you still have that darned old frog tongue.  We got to get rid of that.  You look so much better now.  But is that a question that you asked me? And why not?  What makes you so much better than everyone else?  And why do I have to answer any of your questions.  No matter what you say or do, you will be forfeited today.  The day that the Panther is forfeited.”

       “I am not going to be forfeited.  Do you hear me?”

       “You sure couldn’t tell me.  I am now wondering what form of new name to give just you.  Man, who was a Panther and now is a Great Turtle.   Oops!  My bad.  You are a Great Tortoise?  Nothing like a Turtle at all.”

       “I am JeanPaul.  I am the Panther.”

       “Are you a dimwit?”

      “No, I am not.  I am smart.  I am very intelligent.”

      “Intelligent to who?  You call a forfeit fight being intelligent?  Mano-a-Mano crap.  You can easily walk away and go and live on some island.  Just give Terry the word and his money will set you free.  Let his money set you free.  Call him and he will deliver you away from all of this.  And look at what you will be leaving behind when you are forfeited.  Look at all of it.  Is that not reason enough to begin a new course.  Think about it.  No one in America gives a damn if you win or lose.  The very fight will be such a novelty that it might start forfeit fights in every City.  In every town.  And then, all the people everywhere in the World too will be forfeiting each other.  The new game.  The Forfeit Game.  And how wonderful that would be?”

      “I’m not a coward.”

      “No, you are so Charlie.  You are a half-wit.   All you heard me say was whether or not you would be a coward if you just up and walked away from this fight.”

      “I am not going to do that.  I am going to fight.”

      “You are a doofus.  A ding-a-ling.”

      “I am not.”

      “A nincompoop.”

      “I am not.  Quit saying that.

      “Or what?  You are a ninny boy.  Ready to go whining to your mommy?”

      “I am not.   I am the Panther.”

      “A dipstick.  Yeah, I kind of like that one.  A double, triple dipstick for sure.”

      “Will you please quit calling me all of those things?”

      “I am Mother.  I am what I am.  And you will not listen to reason.  Do you hear me?  No one cares if you fight.”


       “I am the Panther.”

       “A nutcase for sure.  Why offer your body up for forfeit?”

       “I have to.”

       “Have to?  Are you mad?  There is nothing that says you have to do anything.  Why not just get back to the streets and live the easy life?  Go sell some drugs.  Go and…”

      “I am not a ‘druggie’.  I don’t do that sort of stuff.  Don’t put those lame booty super stupid ideas in my head.”

      “Oh no, but you plan on being forfeited?  Is that not correct?  Why not put things in your head?  All your friends use drugs.  And today, you will be forfeited.  May as well be drugged up when you get it.”

      “No, they don’t.  Just because one person in a neighborhood uses drugs doesn’t mean the entire neighborhood are on drugs.  Can’t label an entire neighborhood based upon only one person?  I am not going to use drugs and not before this fight.  You call yourself mother.  Mother who?  Mother what?”

      “I am Mother.  That is all that you need to know.”

      “You are my conscience?  Is that what you are?”

      “No, I think you are way past having one of those.  You think that anyone on Colonel Bradley’s Teams have a conscience?  Well, guess what?  None of them do.  Not a single one.  And hey.  Romeo, don’t look now but you have one of Colonel Bradley’s top assassins sitting next to you.  Victoria is Vicious.   And she is a real forfeiting sort of woman.  The very best.  And maybe she will decide to forfeit you one night.  Maybe, she will forfeit all three of you.”

      “Why are you in my dream?  Why are you putting this sort of poison in my head?”

      “Because you let me in.  Dreams are what you allow to happen.  And that is why I am here.  You let me in here.  But the big bad Panther doesn’t have a clue on how to get rid of me.  Do you?”

     “I would never let you in my dream.  You are no Mother that I have ever known.  You are a bully Mother if you are anything.”

     “Oh my.  The bully talk.  And now you want to go cry to your daddy or your mother or how about Granny Z?  Now you want to use the bully talk to make yourself feel better?”

     “I am tired of you.”

     “Oh, don’t get so upset.  You have lots more sweat in you.  And I am going to sweat it  all out of you before I am through with you.  You won’t be leaving this dream until I say so.  So, get ready.  You are going to ride this one out whether you like it or not.”

     “Child Toddo, you have hundreds of years to learn everything that I can teach you.  Maybe I will keep you here with me forever.  But you love this idea of being forfeited.  Don’t you?”

     “I don’t either.”

     “Oh yeah, you have maybe just a few more hours and then your life will be forfeit.”

     “It will not be forfeit.”


     “Are you so sure about that?”

     “I am.  I will not become forfeit.”

     “You are a berk.  A mooncalf.  A simpleton on the government man’s leash.”

     “I am none of that.”

     “Then why don’t you tell the Pilot to turn this plane around and get the heck out of Dodge?  The whole world is out there and waiting for you. How in the world do you think you are going to look in a coffin?”

     “I have to do this.”

     And then the figure said nothing.  And JeanPaul was now reaching out his arms trying to find where this thing called Mother had gone.  He even began slapping at the air in front of him. And then Mother was back.

     “Why don’t you let me play the ‘May I’ game with you.”

     “And what is that?”

     “Oh, yeah.  You did miss this one while you were growing up, didn’t you?  Too silly a game for the big bad kitty cat?  Ok, listen.  I will tell this only once.  Each time I say something, you must then say-Mother May I? Are you ready?”

     And then the Panther nodded his head up and down.

      “I am ready.”

      “Have a job?”

      “Mother, may I?”

      “A good job?”

      “Mother, may I?”

      “No, you can’t have a good job.”

      “Mother, may I?”

      “No, you can’t.”

      “Mother, may I?”

      “Three poorly paying jobs for the rest of your life.”

      “Mother, may I?”

      “Three that you must work every single day.  No days off ever.”

     “Mother, may I?”

      “Have a place to live?”

      “No, not a place, but a rat infested four walled bathroom for you.”

      “Mother, may I?”

      “Have a cardboard box to live in like some live-in Juarez, Mexico just outside El Paso, Texas.”

      “Mother, may I?”

      “Have clothes?”

      “Mother, may I?”

      “Have children?”

      “Mother, may I?”


      “I want…”

       “Enough of this silly game.”

      “Alright, then why do you fight?”

       And then JeanPaul could not speak back.  His mouth was now full of some kind of green stuff that a Great Tortoise would be eating.

      “You fight for the rich man?  And he cares nothing about you.  He actually wants to see you become forfeit.  That is what he wants to see.  To the rich, you are only a car and when you breakdown, they’ll get a new one.”

      And the Panther just continued eating.

      “Oh yes, the forfeit of the Panther is what all are coming to see.”

       And the Great Tortoise did nothing but eat.

      “Why dream about how things should be? That’s right.  Stupid wishful and wasted dreams.  No one can hear you.  You can’t change a thing.  All is already predetermined.  Your forfeit is set.  It is set by getting in the ring with Max Bear.  You cannot win.  You will lose.  And then you will be lost forever.  Lost in raspberry honey.  Or blue bellied jelly beans.  And you are now much more stupid because you allowed me into your dream.”

       And JeanPaul shook his head and continued to eat.

      “Dreaming about an America that does not exist?  How could you?  How dare you?

You lived on the streets.  You know the suffering cannot be changed by men and women flying all over America in their fancy Jets.  With their big rich, fatted wallets.  You know it.  You know what I speak is the truth.  They don’t care about a silly young man and his silly Patriotic Cause.  For them, you are akin to the Roman Legion Soldier that walks, talks, and forfeits as their Master tells them.  And you are at the beckoning mercy of all that they ask.  And if the Panther does their bidding, then you get paid.  Isn’t that what you want?  The money.  Well, it’s not going to happen.  But with money, all is possible.  Without it, there is nothing but bad things.  Panther, can you hear me?  Your Forfeit is near.  There is no money in store for you.   You will become a penniless fool.  But your forfeit is at hand.”

