A PANTHER’S FATHER IV (UPDATE) by the living breathing James Brown

( picture is of the Author and Son at Texas A&M’s Kyle Field before the 2019 Aggie-Alabama Game)

A PANTHER’S FATHER IV  Copyrighted 2019 by the living breathing James Brown-UPDATE

Yes, the 4th book has been Copyrighted at the Library of Congress.

This is the much anticipated 4th Book in A Panther’s Father Book Series is the BEST!

You know as I write, I do often think about how many things have changed for me in my lifetime and how quickly things are moving today.  And friends, society, social changes, and so much more are moving in every direction more and faster today than what I ever thought was possible.  The World is changing at a blinding-speed compared to what has been in Centuries past.  And if you could, just of a moment, think of all of us humans as one massive Army of ants, just think of all of us hoarding over this something and that something.  Well, isn’t that the way we are going about to a large degree on using Natural Resources and building houses upon houses and the story just keeps going on and on and on.  And where will it end?  I really don’t know.  Like most people, I can only control things in a very small or the tiniest of spots on the Planet.  It’s what all of us do.  And your hoardings may be hundreds of thousands of acres and yet, there are some things that the tiny folks like me have that the rich owning person does not.  And that part is just part of this wonderful thing called humility. Some gots it and lots don’t. Right?.  

Being able to humble oneself before others is something that is not taught.  It is learned and the pain of Our Lives often times aid us in this journey to understand what humility truly is.  It does not come with education.  It does not come with how smart a person is.  It comes from true sufferings that only Man endures.  And how much have you endured?  How close are you to this understanding?  Is your little World locked-up in Social Awareness about this or that?  Is it locked-up into nothing but greed?  In lust?  In deviant behaviors?  

But alas, no one is born with this understanding or real Knowledge of Humility.  No, it’s not slapped in our faces.  It is lived and it comes from one set-back after another and that can come at any moment in our lives.  Just when a person thinks that the World is theirs and they have it all, that ALL is ripped right out from under them.  And History has thousands of examples of this for sure.

But as a person grows older, they will learn about what I call the Four Plateaus in Life.  And just imagine your life broken-down into four separate parts and they are similarly connected to age and that is okay.  But don’t rely on age as your Divining Rod.  No, each Plateau is a true separation from the past existence of the previous one.  And as you age, you will come to understand fully what I am attempting to describe to you.  But with each Plateau, a person must reach certain things of knowledge, of doing, of saving, of getting, and understanding and of giving back in one’s lifetime.  And I promise you, please do not wait until you very last part of your last Plateau to give-back in your lifetime.

Part of a good life is assessing what you truly have given back and I now ask you, what have  you given back in your lifetime?  No, I cannot answer that.  But for me, I am trying with what I believe is Divine Aid in finishing A Panther’s Father Book Series before I leave this World.  This Book Series is my greatest gift to the World and I have set the Price on every book at the very lowest price I can.  And right now, I have not taken a single penny from the sales of any of my books.  Why?  I’m sorry, but the money has never been the reason that I have written them.  Friend, I did die in the Hospital and while dead, God and/or His Messenger took me by the hand and infused my mind with the most amazing sights and sounds I have ever witnessed and friends, I even saw Heaven and it’s not what I read in the Bible.  And I will openly admit with all of the ones who have had a did-die-afterlife experience-the big question-Divine Aid or Work of an Overactive Dream state?  But, I do believe it was Divine Aid on that day.  But if you want to see what I was shown and tried my best to share with readers, then get the 1st ebook, A Panther’s Father, and see if it doesn’t change your life like it is changing those who have read it.  And now, without further ado, here is a glimpse of Book IV in A Panther’s Father Book Series.  My writings are not any request of your following me, they are books of Hope and everyone can use a good dose of that in our lives.  Right?  Well, here’s your 1st glimpse. But I want you to know I do earnestly think about the Reader and all the things all of us are getting tossed at us. Man, it’s the MOST now. And I want you to know this-please find love and give out love in your life.  Spread HOPE and not DESPAIR. It’s a murky road that some wish and do follow. Isn’t it? And forget about all the World’s Troubles. That stuff will make a sane person knee deep in grief or strife. Read a BOOK from COVER to COVER. A good one.

Well, the days and nights of following the never-ending tale of the Panther and Dr. Bahu and the Roosevelts has come to an end today on Book IV.  Today, I finished writing the 1st Draft of this 4th Book in A Panther’s Father Book Series.  It has 26 Chapters and right now, it is 172 pages long. But it will grow a few pages as it is edited and more visual explanation is added to aid the reader in mind viewing what is being said.  Mind-viewing to aid a Reader is a part I feel is very important in any book. And love is important in our lives.  Right?  It’s what gets a person fed.  It’s what brought you into this World and so many today are starving from Love Mal-Nutrition.  And it’s sure not because there aren’t enough people needing love.  Right?  

In this last book, I have added love scenes, strong romantic scenes, and I always wanted to do that. I mean real romance and romantic love.  No, nothing like porn sort of things. No, they are not strange or odd scenes.  They are scenes revealing the love that I have known in my own life.  And with these scenes, I have drawn heavily on my own love scenes that I was blessed enough to have in my lifetime.  Love is a very important part of life and I wished I could bottle it and sell and give it to everyone.  All of us need love and knowing daily that we are loved means so much.

Love and sharing love is something that many are afraid to show and today, a Cell Phone is not getting it done.  Reading it is not Saying it.  Sending it, is not saying it.  Texting and sending it is not saying it.  It must leave our lips and spring forth like a river from our most loving spots in our hearts.

Love Eternal is a goal of so many and I think that might and does come after this World, but loving each other is a fun thing to do.  It’s Okay to say-Hey, heck yeah, I love you.  And t mean it is pretty cool.  Don’t shy away from it.  All of us seek love all the time and most don’t even realize that Love is what we were looking for.  For that connection.  For that certain look in those eyes and for that certain smile.  A smile says a whole lot about all of us and Love will get a weak person going every time.  

One of the things I am going to have to fix in this latest book is using words that actually describe the male parts and the female parts and I sure don’t want to get “blacklisted” by mother Google if I don’t fix it.  But hey, why can’t I call it what it is.  I am not writing a porn novel.  I am only writing love scenes where two partners are connecting in a very special way.  In a private way that can open the hearts of those that read it.  Right?

The saddest part of this is the very fact that those I had hoped to read this novel before I finally release it next year have already shied away because it has SEX in it.  Okay, so it does, but not strange or odd sex.  Just normal sex.  But I try my best to give the reader a very detailed experience for them to enjoy reading.  Yes, it is part of love.  Maybe the best part when we are of age.  Right?

Another scenario I use in this Book is the fact that I deal with Human Trafficking and I do not hold back any shots in this most sad of subjects.  It is a tough talk for sure, but a most necessary one.  Right here in Texas, they have launched a CAN YOU SEE ME campaign to make awareness of this most horrible of things.  Did you know that there are over 300,000 such victims here in Texas alone?

Just one is way too many!

But that’s enough right now for you and I hope you will join me at one of my Book Signings in 2020.

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of



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