Never Forget. To Forget is To Repeat-the “COUNTLESS” Death Toll “PAID IN FULL” for all of us! …by the living breathing James Brown

Never Forget the Fallen, the Dead, the Wounded, the Captured, the Inhumanity of it all and the things that took place that are part of Our American History.

To Forget is To Repeat!

Hey there, could I ask you a simple question?  If you will permit me?  The question is this-What provokes emotion in you?  I mean the deep, real emotion full of meaningful thoughts?

Is it a bad experience?

Is it a sad event?

Is it the sickness in a family?

Is it a Divorce?

A trial of your child?

A death?

I think death sits pretty well up there at the top of most folks list, would you agree?

Each of us, every one of us carry something in us that brings a tear or lots of tears to our eyes, doesn’t it?

What is yours?

Death of a child, brother, mother, sister, parent, grandparent, or friend?

Pain straight thru our hearts is a real Soul Burner.  I know.  I have my share too.

For me, the Vietnam War keeps coming back to me like a bad dream.

Yes, the War I never fought in, but was trained to fight in it, yet they stopped any more of us from going over there.

Yet, it was on my mind and all of America like the darkness color, darker than any black, on any Painter’s brush.

And the Death Toll still keeps growing every year from diseases that were caused by being stationed in Vietnam.  Agent Orange is a Rat-Hole of a Poison and it is one cancer causing animal for sure.

Right now, the Death Toll on the Vietnam War Memorial is at Fifty Eight Thousand, Three Hundred and Twenty names.

58,320 names.

Never Forget the Fallen, POWs, and MIAs.

A superb documentary-138 hours-ten episodes now showing on NETFLIX is below

The bitter story of the Vietnam War is twisted and murky and marred with all sorts of trips down the Rabbit Hole.

President’s one, two, and three LIED to the American People about this and that and they burped up false images of this and that and Generals came coming to Leave Their Mark by taking one Useless Bloody Hill after another and then tossing it back to the enemy.

Yes, it was a strange thing and the More I studied it, the sicker it will make a person.

Yes, by the End of the Tale, you will come away shaking your head after one fact after another is unwrapped.

It’s all there to see now, more than ever before.

The Vietnam War?


The Vietnam War: A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick

is a 10-part, 18-hour documentary series from Directors Ken Burns and Lynn Novick presents firsthand accounts of the Vietnam War from nearly 80 witnesses, including Americans who fought in the war and some who opposed it, as well as Vietnamese combatants and civilians from both sides. Digitally remastered archival footage, photographs, historic television broadcasts and home movies offer different perspectives on the conflict. Also providing insight are audio recordings from inside the administrations of Presidents John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon.

The above 30 million Dollar film is one of the best documentaries that I have ever seen about this War.  It doesn’t hold nothing back.  It tells things that will leave you coming away in a daze at times.  Sometimes,  you will be happy for the G.I. and other times, you will wonder, ponder how deep is the mindset in War.  Will you love you G.I. or hate him?

Again, this movie doesn’t hold anything back and I admit I did tear-up a few times as I saw things that still haunt an America.

Images that are infamous and the Killing Disease reared-up its ugly head here in America by radical groups like the Weathermen and others.

And even the National Guard wasted some students at Kent State.

And then again, students taken from life at Jackson State.

And the Death Tolls in FREE FIRE ZONES will keep you disinterested or more interested.

The Vietnam War, I cannot lie to you and say I still don’t have many screwed-up thoughts about the entire Event.  Many Americans do and so do all of us Veterans.

But this 10-Episode Show is earth shattering in ways as how it went about uncontested by so many and the Lies that came out like a river.

False Death Counts and so much more.

Three Million Vietnamese were KILLED!  Do they count for anything?

And by the End of this War, America just walked away.  Our belly was overfilled with Death and Sadness all across this Land.

Sorrow.  Such sweet sorrow.  How truly sad as many, many were taken away.

But I cannot sit here and keep talking and hitting the keyboard any more.

It’s your turn to see for yourself what many, many, many went through.  And don’t sit there for a minute and think it was only those that went Overseas.

No, this War was being Broadcast Nationwide on the evening TV NEWS.

And WE SAW IT ALL!  ALL THE SHOCKING IMAGES ARE STUCK IN THE MINDS OF MIlllions and millions and millions of Americans.  Kids watched it.  Teens Watched it and ALL OF US WATCHED IT!

The Vietnam War was splatter like Whale Snot all over the Media in all arenas.

Man, Newspapers, Radio, TV, and Magazines were laced with DEATH from the Vietnam War and it blew-up into Protest City all across America as WE HAD ENOUGH OF IT.

No one wanted was left that wanted to go and die in Vietnam and for what?

It’s completely what you make of it if you are now seeing this for the very 1st time.  But watch it over ten days or nights.  Don’t try to grasp all of it in just one sitting.

Do a little bit of research like viewing a Map of Vietnam so that you will be able to keep up with all the movement all over Laos, Cambodia, North Vietnam, and South Vietnam.

And the names of all the Battles, jot their names down too.

But imagine one of you are going there and will you live or will your number be turned-up?

What I found the most interesting was seeing the statements from the other players, friends and foes, in this War.  Getting to see and hear their interpretation of things is very, very interesting.  Hearing the North Vietnam side is truly alerting.  Food for thought for sure.




















But here is another one that We Must Never Forget either-




And now, how brave are you really?

Try this one on your VR Headset-

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of




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