       And JeanPaul quit eating and was now very upset.  He could hear at first just one voice saying something that he did not want to hear.  Then two voices.  Then three and then over a thousand voices were talking.

      “Forfeit is headed your way young man.  Forfeit for sure.”

      “Yes, forfeit is headed your way.”

      And then the thousand voices shouted in unison.




          And then JeanPaul woke up.  He was in a cold sweat.  His clothes were now drenched in his own sweat.  And he grasped the arms on the seat where he was sitting.  He gripped them very tightly.  And he hated this dream he had just had. Why had he just had such a horrible dream? He knew things were not fair and they never would be.  Just too many factors that have to take place before any real good could ever take place.  But JeanPaul did want to do good.  And he wanted to do all that he could to help as many as he could achieve all the good things in life that everyone wanted.  He was now shaking his head from side to side.

“I couldn’t make out who they were,” said JeanPaul.

“Make out who?”  asked Victoria.

“Who in my dream that was saying I was going to be forfeited.  All of them said I was going to be forfeited today.”

“It was just a dream.  Just a dream.”

“But it was more than that.  It had all the things in it that I hate to think about.  Weird kinds of stuff.  Animals.  Creatures that were many things.  And I hate those sort of dreams.”

“Like what?”

“Things.  Just things.”

He then took a very deep breath and opened a bottle of water and drank all of it.  Then he looked over and into Victoria’s eyes.  He didn’t care to say any more about his dream.  She could tell that JeanPaul had been in a very deep sleep.  He didn’t really want to talk about it but it was obvious that something was now bothering him.  But what was it?  Or was it the fight itself?  Was he finally having second thoughts?  Was his own forfeit now on his mind?  Victoria wondered but she didn’t ask.  She wanted to ask but she didn’t want to say anything that might break his concentration.  Or reinforce his now possible second thoughts about fighting in this Forfeit Fight.

“When all of us is over, I want us to get away from all of it for at least a month,” said JeanPaul.

“That would be nice.  I really would love that.  I want to spend as much time with you as I can.  With you, I am whole.  I feel whole.  You make me whole, JeanPaul.  I love you so much.  I love you, JeanPaul.  But you are in the Military and I don’t think a month of leave is going to happen.”

“I love you too, Victoria.”

Then the two put their heads together and embraced each other.  It was going to be time to walk off the plane in less than an hour now.  The Lear Jet had a good tailwind and it was helping the plane to move much faster through the air.  They had already made up ten minutes on their flight time.  But that wasn’t on their minds.  The fight was.  And in the hours ahead, the winner would take all.  Then JeanPaul thought about the last conversation that he had with Colonel Bradley.  The one he had days earlier.


“Son, you go out there and do what you have been training to do all your life.  This is one that I cannot explain how important it is.  This is maybe the biggest fight of all of our lives.  But you just give it your best.  And all of these fine men and women here on this island and everywhere in the World that breath-Red, White, and Blue-will be in your corner.  We know that you are our Champion.  Son, you are the real deal.”

Then the Colonel saluted JeanPaul and then the two shook hands.  It was one of those surreal moments.  It happened but it was still hard to think about.  It now seemed more like a dream.  But that was just a haunting reminder of all that was at stake now.  But he now had thoughts of one move after another on his mind.  What move would Max Bear come out with in the opening of the fight?  Would he go for the forfeit immediately?  Or would Max Bear hit JeanPaul and hurt him and then punish him?  Then slowly bringing the forfeit of the fight to the Panther.  And would his mother and all three of his fathers watch as Max Bear beat him senseless?  Would he be able to see the birth of his own son?  Would he never be naked and close with his wife in bed one more time?  They both had not been together at all after being married.  Not as a couple in bed.  The time of the most intimate thoughts and actions.  They both yearned for that but that had to wait.  And how long would it have to wait?

And the Jet finally arrived at the Airport and safely landed as it jumped around with the sudden bursts of air going both up and down from the severe weather that was there at the time.  Then in no time, eight of the ten were being shuttled from the Airport and to the Bull Fighting Arena where the fight was taking place.  But there was a huge glitch at the airport.  A very big burp now took place.

Chunna and Angel were not being not allowed to proceed.  They were now being detained by the Mexican Immigration Officials.  But they had no idea why.  And in no time, the two were taken and placed in a jail for the unfortunate.  The unfortunate ones that were placed in them.   And three men and one woman now stood outside the two cells holding Chunna and Angel.  But they were not the only cells and there were many others there as well.  And several others were from America and other places from all over the World.  So many that had arrived in Mexico illegally.

“Hey, you can’t detain us.  We are here for the fight.  We have tickets for it.  You can’t do this to us,” said Angel.

“But Senor, we can.  And we have.  Now, sit down in your cell and shut up.  You have entered our beloved Mexico as illegal immigrants and we have stiff penalties for such behavior.  Just because you ride in a rich man’s jet, do you think that we are just going to allow you to enter as illegal immigrants?

This talking English really makes my stomach get upset.  And it does not like that.  You should know how to talk our language.  You come to our Country and you don’t speak any Spanish.  This is very sad.  Sad, I think, for you,” said a man in an Official Uniform.  And the other two began to laugh.

“Can I make a phone call?”

“No, you cannot.  No phone calls.”

“I want to speak to someone.  And I want to talk to them now.”

“I am somebody but I am now tired of listening.  So now, you sit.  And you shut the up before I open the door and we put a whoop on you.”

And there was a long silence and then the three left and they laughed.


But help for these two was not coming anytime soon.  It was too late for Terry to make any last-minute bargaining with the Mexican Officials.  For these two, they would just have to sit and wait to hear the results of their fate and the fight.  And they were now in two separate cells for illegal immigrants.  How could these two Americans be treated like illegal immigrants?  How horrible?  How shameful?  They were Americans.  And Americans demanded only the proper treatment and the fair treatment for all their citizens no matter where they were anywhere in the World.

But not on this day.  And that fair treatment around the World was a myth.  Once locked up, most are on their own.  But here, it was too late for anyone in Mexico to worry about two lost Americans that had gotten shuffled in the last hours just before the biggest fight of the Century.  Shuffled like a deck of cards and these two were now labeled the Jokers.   The fight was the real deal.  And right then, they could scream Terry Bradhearst’s name to anyone and no one would care about that at all.  No one would give a damn.

Terry’s money meant nothing right then and there.  But for them and in about two hours, they would still be there in their two holding cells.  One with Angel and Chunna was in another.  But there were other cells and the men in them now watched the two Americans and then they all laughed.  They now laughed out loud.  So very loud.  And soon, the other cell captives would be yelling all sorts of ugly comments towards the two Americans.  And they would even accuse Chunna of being a prostitute and ask her for her performance price.  And that would make Angel very mad.  And those taunting words from the men in the other cells now upset Chunna.  She wasn’t a whore.  And she now wondered if men there would be trying to take sexual advantages of her.

But the others, they had to leave Angel and Chunna to their own fate right.  They did not have time to mix in their trouble.  But Rick and Buster told the two illegal immigrants to just be cool and not to make a mess out of their being arrested and their being taken to the cow house.  And this is what Rick and Buster and JeanPaul had told them.

“Angel, go with them.  And no matter what, don’t get into any kind of altercations with them.  We’ll get back to you two as soon as we can.  But now, we got to get to the fight,” said Rick.

