Funny and Funnier and maybe then just plain ole Dumb Shirt Slogans…lol

Today, I looked-up the shirts being made with Trump and Putin and such stuff on them.  I was  just looking and now, here is what I found.  Some were interesting and some were borderline lunatic stuff that I would never buy or wear. But here some are and there are a ton of them.  Lol



  1. Shop Trump And Putin Shirt | Official Site‎


     Rating for 4.6 – Return policy: Most items 30+ days
    Find Deals on Trump And Putin Shirt in Costumes & More on Amazon. Fast Free Delivery. Black Friday Countdown. Shop GiftFinder Hub.
  2. Top Quality Pro-Trump Apparel | American Greatness™ 2020‎


    Popular Trump T-Shirts Like—”Fake News Network”, “MAGA” and “‘Hillary For Prison”. Men’s and Women’s Sizes, So Get Aboard The Trump Train and Keep America Great! 100% Satisfaction. Free Shipping->$100. Secure Checkout.
  3. Trump Putin T-Shirts – CafePress‎


     Rating for 4.4 – 18,728 reviews – Order accuracy: 95–100%
    Flash Sale – Tees 64% Off! Find the Best Deals at CafePress. Designs That Fit Your Humor, Political Views, or Promotes Your Cause & Beliefs! Fan-tastic Partners. Monogrammed Gifts. Design Your Own. CafePress Deals. Great Gift Ideas.

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  1. 2020 Election/Campaign Apparel | United States T Shirt Store‎


    We Have the Style and Colors You Love. Come browse Our Great Selection Today. Visit United We Apparel for all of your favorite 2020 Candidate apparel.
  2. Quality Trump T-Shirts $17.99 | Original Products‎

    For Americans.
  3. Shop Trump And Putin Shirt | Official Site‎


     Rating for 4.6 – On-time delivery: 96%+
    Find Deals on Trump And Putin Shirt in Costumes & More on Amazon. Black Friday Countdown. Shop GiftFinder Hub. Fast Free Delivery.






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