“Chunna, I don’t know why in the World they are doing this, but we will get you both out as soon as we can.  But for now, just go with them,” said Buster.

“Bro, this is some lame ass, hoe ass shit.  I’ll get with Terry as soon as this fight is over and we’ll get the two of you the hell out of whatever place they are taking the two of you to.  I promise.”

“Panther, don’t forget us, Man.  We don’t deserve this sort of shit.  But, you go and do what you got to do, Bro.  You hear me?”

“No problem.  I’m going to do that for sure.  Adios mi amigo.”

“Adios. Mi amigo.”


And then the two groups went to their different places.  Two to jail and the rest to the bull fighting arena where the fight was taking place.  And Rick and Buster would talk about this crap a lot more.  But no matter what they said, neither could figure out what in the world this crap with Angel and Chunna was all about.

And after a trip through Mexico City, the group was at the Bull Fighting Arena where the fight would be taking place.  And a huge capacity crowd was now up and in the bleachers.  And there were no empty seats anywhere.  And then several Soldiers led them to the room where the Matadors had been while these Matadors got ready for their bull fights with the Bulls.

“You know, this is pretty appropriate.  A Bull Fighting Arena for a Forfeit Fight.”

“Yeah, it is sort of weird.  Kind of creepy if you think about it.”

“If this rain keeps it up, then this is going to be a fight in the mud.  Don’t know how that’s going to affect JeanPaul.”

“Surely they will bring in and set up a proper ring.”

“Who are you kidding?  In this weather?  No way.  They will use four metal poles and ropes and that’s it.  And the floor in the ring will be a muddy nightmare for our Son.”

“What makes you think that?”

“Trust me.  That is the way these fights get done down here.  This is not the first time someone came down here and fought a forfeit fight.  They love these kinds of fights.  This is a whole lot more fun than cock fights.  Watching two Roosters go at it until one of them is forfeited.  And this crowd came out for the Bull Fights that have already taken place.  They’re going to be wanting more blood.  And a lot will be half-drunk on liquor.  And listen, they are starting to get rowdy.  They are now wanting more blood for sure.  They want a bloody forfeit fight.”

“Man, I don’t like this.  I don’t like this at all.  I’m getting a real bad feeling.  I feel like…”

“Me too.  I do too.  Rick, I am feeling it too.”

“But what the hell is it?”

“Can’t put my finger on it.  But it feels like something is going to happen.  Something real bad.  You checked your gear?”

“At least six times before we got off the plane.  Unless the bullets magically drop out of my gun, then yeah, I’m set to go.  You?”

“I’m set.  I just hope Vicious is as good as they say she is.  We may need her before this is over.”

“Vicious?  How about Reaper and Slayer43?”

“Yeah, them too.”

But they had not gotten there and in that dressing room just yet.  They were now still traveling all over Mexico City in different vehicles and three buses.  Two carried Soldiers and the middle one carried all but JeanPaul and Vicious.  The last two were in a limousine.  But just behind the first bus.


Then the two continued watching and looking out the window from their bus seats.  JeanPaul and Victoria were now in a limousine up ahead of them.  Senshi and Kim had their dates sitting beside them in a bus.  And Reaper and Slayer43 rode were now sitting next to Senshi and Kim but they were now watching everything around them.  Then each of the two took turns checking the deadly hardware now resting on the inside of their legs.  And both Kim and Senshi kept a lookout for the two as two women checked their gear and each loaded a magazine into their Uzis.  And then the two weapons were put back into their leg holsters.  And Rick and Buster watched them from across the aisle on the bus.

“You know, all of this reminds me of that last mission in Vietnam.  Everyone checking their gear one last time.”

“Yeah, it does at that.  Man, this storm is really starting to rip Mexico City a new asshole.  Damn, look at those lightning bolts.  They are hitting everywhere. You think that they will postpone the fight?”

“No way in hell. This shit’s going down, bro.”


Colonel Bradley was now onboard a US Navy Aircraft Carrier.  He and his men were now ready for the go ahead to destroy the Submarine Base in Mexico.  Last minute changes took them out of their Operations with three Submarines and the Colonel was very happy about that.  He hated being in a Submarine.  But just as he was starting to get happy, the Admiral then told him that the three Submarines would be pulling up beside them later that night.  And he was now not happy at all with that news.  First the Submarines.  Then an Aircraft Carrier.  And now back to the Submarines.  What was going on?  Why the changes?

But his men and women had been training hard for this mission.  And they had been training alongside JeanPaul in the exercising part of the formations on the island and then they would break off and begin working on their timing on the many aspects of a sudden and vengeful attack upon a beach front.  But that Special Operations Training was just for them.  JeanPaul would peel off after the first part of the daily formation exercising and then go work in several Martial Arts with Kim and Senshi.   But Colonel Bradley’s Teams were now ready to go.  All they needed was a call for the “Wet Run” and it would be on.  No more “dry runs”.  They were ready and they were all eager to get this show on the road.

“Colonel, you think you have enough C4 now?  That is about a dump truck’s worth of the stuff.”

“That should be enough.  Admiral, you going to get the fight broadcast out here on your Carrier?  You going to be able to see it?”


“Oh, we just got another Top Secret on the teletype.  You are now going to go after the fight is over and to hold in place until it is over completely.  Then your group will proceed.  The President wants to see how the Soviets react after the fight before he commits all of your Teams.  But, to answer your question, all of us are going to see it.  This thing is the biggest fight of the Century.  I wouldn’t miss this one for anything.  If it’s on the airways, my boys will be able to get it. If it’s being broadcast, we will trap those signals and we will watch it.  Don’t worry, it is going to be broadcast all over the World.  But remember how grainy pictured those ‘68 Mexico Olympics were on TV?  Sometimes, it was hard to tell what was happening on a TV screen.”

“It’ll be there.  I am sure of that.”

“Does the Panther have a chance?  I mean, you seen him fight and all.”

“Sir, I have watched him fight on tapes.  Not in person.  And he is the best I have ever seen.  He is the best.”

“Good, then I should be alright with a little wager.”

“Yes, Sir.  I wouldn’t hesitate to bet anything on him.”

“Good, cause if he wins, you get your helicopters.  If not, you go all the way by Submarine.”

“I hate Submarines.  I hate Submarines.  I hate Submarines.”

“Good, then hope your man wins.  Cause that is our bet.  You accept the wager?”

“Damn straight I do.  I hate those stinking Submarines.  They creep me out.”

“You know I am just kidding.  You all will be going by Submarine.”

Then the Colonel looked pissed but he knew that the orders were to go by Submarine.

“Yes, I know.  You are so NOT funny, Admiral.”

And the Admiral walked away laughing.

And then Colonel Bradley walked away cussing under his breath.  He hated that claustrophobic feeling of being under water.  There was just something about being submerged with all those other men.   That closed-in feeling.  And he was about to be feeling it all around him even if the Panther was beaten by Max Bear.  Or if Max Bear was beaten by the Panther.  And the clock kept ticking and ticking away.  Then he walked over and began checking the gear on all of his men and the women again.  He was a perfectionist but he was a realist as well.  He knew that when the bullets started flying, it was too late to find out then if something got left out.  And he had been in enough fights.  The man had two tours in Vietnam.  And he had been in over ninety-six incursions all over the World.  But he had no failures on his record and he did have the respect and complete confidence of the Commander in Chief.  He had been decorated over sixty-three times.

The mission now was to go in under cover of darkness and blow up the holding and loading facilities of the Soviet Union’s Submarine Base.  But that all depended on the outcome of the fight.  Things were now in place no matter what happened in the fight.  And this was going to be a crazy day as Mexico City was under severe thunderstorm warnings and a tornado watch for all day and most of the night.



The ring was flat.  Very flat.  The rain was now falling in heavy sheets.  And everywhere, Cameras, Cameramen, and News Reporters were everywhere.  And in 40 minutes, the front row of ticket holders walked out and into the muddy arena.  Soon, Rick, Buster, Victoria, Slayer43, and the Reaper would be at their seats.  But they did not sit down and each had military ponchos covering their bodies.  An empty seat for Kim and Senshi would be next to Slayer43, and Reaper.  But the long line of the rich and famous began to flow out of all areas in the Arena.  Some were coming from the holding pens where the Bulls had been before their fights with the Matadors.  But the men and women in their costly clothes were now walking and sliding in the thick and fairly deep mud.  And the rain was quickly making it quite miserable.  And so was the lightning and the huge, thunderous thunder after each flash of light.

Everywhere in the place were thousands of people there to witness this bloodletting event.  And they were in a frenzied pitch now.  Before this fight, there had been six Bull fights that had already taken place and all six Bulls had been put down by the Matador with a single stabbing of a very long sword.  These fights had the crowd now in a fevered pitch.  And they wanted more blood.  They wanted the fight of all fights to start. They wanted their blood.  They wanted it and they wanted blood right then.

Finally, the workers had hastily put the ring together were finished.  After the last Bullfight, they only put up four metal poles and then they tied three Bull ropes from one pole to the next.  And this went all the way around the four poles three times.  And in about thirty minutes, the crude ring was finished.  And then hundreds of workers began carrying chairs out.  And these workers put the chairs in rows and rows and rows around the ring for their high paying patrons.   All around the ring, there was nothing but miserable mud.  Wet and miserable mud.  It was a muddy event and it was not going to be pretty.  For a forfeit fight, this was going to be like several similar fights that Senshi had participated in the jungle regions of the World.  And they had always been in crude fighting rings.

And here in Mexico City, a Bull Fighting Arena was quickly being turned into the most barbaric event ever shown on TV.  And when the chairs were all in place.  The men and women that held their million dollar tickets began walking through the mud.  And it was a place where many $1000 dollar shoes were going to be left behind.  In no time, many would be walking to their seats barefooted as their high dollar shoes were being sucked deep into the mud and then these shoes disappeared.  And the mud didn’t have any pity on the wearer.  Mud is about the most miserable of conditions and the nonstop rain.  It never stopped.  But it kept raining.  It would not stop.  But this was the event that many would be talking about for over 75 years and maybe longer.

“Panther, storm weather fit best for you.  Best fight in air. You know,” said Senshi.

“Hard to lift own body.  But can do this.  No fight mud fight.  Forfeit in mud fight,” said Kim.

“Panther, you fight hard. Don’t trick stuff.  Here, mud change fight,” said Senshi.

“You watch out.  His spine blow no good.”

“You know everything.  We teach you all of it.  You have all that you need.”

“Use Panther late.  Last thing.  Use last.”


“Don’t get mad and go into the Panther.  Save that for last.  He won’t be ready for that.”

And in the other room where other Matadors got ready for their Bull fights, men were all around Max Bear.

“Comrade, you must crush this American Pig.  He is not a good fighter.  He is cheap.  His fight is cheap.  He never ever fights man like you,” said Max Bear’s head trainer.

“Comrades, I’ll be eating this Panther’s liver in ten minutes.  He is nothing.  He is nothing but a puny cat.  An American House Pet.  I will crush him while all Americans watch as I destroy their puny fighter,” said Max Bear.

And in the mind of Max Bear, he wondered what kind of fighter his opponent really was.  Was he as good as he had heard?  But the Bear did not want any thoughts of doubt to now enter his mind.  But he was now just a tiny bit worried.

And the ten men in the room started making loud and bolstering shouts about Max Bear being Number One.  And as they soon began chanting, Max Bear was worried no more.  He was now being pumped up with adrenaline.  It was slowly beginning to flow into him.  And the chanting could be heard in the room next to them where JeanPaul, Kim, Senshi, and several Soldiers from Mexico’s Army now waited.

And as soon as all of the seats were filled with those that had purchased over a billion dollars of tickets, the word was sent for the fighters to come out and get ready to fight.  And then JeanPaul came out first.  He walked out with Kim and Senshi and the now fifteen Mexican Army Soldiers.

“Listen.  You listen.  We yell.  You hear,” said Senshi.

“If we see something, we yell out,” said Kim.

And JeanPaul did not say a word but he did look at both of them.  His mind was now concentrating on keeping his cool and not allowing the adrenaline to start racing through his veins.  Not yet.  It was too early.  Much too early.  And as he walked outside, he stopped and looked up and then closed his eyes.  Was it one last quick prayer?  But it was no prayer.  He had already done that.  He now only stopped to let the driving rain wash his face and then he opened his closed eyes and just as he did, a huge bolt of lightning hit the Arena.  It was a sudden electrical charge that everyone there felt.  And then JeanPaul continued walking among the very rich.  He now had his head lowered and then he walked up and then he got into the ring.  He had no expression on his face except pure determination.  He did not look at his wife or two of his three dads.  He now focused his attention on the man who would be coming out soon.  And he watched and he starred in the direction where his opponent would be coming from.



      Was the word now being chanted by the huge crowd.  But JeanPaul ignored them too.  He even ignored all the rich men and women who had paid a million dollars for their seat at this fight.  Kim and Senshi then walked over and stood beside their dates.  All of the ones that had seats were now not sitting.  They were all standing.  Each of them were miserable except for Rick, Buster, Kim, Senshi, Slayer43, and the Reaper.  Each of them had been in worse conditions and they ignored the weather.  They wiped their faces but they did not think a thought about it.  Well, maybe Viscous did.  She liked fighting in these types of conditions.  This weather was just what the Doctor ordered for her.  And she had no backup in her.  None at all.

Then a chanting line of men started out of the dark shadows.  And they were chanting for their Champion.  And as they walked to the ring followed by Max Bear, the crowd went wild and began chanting-


And then the crowd was now in a complete state of wildness like wild animals waiting to be fed their blood.  Their blood meal.  And then Max Bear climbed into the ring and he pointed at JeanPaul-

“Puny American Pet.  Panther.  You just Kitty Cat.  I rip you apart.”

But JeanPaul said nothing.  He just stood there and he said nothing.  But he watched all over his opponent’s body looking for a torn muscle, an odd walk, and so much more.  He was looking for a weakness that he could exploit.  And then he noticed as Max Bear was making his arms go into circular patterns, there was the weakness.  The rotary cup on his right arm in the shoulder region had to be torn.  His movement was not smooth.  It was one that only a rotary cup tear would reveal.  Or had been repaired.  But there was no scar from any such surgery.  But that was only one thing JeanPaul noticed.  Were there others?

Then a big man walked up and waved to the crowd.  And the crowd yelled at him as if he was going to fight.  And then the man said-

“Mexico’s first World Championship Forfeit Fight is now here.”

And the crowd went even more crazy and wild.  And the ring announcer pointed at Max Bear.

“MAX BEAR!  Is the fighter here.”  And the crowd went wild chanting his name.  And Max Bear was quickly smiling and waving to the crowd as he heard his name being chanted.







And then he pointed at JeanPaul.

“Here is the PANTHER!”  But JeanPaul did not look at the crowd.  He did not wave or act the part of a scary clown.  He was there for the fight and he was now ready for it to start.








And the crowd was now in a rage of all kinds of emotions.  Some were laughing.  Some were shouting.  Some were even drunk.  And not very drunk but a whole lot drunk.  Very drunk.  Some even threw empty bottle of booze towards the ring.  But the emotions all over the Bull Fighting Arena were now in a crazy wild way.

“Men, there are no rules.  When I get out of this ring, you may begin fighting.”

And then he slowly walked over and put left his leg through the bottom and middle rope and then he was quickly out.  He then ran and soon he was out of the rain.  The lightning kept flashing and the rain kept pouring down.  And with every flash of lightning, there was a loud thunderous burst of thunder.  Ear hurting thunder.

“Hell of a day for this kind of fight.”

“You can say that again.  This is pure madness.”

And Buster and Rick kept watching forward constantly wiping the rain from their eyes.  And then the two fighters walked right up to each other and both struck massive blows from the get-go.  Then both men knew that their work was cut out for them.  That their work was going to be a very difficult task.  Both men suddenly realized that their opponent was the real deal.  A real fighter and no push-over.  This was not going to be any kind of easy forfeit fight.  Today, the winner was truly going to be the one that wanted to live the most and which had the biggest heart.  These first blows sounded like small tires had exploded from a blowout on the highway.  Then another and another and another and another.  In no time, both men were cut and cut deep on their faces.  This went on for fifteen blows and then the Panther moved around and around and around Max Bear.  Max Bear grabbed repeatedly at the Panther but JeanPaul wasn’t having none of that.  And as he grabbed at him, the Panther hit with tremendous upper cuts to the underneath side of Max Bear’s right arm.  And on the sixth blow, Max Bear grabbed his arm and cringed in pain.  The blows had now re-injured the torn rotary cut.  It was now torn and Max Bear wrenched backwards in pain.  And as JeanPaul came back in for another blow, Max Bear slung with a jaw crushing blow to JeanPaul’s face.

This blow upended JeanPaul and he hit hard on his back into six inches of pure muck.  Into pure mud.  Then JeanPaul jumped up but in sudden pain of his own.  It was new pain.  And pain he had never felt before in his life.

“OMG!  OMG!  OMG!”  yelled Taneeka as she now jumped up from her seat in the nice movie viewing room at the mansion.  And the many other guests there now were just as alarmed as she was and two others jumped up when she screamed at what she had just seen happen to her son.  And then Terry stood up and grabbed her.

“Terry, I can’t watch anymore.  I got to go.  I’m sorry.  I can’t see my own son become forfeit.”

“It’s not over.  It’s not over.  Taneeka, he is not forfeit.”


And then Taneeka ran out of the auditorium and into her bedroom to be by herself.  But Terry could her balling and whaling out a horrible cry now.  And he then continued to watch the fight.

“Come on, Panther.  Get back into the fight.  Come on.”

And millions of viewers from all over the World were now watching the worst of the worst take place.  And the Colonel and his Teams and everyone on the Carrier now were suddenly quiet as they watched what had just happened.

And JeanPaul now was seeing Max Bear in front of him and then he saw the mud and rain down below at the same time.  Max Bear saw this and now he was smiling.  He was smiling a lot.  And his fellow Soviets were now chanting his name once more.





And Max Bear stopped and turned to his Comrades and watched them as they saluted the massive fighter.

“Oh, no.  He’s got a ‘Globe Luxation,” said Rick.

“Damn it.  This is not good,” said Buster.

“Are you ready to stop it?”

“Hold on.  He’s not done yet.”

Senshi saw instantly what had happened and he then yelled.


Senshi kept yelling three more times and Kim yelled at the Panther also. Then JeanPaul suddenly heard his instructors yelling at him and he turned and watched what Senshi was doing.  And Senshi used one hand to pull his top eyelid up in an overly exaggerated manner.  Then he made the motion of doing something to his eye like pushing something in it.  And the Panther saw this.  Then the Panther did as Senshi had just shown him.  He then pulled hard on his top right eyelid and eyebrow.  And then he pushed his right eye back into the socket. And the crowd went crazy wild seeing this and they all began chanting-



      And the chant continued over and over and over and soon everyone was chanting it.  The crowd was now in a wild frenzy beyond all contemplation of reality.  They were so close to Riot Madness that it wasn’t even funny.  They were now siding with the Panther.  Now, they were suddenly converted to Panther Devotees.  And so were millions all around the World watching the fight and seeing the Panther putting his own eye back into its eye socket.  But it was a very painful thing to watch and it did not go well for the first two tries at putting the eye back into the socket.


On the third try, JeanPaul was able to push his eye back into the now bleeding eye socket.  And the entire crowd watch as they were now partly stunned by this eye thing.  And so were millions all over the World watching the live broadcast.  Then JeanPaul opened and closed his eyes over and over again.  And his vision, while not being perfect now, was slowly beginning to regain some form of normal visual viewing of Max Bear.  Now, this made Max Bear mad as soon as he turned and saw the Panther had put his eye back in.  The Panther had been his and Max Bear let his prey get away.  His own vanity of hearing his own Comrades chanting his name made him hesitate.  The time for action was then while the eye was out of the socket.  But his own actions made him delay as he heard his Countrymen chant his name.  And he loved hearing that.  But now, the fight was very much on.

The fighters then went back at it again.  And the blows of every kind were taking their toll.  And it was now a fight of pure heart in no time.  In thirty-nine minutes, the two were going at each other over and over again.  Deafening blows were repeatedly being slammed back and forth.  And now, JeanPaul began using hard leg kicks on Max Bear. One would get knocked down and then get back up.  It was almost an equal fight now.  And it now seemed it would last forever.  And now, the two looked more like mud wrestlers but with lots of blood all over their bodies.  And they continued with their pounding one power blow after another upon each other.

Max Bear kept trying to sweep the legs out from under the JeanPaul.  But JeanPaul had studied all of the tapes on his opponent.  And JeanPaul knew this move by Max Bear. But it then told JeanPaul something about his opponent.  His opponent was getting tired.  Max Bear was now getting tired because he always used this move late in each of his fights.  And now, JeanPaul knew why.

But there was a new and very weird thing that Max Bear was starting to do.  Now, Max Bear was spitting at JeanPaul’s face all the time.  This made JeanPaul wonder if there were any illegal drugs in the man’s mouth that might render JeanPaul unable to defend himself.  Maybe blind his eyes.  He wasn’t sure what it was.  But Max Bear was doing it.

“Drug in mouth.  He try fix Panther.”

“This not good.”

And then Max Bear went for his favorite move and that is when he went after the spinal blow to cripple the Panther.  This was the one thing that had rendered all of Max Bear’s opponents helpless.  And this was the one that left a fighter crippled and allowed the perverse cruelty of Max Bear.  And Max Bear had an almost sinister smile on his face just before he attempted it.  But then JeanPaul remembered seeing this in the tapes.

JeanPaul had been waiting for it.  He had been patient.  JeanPaul now knew that his opponent was getting tired and that Max Bear finally had turned to spitting a drug from a broken capsule in his mouth at him.   And then the beginning forfeit blow attempt came at JeanPaul.  But JeanPaul was ready.

And Kim and Senshi saw the move as well and the two men then flinched as if they were now fighting in the ring instead of the Panther.


In a millisecond, JeanPaul turned into the raging powerful, so very powerful Panther.  At that moment, the Panther did a backwards flip and as Max Bear struck at JeanPaul’s spine, the Panther was gone.  The blow missed.  It completely missed JeanPaul.  But the Panther was now in flight over the top of Max Bear.  And as the Panther was moving overhead, the Panther struck Max Bear in his C3, C4, and C5 vertebrae on the spine with three quick and deep penetrating blows.  And then the Panther slide down past Max Bear and kicked his feet into the back of Max Bear’s knees.  And then the Panther landed into the mud almost face down.  But his body was now in the mud.  But his arms kept his head from going into the mud as well.  And the crowd now watched.  And millions all over the World now watched as well.

Max Bear then went down to the ground in the mud with his knees hitting first.  The Panther then quickly jumped up.  And then he did a two-step leap toward Max Bear.  And the Panther then leaped into the air flying and rising up and past Max Bear.  The Panther’s legs then grabbed just below the cheek area on Max Bear’s head area and around his massive neck.  Then the Panther twisted his body with a hard and very deliberate move.  And in an instance, the neck of the huge Soviet was snapped.  Max Bear then fell into the mud with his head now stuck deep into almost eight inches of mud.  The front of his body hit the ground stomach first.  But his head slammed into the mud last.  Max Bear was now forfeit.  And in just about as long as it takes to reach and pull out a knife, the crowd realized what had happened in this Mano-a-Mano fight.  And then the crowd began chanting-Panther, Panther, Panther.





The fight was over.  It was over.  And the Panther had now forfeited his second opponent in a World Class Forfeit Fight.  And Kim, Senshi, Rick, Buster, and Victoria jumped up and down in the mud.  But Slayer43 and the Reaper quickly moved into motion and headed toward the ring.  The two and Rick and Buster now had their weapons out and under their ponchos ready to go if the Soviets started firing their weapons.  But no one did a thing like that.  Not on World Wide Television Live.   And the frenzied crowd were now yelling and their chanting continued-





        And Terry jumped up and out of his chair and ran to the bedroom to let Taneeka know that their Son had won.

“The Panther won.  JeanPaul won.  The fight is over.”

“Terry, are you lying to me?  I can’t take it if you are.”

“Get up and come see.  He really won.”

And then she wiped her eyes and got up and the two quickly went to the movie auditorium.  And there, the two watched as JeanPaul was now standing and Max Bear was still buried in the mud face down.

And the chanting continued for almost ten minutes and throwing all sorts of flowers toward the Arena’s muddy ground.  Beer bottles and whiskey bottles were now being tossed in all directions too.  And then the crowd went jumping up and down and then several Official looking men climbed into the ring with Soldiers from the Mexican Army and Slayer43 and the Reaper and the Panther in the ring.  JeanPaul had changed.  And he was no longer the Panther.  He looked at the two and he winked his left eye at the women.  He now felt good.  He had survived.  And the extra adrenaline was now crippling his body just a little bit.  And the two looked at his swollen right eye.  He now had a small case of slight shakes but nothing that was going to incapacitate him.  And then one of the Officials put a huge World Forfeit Championship Belt over the right shoulder of the Panther.  And as the Panther was standing there.  He looked up into the crowd and then he looked at his wife and they smiled.  And he mouthed-I love you.  And Victoria mouthed the same back to him.  And right then, the two he loved the most right then had witnessed his success in the ring today.   His wife and the baby in her.  Well, the baby did not actually see it.  But it didn’t matter.  And his two dads nodded with great approval to JeanPaul.  And so did Senshi and so did Kim.  And then he smiled and he was now feeling pretty good.  But part of him was sad for having forfeited another fighter.  That part felt really sad inside of him.

Then the two Officials were moving the belt from across his right shoulder.  And it was time to put the belt around his waist.  And as they moved the belt toward the opposite side and as the belt now crossed across his chest and his heart area-





And then the Reaper and Slayer 43 who were standing on both sides of JeanPaul grabbed him as he was now violently ripped backwards and he hit the ground hard even though they were holding him.  His body was now stuck in ten inches of mud.  Blood was now spraying out a single hole in the middle of the Championship Belt.  The Champion’s Belt was still covering his heart upon his chest.  Blood was spraying up about ten feet upward.  He was shot.  The Panther was shot.  HE WAS SHOT!  JeanPaul had been just shot in the heart.  Dead center.  And the Sniper’s bullet was a direct hit. DIRECT HIT!  And the Panther went down hard.  Real hard.  Slayer43 and the Reaper then started yelling and pointing with their free index fingers of a free hand to a place in the bleachers-




“DAMN IT!  I KNEW SOMETHING WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!”  yelled Rick.  Rick and Buster and Senshi and Kim and Vicious were now bolting up and into the ring.  But so were Mexican Soldiers and the Soldiers pushed them back.  They would not let them get close to the Panther’s limp body.  The Panther had just been shot by a Sniper.  It was the most horrible thing for anyone to see or watch.  And the entire World had just seen it.

An American Hero was now down.  He was now flat on his back having been viciously attacked by a Sniper.  He was Number One and now, he was forfeited.  The crowd grew angry instantly and then began to riot. They tossed chairs everywhere.  They even tossed other people in the air. Some even broke the wooden bleachers. They were in Riot Madness in no time at all.  Pandemonium ran freely and in all directions.  Their New Fighting Rooster Champion had been eliminated in no time at all.  And the crowd went after anyone who looked like someone that might be from the Soviet Union.  And in the Soviet Union, all of the people saw the same thing as the entire World had just seen.  And they wondered how could their Leaders order a Sniper to take out the Panther after he had won this forfeit fight?  A fight fought fairly.  It had been a fair fight.  For the most part, anyway.

The entire scene at the Arena was one of massive and crazy movement in all directions.   People were now being crushed to forfeit from the movement of so many people moving at one time.  And the rain continued to drive harder with no stopping it. Pelting rain was now pecking at the crowd.  And then a light hail began to sting the crowd.  And this only made them madder.  And lightning now flashed and hard rolling thunder burst into everyone’s ears.  Some were now running in fear and others were running with anger.  But all were running now in the stands.  But then Rick and Buster and Kim and Senshi were quickly escorted out of the area as they too could be targeted next.  And they would now be escorted by Soldiers all the way back to their waiting Lear Jet and ready for the flight back to Los Angeles.  The Government wanted them out of Mexico as fast as possible.  And one more would join them in the Lear Jet before it took off.

But Mexico now wanted the Soviets out worse than ever before.  And the President of Mexico made his own call to Moscow-

“I want the Soviet Union out of my Country immediately.  Your Champion Max Bear is now forfeit.  And you used a demon Sniper to take out the Panther.  Hear me now.  You have no more time here in Mexico.  I cannot keep my People from taking action into their own hands.”


And then the President of Mexico threw the phone across the room and through a large plated window.  He was angry.  And he couldn’t believe that he had been played such a fool.  Many had warned him about the dual version of every Soviet transaction but he had never seen it in person until now.  But living it is knowing it.

In several minutes, Slayer43 and Vicious and the Reaper would be going along with JeanPaul’s body.  They would let no one touch the Panther’s body or get close enough to touch him.  But all of the Cameramen of the World were trying their best to get as close as they could with their cameras.  And punches were being landed on Cameramen and News Reporters getting too close.  But they all wanted their news and they didn’t care who they hurt to get it.  Any closeup shot of the Panther’s body was now worth big money.  This was now a super huge story.  Both fighters were now forfeit.  And that sells papers.  That brings millions of viewers to TV and hundreds of thousands of listeners to the Radio. And this thing was quickly blowing up into a raging, blazing inferno.  A News story for the World.  And the World was now going into a frenzy of their own.  Men, women, and children were going to the streets around the World.  And now, the Soviet Union was now being penned as beyond all kinds of evil.  And the worst had not even begun to take place.

As soon as the Panther’s body was taken to a hanger, the three women then took the time to place the body in a Military Casket and then it was taken to the waiting Presidential plane that had been there from earlier with many Dignitaries.  But all of this was done behind large hanger curtains not visible to anyone not allowed to see it.  Vicious was now watching as she observed the body’s placement in the casket.  And all of this activity was done in a secluded part of the Airport away from the prying media and anyone from any News Source.  Several of the Colonel’s men now were on Honor Guard with the coffin and they would now be protecting the body with their lives.  But now, they quickly formed a perimeter around the hanger.  And as soon as the casket was loaded, the men ran and boarded with the Panther’s body in the plane.   And soon, the plane was barreling down the stormy rain soaked runway and it took off.   And a large flash hit the ground right behind where it had once been on the runway.  And then booming thunder exploded.

Terry now sat by an almost limp Taneeka.  From sheer joy to utter depression in just a single moment.  And as JeanPaul was shot, she let out a loud chirping noise and then nothing more.  She fainted and Terry now head her limp body but soon, she was coming back around.  This was just way too much horror on a loving mother.  All at one time.  And Terry did not say a word.  He just held her.

“Time we got out of here.  I don’t have any idea how mean these People here can get if they are ever riled up into a feeding frenzy of bloodlust.”

“Yeah, this is a good time to get out of here.”


And similar words were now running throughout the audience of the rich and famous.  Suddenly, they all realized that their world of security was now very vulnerable.  And this crowd was now in Riot Madness and it cared nothing about money and things like that.  It cared nothing about nothing.


And then Slayer43 and the Reaper and two other persons left on another private jet headed to an island.  Soon, all that had come to see the fight were quickly leaving Mexico City.  Even with no clearance from the Control Tower, all the Jets of the rich and famous were now departing one by one from the Airport.  And none of them were injured.  The Mexican Army made sure of that.  But this fight, all of them had a feeling of being very afraid of the general audience towards their status in life.  And none of them had ever known that or even knew that it existed till now.  But earlier, the ones in the crowd had tossed bottles at the audience of rich paying fight fans.  And the ones on the bleachers knew that their worlds would never collide.  The rich had everything and they had very little.  But the rich now had a very odd feeling of being targets and they left as soon as their expensive planes got them out of Mexico and into the safety of the skies above.        Total Chaos was now the ruling the day.  The show that they had paid the big bucks to see.  The million dollar tickets.  Well, this had been more than anything that they ever wanted to see.  Two forfeited.  Not one but two.  The two top fighters in the World now were gone.  That was not what they expected to see but they did see that.  They wanted a single winner.  A living, breathing body.  A winner that spoke.  A winner that would be available for more fights.  But now, there was none.  And that was hysterically distressing.  And then in three hours, the last Lear Jet left.


At the jail, a familiar man was now walking up and soon was standing in front of the cells that held both Angel and Chunna.  And then the two looked at the man.

“Well, I guess you heard.  Both of the fighters were forfeited.”

“We heard all the yelling from the TV room where they were watching it.”

“Well, Chunna, two men will now be taking you out of here.  They will be putting you back on Terry Bradhearst’s Lear Jet.  You can go home.  Be sure to let ole Terry know that I have the Butcher here with me.  Won’t you?  Now, get out of here.”

“But what about Angel?”

“Yes, what about Angel?  You don’t quite understand the situation.  I am Mike Pride and I am only here for Forfeit Fights and the money.   You see, the Butcher is a valuable player now.  And I have lots of plans for him now.”

“But he has to go home with me.”

“Oh no.  He’s got to stay here with us.  He’s now the Number One Forfeit Fighter in the entire World.  And he’s going to be left all alone without his pretty little China Doll, Chunna,” said Mike Pride as he now laughed out loud.

“He can’t fight.  It’ll forfeit him.”

“Well, then he will be forfeited.  But he stays.  Now, get your butt out of here.”

“Mike Pride, you are such an asshole.  You…”

“Get her out of here.  Get her gone now.”

And the cell door was opened and Chunna was forcefully retrieved from her holding cell and then taken to the Airport.  There, she was placed onboard the Bradhearst Lear Jet with Rick and Buster and Kim and Senshi.  And she was balling with a flow of tears as she was thrown onto the plane. And Buster would spend the entire flight trying to help calm Chunna down with her new news about Angel now being Number One in the World and how Mike Pride from Pride’s Place in Los Angeles had been responsible for their abduction all along.  And that Mike Pride now had forfeit fights planned for Angel.  Fights that would surely forfeit Angel.


Then the Commandante from the jail walked into the cell block and right up to Mike Pride.  And then Mike Pride turned and pointed his right index finger on his right hand towards Angel who was slowly shaking his head.

“El Comandante, this is Angel Fernandez.  He is known in the World of Forfeit Fighting as the Butcher.”

“El Carnicero.  Muy bueno.”

“And now that Number One and Number Two Forfeit Fighters in the World are now forfeit.  That makes El Carnicero Numero Uno.  Numero Uno!”

“Numero Uno?  Ah, Numero Uno.  Muy, muy, muy bueno.”

And the Commandante slapped his hands together and then he grabbed them back together in a wild and weird sort of frenzy looking sort of action.

“Mucho Dinero?”

“Si, Mucho Dinero.  Mucho, Mucho Dinero.”

“Muy, muy Bueno.”

And then the two walked off smiling and laughing to each other without saying another word to Angel.  He was now being held captive for a future World-Class Forfeit Fight.


All across America, Switchboard Operators at their phone banks had their switchboards lighting up.  All the lights were now glowing.  And everyone wanted to make a call.  And everyone was now angry.  And every caller first asked the Operator if they had seen the fight.  But none of them had.  And soon, they realized that a Nationwide panic was taking place.   Soon, all the phone lines all across America were jammed with too much traffic.

If the Soviet Union wanted War then the American Public were finally ready.  This cowardly act was just way too much for anyone to take.  Everyone was now mad and so was everyone watching this fight on TV.  All of the citizens then began going into the streets in every American City to let out their anger.  And Riot Madness was taking place in several Cities.  And there in Mexico, over a hundred thousand were now headed to the Submarine Base being built by the Soviet Union.  But they were not going there to help build.  They were now going to help tear it down.  In less than thirty minutes, there were over 296,000 angry and pissed off Mexicans arriving at the Soviet Submarine Base.  And they began tearing up everything in sight and off any of their supports.  It if could be pulled down, it was.  If it could be torn lose, it was torn lose.  And men climbed into heavy equipment and began pushing Soviet trucks and other vehicles into the Ocean.

In no time, the barracks had the windows smashed.  Commodes were ripped up and off the floor.  Sinks were smashed.  And gasoline was then brought inside and poured everywhere and then the barracks were torched.   And earlier, the bunks were being tossed out the windows. Doors were being torn from bolted hinges.  And then the fire that engulfed everything was set.  And every major News Network in the World was now filming the crowd for all the World to see.  And the Soviet Union Embassy was now being evacuated immediately via a Cuban Airline flight to Cuba.  That was the next best place to avoid being forfeited by crowds that were in Riot Madness.  And in a very, very fast kind of way, they got out of their Embassy.  There was no walking being done there, now.  Everyone was now running around like their hair was on fire.



But earlier and when the two bodies were still in the muddy ring and before either was moved, many activities were suddenly taking place all over the World.   In the rooms where Top Leaders meet, meetings were just starting.  And then there was Max Bear and JeanPaul in the mud.  The Panther was now no more.  He was gone. And Slayer43 and the Reaper let no one come close to his body.  Not even Vicious was allowed to get next to the body of her husband.  It was truly a sad scene.  From victory comes the last statement and that always is of the frailty of mankind.

And then as the World watched what the TV cameras were showing, the Red Phone rang in the White House and the President then listened as a very horrified Leader of the Soviet Union spoke-

“I do not know who took that shot but I will make sure that he is forfeited.  The Soviet Union will be removing our forces from Mexico.  And we will no longer be in the War Rhetoric.  Is that satisfactory to you?”

“Yes, that’ll work.”

And the President then slammed the phone down on top of the phone’s base.  Then the intercom buzzed and the lady on the other end said-

“Mr. President, you have the Leaders of Israel, England, Italy, France, and South Korea on the phone waiting to talk with you.”

“Tell the Vice President to take all of my calls.  I am going out.”

And then he walked out of the Oval Office and told his wife that he felt like having steak for dinner with lots of French fries.  Too many would soon be taking to the streets for the President to be going anywhere so they would have to eat at the White House.  But he was done for the day.  He had done all that he needed to do.  The heavy weight of his Office had suddenly gotten a lot lighter.  But there were going to be many Official kinds of things that still had to be done.  A very important funeral with all the flare that Washington could muster up in the immediate future as an American Hero had just been assassinated.


The Panther had been zapped in the prime of his life.  And this was going to be played for all the Publicity it could bring.  For all that it was worth.  Before the day was out, t-shirts with the Panther on it would be selling in the streets of Major Cities around the World.  The whole World would be watching every single bit of News about the Panther from then on.  This was not going to be over in a few days.  This thing was going to go on for weeks, maybe months, and maybe for years. It might even be bigger than the funeral of any other Dignitary or American Hero ever before.   But for sure, it was going to be a huge event.  Dignitaries from all over the World would be attending.  Right then and there, stock in America was now riding at one of its highest levels.  This one event was now bonding the American People into a single and mighty force ready to take on anyone.          One man willing to put up his own life on the line for all of the lives of every single American and now, he was forfeited.  But that is what Soldiers do.  Each and every one of them.  But there are those that always find a way to chip away at even this for all Veterans.  They are the cheesy-butts of life.  Ones that seek out Chaos and brew their own stories to send out on their own viral network of fellow crazed fans.  But they are outnumbered.  And they are not that which should bother a person.  Except for one major flaw.  They are after the minds of all the children.  Feeding them with things that can derail even the strongest of Countries.  That is why it is important to not join the cheesy-butts or even view their hideous and malicious slandering of actual Historical Truths on their viral networks.

But JeanPaul knew the possibilities of this fight.  But he never saw the Sniper or the Sniper’s bullet headed his way.  And he did believe in the decency of his fellow man, woman, and child.  And he prayed that the truth would always be made available to everyone at all times.  But now, he was gone.  He was no more.  And he was quickly turning into a folk hero.  A legend.  And forfeit by tragedy.   Tragedy worse than any Shakespearean Play.  Much worse.  Oh, so much worse than any modern tragedy.  But there was still good that did take place.  A Global Nuclear Meltdown was averted.  And that fear was put back on the shelf for many years to come.

Terry finally stood up.  And he asked all of his guests to please leave.  But most had already left the Bradhearst Mansion after seeing JeanPaul shot down. Terry asked Taneeka if she wanted to go for a swim.  And she shook her head.  She didn’t want to go for any swim.  How in the world could he be thinking about swimming at a time like this?  And she was crying so very much now.  She was hurting bad inside.  She felt totally destroyed.  Her inner self was now bleeding under a sharp butcher’s knife right through her heart.  She felt so horrible.  She was in need but there was nothing to heal this ailing mother.  Nothing at all.

Terry then picked her up from her seat in the auditorium and carried her all the way out to the swimming pool.  He then walked down the stairs and into the pool.  He had not taken the time to change their clothes.  And she was suddenly surprised that her husband had carried her out to the swimming pool.  Then she pushed herself out of his arms.

“Why did you bring me out here?  I don’t feel like swimming.  What is wrong with you, Terry?  What the hell is wrong with you?  My Son has just been forfeited and you carry me to this stupid swimming pool.”

“Taneeka, get a grip on yourself.”

“A grip on myself.  How about you getting a grip on yourself.”

“We got to keep it together.  We…”

“I’m trying.  But this wasn’t supposed to happen like this.  JeanPaul won.  My Son the Panther won.  He won.  Do you hear me?  He won.  And now, he’s forfeit.  My son is forfeit.  And what’s going to happen next?  How can I live without him in my life?  This whole thing is crazy.  All of us were crazy to think that this thing was going to work.  My Son fighting one more fight and it was supposed to be over for good.  Why did I allow him to do this?  I knew something like this was going to happen.  And for what?  Now, he is…”

And Terry held Taneeka in his arms for a very long time.  He held her and he held her and he held her.  He held her until her body stopped shaking.  And then she put her right hand on his face and lightly patted it.  And then she said-

“I hope everyone got what they wanted out of my Son’s forfeit.  I hope they really did.”

“I am sure they did.  They sure did.  And this one was so damn costly.  And senseless.”





The End







      Thanks for reading A Panther’s Father II.  A Panther’s Father III will be available in 2020.  A lot of things were presented in this book just like in the first book and lots more will be presented in the 3rd book.  All of your favorite characters will be alive and facing one drama after another.  Right now, there are eleven books planned in this Panther’s Father Book Series.

In A Panther’s Father III, the Roosevelt saga continues.  And I will say right now that things will have a new twist that the reader may did not seen coming.  Don’t get sad.  You know, what you see and read is not always what really happens.  Now, is it?

Again, thank you so much for allowing me to take you on another journey with many things that are taking place today.  Many issues are dealt with and in a manner hopefully to help all of us get beyond our own hatreds caused by many things.  We can change and we owe it to the next generations to get it right in ours. All of those in my generation are now falling like flies and no, we didn’t get it right-we leave with maybe more things messed-up than what was here when we were born.  America is hurting, hatred is in the air, and a healing cannot take place until all of us are willing to reach out to each other as equals.  Equal treatment for all of us. And I can’t say when any of this is going to get better.  Not really, the mess is just too complicated and maybe social media and other things are only adding to the issues.  Hatred is being taught today worse than ever before to the Children in America.  It really is.  But to all of you peacemakers, please keep trying to hold it all together. If you don’t, then expect things to go way beyond just civil disobedience-it will become open and undying Civil War where no one will be safe. And is that what any of us want?  No, I don’t think so.

If America allows herself to ever sinks into another Civil War, expect foreign fighters here and concentration camps ran by them and the death toll will beyond anything that any of us can even begin to comprehend. Don’t say never gonna happen. Get this drift?


Who I am is not important.  Who you are is.  And what each of us gives back in our lifetimes is…the living breathing James Brown


If you come looking for me and I hope that you are brave enough to come looking for me, well, I ain’t hiding for sure and I can be found at my blog-

I put all my Posts for the entire World to read and I try not to paint an unrealistic, pretty picture in these tales in my book.  I write tales to help reel-the-hate-back-in not just for myself, but for all of my fellow Vietnam Veterans-Brothers, Sisters, I am still trying to help get it right, and I do want so much for everyone to get along with each other.  These tales are about you, for you, and me, for all of us. I place all of us on equal ground no matter who you are.  If I couldn’t, then how can I write to help a single person?  You just can’t.


The real Dual Illusion in War is that you won’t die, but you do die even if you walk away from the battlefield still breathingthe living breathing James Brown


As you can tell, I am a follower and lover of Jesus Christ.  I love God-the one true God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and all of God’s Angels.  God loves all of us.  God Bless and may God’s Grace be with you and your family always.  And if you needing the greatest power from all times of foreverness-Call out to God.  Start a new dialogue between yourself and God right now.  He will hear you, I promise.  God loves you, God loves us all.  Bye.



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